Friday, June 15, 2012

A new adventure

Thanks to all who come here and read my posts. I love writing and this is my way of practicing the craft and making fun of my life all in one stroke.

I have begun a new adventure thought. As I edge closer to 40, I feel it is time to figure out what I want to do with my life. If you have ever tried to answer that question, I hope you agree with me that it is not an easy task to do. I feel it is especially hard since I live with a man who is doing what he loves and is really really good at it.

I am hoping that this next step leads me in the direction of finding out what I want to do, and I hope that you still follow me, post comments, and pass on my link.

So here it is:

My new website, and location of my blog. Please visit and roam around. I took all the things I love to do and combined it into one site. Interior design, cooking, writing about my family and getting my hands dirty in the garden. I also joined forces with my mother since she is such an arty person in a completely different way than I am.

There aren't too many posts there just yet, but stick with me and hopefully you will find things that work for you, or at least give you a jumping board to some inspiration you were needing in your everyday life.

Thanks again for the support in the last year and please bookmark and share my new site!

lots of love

Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Birthday cake

When I was little the big thing I always looked forward too on my birthday was the cake. Ok, presents were always good also, but the cake lasted and was always homemade and delish. It was also always a given that the person the birthday cake was for got the first, and last piece. If it wasn't a rule, then I at least followed it.

My birthday was this past Saturday and my husband came through with a Mrs. Goodman's cake. (I am still waiting for the year that he braves it and makes a cake from scratch with the kids for me.) Luckily he got a small one, because I ate a slice after my kids sang to me, then I ate a piece after they went to bed. The next day I ate three slices, yes three. I can't stay away from cake it just pulls me in. Besides, birthday cake tastes better than any cake, any day of the year.

Monday was Kadence's birthday. There was once slice of my cake left so I saved it for the next day and ate the cupcakes I got for Kadence's family celebration.

You might want to sit down for this next part.

Kadence had her 3rd year dr. appt. this morning so I took her and Jakob and the only thing on my mind on the way back was that last piece of birthday cake waiting for me in the fridge. I got home, went straight in the house, straight to the fridge, grabbed the cake box, a fork and opened the box.


There were two measly bites sitting on the ring the cake had been previously. They looked as if they were left there as an after thought. They were the ohh, I am too full, I can't finish bites. I couldn't believe my eyes. It was as if I opened a bag of chips and there was literally nothing but one tablespoon of crumbs left in the bag. Now who does that?

I opened the garage door and screamed out to everyone: "WHO ATE MY LAST PIECE OF CAKE?" The steam was pouring from my ears and my eyes were blazing red. If I had been recorded, one would believe me to be possessed. I see Rick look up and say that it was him...if looks could kill.

I can't believe it... of all people... my husband, my own husband ate my last piece of birthday cake.

There needs to be payback. I deserve some type of retribution of this heinous crime...

Saturday, May 19, 2012

I had to share this post from Facebook by my cousin Bailey. His words ring very true, and I stand by them. I feel as a society we need to move forward and not backward. Learning to accept everyone for who they are and not forcing everyone into what we feel they should be.

Bailey's post:

Just in case the Georgetown Times doesn't post my response...

Mr. Brock,
Your recent opinion article on the topic of same-sex marriages saddened me. Not only as a gay man, but as a forward thinking American citizen, I whole-heartedly disagree with you on your views. No matter what kind of intentions President Obama had for announcing his support of same sex marriage, he will be relieved one day when he finds his beliefs to be on the right side of history.
You say, “The biological premise of the joining of one man and one woman is propagation of the species.” If that’s true, why should elderly people be allowed to get married? Or heterosexual couples who can’t conceive children? Should they be banned from marriage and the rights that come with it because procreation will not be apart of their matrimony? I probably shouldn’t even venture into the topic of same-sex couples adopting; God forbid the millions of children in orphanages and foster homes find a loving and caring home.
Also just in case you are unaware, animals have no legal standing in the sense of marriage. They physically don’t have the capacity to sign a marriage contract. To me, your point insinuating that same-sex marriages will lead to other “kinky arrangements”, sounds like a cheap blow stemming from a societal fear to accept something that may appear to be “uncommon.”
And if you think gay couples will ruin the sanctity of marriage, what do you think about Britney Spears’ 55-hour marriage to Jason Allen Alexander or Newt Gingrich’s three marriages? Why aren’t you writing letters about Kim Kardashian’s display of ostentatious exploitation of the holy sanctity of marriage? These marriages certainly seem to be preserving the idea of a holy matrimony.
As a former college professor, I shouldn’t have to school you by making you aware that church and state are separate entities. Although marriage has religious connotations and practices, the word is one defined by our government. Marriage grants benefits that civil unions do not.
How exactly would legalizing same-sex marriage directly affect your own marriage? Where in Connecticut or Massachusetts, among other states, has same-sex marriage led to negative consequences? Maybe you think legalized same-sex marriage will increase the likeliness of making your children or grandchildren gay. Might it lead to the demise of your own marriage? I have a simple answer for you: No. Straight couples conceive gay babies. Regardless of whether or not same-sex marriage is legalized, gay children will still be born and will still want to be treated as equal citizens. Just imagine, as impossible as you may claim it would be, that someone in your family was gay- would you honestly want the government and society to be able to deny them happiness, and even more importantly societal acceptance?
I don’t think you have any idea the kind of torture it is to grow up in a society that doesn’t view you as legitimate. Hearing people claim that it is a phase or a disease that can be cured makes homosexuality appear toxic to a child. How many children committing suicide will it take to get people like you to realize it’s not a choice? This fundamental fight for marriage isn’t just about wanting equal rights. It’s teaching children to accept others and to bring our country to a new level of compassion and pride. If the Civil Rights Movement serves as any kind of example, it shows that decisions involving minorities should not be left up to the majority.
Also, I don’t “embrace” the gay lifestyle. I was born gay. It is just another one of my labels: white, southern, student, etc. Being gay doesn’t define me; it only classifies my sexual orientation. The sooner our society realizes and accepts this, the closer we will be to a land true to its words of “all men are created equal.”
You may find my response cynical, but I’m just trying to set you straight, no pun intended, on the issues I have with your article. Humans are fortunate enough to understand how to love, no one should be judged for how they direct that love.

Thursday, May 17, 2012

who does the world revolve around?

Mornings can be very interesting.

This morning did not disappoint.

Jakob and Kadence wanted apple juice for breakfast instead of milk. Rick didn't want to give them apple juice because he felt that was just weird. He wouldn't drink apple juice for breakfast, so why should they. I laughed and told him that this isn't Rick's world and it doesn't revolve around him.

"what!?" Rick turns to Jakob and asks: "Jakob, does the world revolve around me?"
"No." was Jakobs reply.

So Rick decided to ask him who the world revolved around. I was minding my own business making my breakfast when I heard Jakob say "mommy."

Let me tell you, that is one smart little kid.

Friday, May 4, 2012

Lady, are you crazy?

I had a stroke of insanity today and took Kadence and Jakob with me to Easton so I could return a few items. We went to Macy's and the cashier gave them both a square of bubble wrap to pounce on while we did our exchange thing. We held hands and walked across Easton to the train exhibit so they could run back and forth, back and forth, back and forth to watch as much of the train as they could. We rushed into Barnes and Noble so they could both go to the bathroom, even though as soon as they walked in both said they didn't have to go. Yes, I was that woman sounding exasperated as she pleaded with her kids to "just try to go", yes I was the woman who it must have sounded like I was abusing my kids as they said "stop it mommy! Leave me alone mommy!" as I coaxed them into going to the bathroom because not 10 seconds ago they both grabbed themselves and shouted "I have to go!!"

We said goodbye to the train and as the both started moaning about how hungry they were, my brain quickly assessed the parent to child ratio. I decided to risk it and took them to Max and Erma's. It was typical, they fed off of each other and my hair was standing on end by the time we left.

Obviously I needed more. I took them into the Aveda store, told them nicely that this was a "no touch store." I Grabbed what was needed as my kids were tackling each other and moving shelf tags around and made my way to the cash register. The very lovely aveda lady then asks if I would like to take part in the hand treatment she was about to give two customers.

I looked at the kids, I looked at her, and I imagined what the store would look like after I finished the treatment. One word: Disaster waiting to happen. (ok so it wasn't one word, but disaster needed help being described.)

Meanwhile, my kids are being unruly and I keep telling them to "get over here!" "Don't touch that!" "stop that!"

I point to the both of them and shake my head no. Then I politely say "If you want your store to remain looking like this, I best not." while what I really wanted to say was: "LADY! are you CRAZY! look at my hethens! imagine how they would be if I sat over there with my hands in a bowl of soapy water for 10 minutes!" That is NOT what I call relaxing.

I left the store with product in hand and her store still in tact. As we three walked hand in hand to the car I thought how spoiled I was when I just had Krischan. He would have sat there quietly while I did the hand treatment. How foolish I was to think he was so good because of my parenting skills. How foolish I was to look at other parents who had the crazy unruly children, and think "take control!"

Trying to take control of two free-spirited kids is like trying to coax a tornado on a different path than the one heading toward your home.

My dishwasher died.

A couple of weeks ago our dishwasher was a loud raucous annoyance. It didn't used to be, it was one of those "quiet" dishwashers. Well, we use it so much I think we kind of slowly started killing it. It got louder and louder as the years passed, till it was at the point it was a couple of weeks ago.

I am not kidding. It was so loud I would only run it when I was leaving the house. You couldn't even watch a movie because it would over power the movie.

Then one day, we noticed it was back in it's quiet mode. Dishes looked clean, and they were...for a week. Yesterday I opened the dishwasher to put the dishes away and noticed they weren't even close to clean. There was a big pile of detergent just sitting on the bottom of the washer. Doesn't the soap know that it needs to get up into the dishwasher to clean?

So this is my thought. Screw calling someone to fix it. We know that story, it costs just as much to fix it than to buy a new one. I say we buy two dishwashers. That way if one dies, I won't spend all day washing dishes that piled up while the dishwasher was supposedly cleaning another pile of dirty dishes.

I think I have perma raisin fingers now.

Yeah, I like that idea...two dishwashers. Why not?

Wednesday, May 2, 2012

What is that smell?!?

The windows are open, the weather is beautiful and the breeze is flowing.

I call this a spring cleaning day, plus I have to start putting away clothes
for a road trip so what better time to clean up.

That is when I opened up Kadence's closet and was slammed in the face with a smell that is absolutely repulsive.

Dead Animal.

shit. (no, not dead animal shit. Shit, I smell a dead animal.)

Now, I live in the country so it isn't unusual for a mouse to get into our house, or a bird in our attic. The thought of one in my daughters closet is very unsettling though.

I begin by emptying everything out. shaking blankets, horrified at the thought a dead animal will fall to my feet at any moment. After the closet is empty, nothing but the smell. It must be in the walls then. And for that...there is nothing to do but wait it out. UGH!

Of course I call rick up and he smells nothing. Why would he? he never smells the bad things I must be a man thing.


Nothing covers dead animal smell...I guess it is good that I can keep the windows open.

Monday, April 30, 2012

Can it be done?

I have seriously been thinking about shutting off the tv and cancelling Netflix for the summer.

From June 1st-September tv.

The question is, can it be done?

Would I go as far as even cancelling our cable so there isn't that "temptation"?

I could go in completely sane...and come out the other side completely insane.
Not that I would consider myself completely sane anyway.

The funny thing is... I don't really have shows I am attached too. Ok, the walking dead is my show, but it doesn't start back up till October, so I am perfectly safe there.

Honestly, after a couple of weeks, the kids wouldn't even take notice I am sure. They would adapt pretty well.

So here it is:
The Summer Challenge: No tv for summer! No netflix all summer!

Care to join? I am interested in what things will be learned with this "experiment"

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

I want to be a cowboy

My little Jakob is dead set on being a cowboy. I think I hear it about 20 times a day. The other morning he woke up, looked at me and said "I want to be a cowboy."

my reply: "And I could be your cowgirl."(you know, that 80's Boys don't cry)
Jakob: "No mommy, Kadence would be a cowgirl."


This morning I asked if he wanted blueberries in his cereal.

His reply: "I want to be a cowboy."
my reply: "And I could be your cowgirl."

He wasn't in the mood for that game, we will leave it at that.

As he left for school I told him I loved him and to have a good day.
His reply: "I want to be a cowboy."

I went upstairs and ordered him a cowboy hat, and cowboy boots from the ol' internet.

Thursday, April 12, 2012

splurge smartly

I have recently become a fitness addict. Since the beginning of February I have been working out 5 times a week.

Why does everyone seem so surprised when I tell them that? "Oh wow...really?"

Yes...REALLY. And I am about to add another day to fit in more cardio.

Not much to my surprise, I had not lost any weight. I am a sweet tooth fiend. Any cake, cookie, brownie, cupcake, m&m calls my name. And calls...and calls...till I give in and go nuts.

Right now I am having to answer to a trainer about my eating habits. She is putting me in my place and I can't believe how little amount of sweets I have had, but I crave them all the time! Even after she said once I up my protein intake I shouldn't crave as much (maybe I didn't hear her correctly)

Then comes an article I read in my Weight Watchers magazine. Dr. Oz, whom I guess is a big TV personality with his own show, has an article in there. Something about seven secrets of healthy living. I get to number 4. Spurge Smartly. It basically says that instead of reaching for sweets he has sex. two or three times a week.

Well, I am sorry Dr. Oz that you only crave sweets two or three times a week. I crave sweets 2 or 3 times a minute. So if I replaced that splurge with sex, I would always be having sex. Nonstop. 24-7. But I guess the good thing would be that I wouldn't have the time to eat sweets.

So there you have it. I still don't see how that is going to make me not eat sweets though...

Tuesday, April 3, 2012

My goal...

I am not a morning person...
so why is my goal to wake up, get ready for the day, make a cup of coffee...
and go out on the porch to watch the sunrise?

I have tried this the past two mornings...
I have failed.

The sunrise happens earlier each morning, so if I can't do it today, what is to say I can do it tomorrow when it happens 2 minutes earlier?

How hard can this be?

obviously for me...very difficult.


Maybe I should just video tape it...

Monday, April 2, 2012

Musings over a weekend

The weather was beautiful, got to go out on a date with my husband, and got in my garden for some therapy. How much more perfect can a weekend get.

On weekends like this my mind wanders (ok it always wanders) and I have specific thoughts that sometimes stick out like neon lights.

Musing #1
I can not wait till the day where the only butt I have to wipe, is my own.

Musing #2
In three weeks, if it is meant to be...we will have a new family member. (baby puppy..said in the most baby of voices...EVER!)

Musing #3
If I had the money, I would hire Martha Stewart to organize my home from the basement on up. (She would be horrified by my current state of organization.)

Musing #4
Amazing, I take my husband to a healthy restaurant, and he finds the most unhealthy thing to eat.

Musing #5
I am going to wake up at 6:30 so I can get ready for the day, make my cup of coffee, and then go out and watch the sunrise. (that one is pretty funny. I can't remember the last time I actually set my alarm that early, and didn't hit snooze till well after 7:00)

Thursday, March 29, 2012

The innconvenience of getting sick

Finally am over a virus that I got over the weekend. I won't go into details...

The one weekend that my mother-in-law has the two little ones and I have the whole day to myself until Krischan comes home from school...and I am sick.

The one weekend that my mother-in-law has the two little ones and have the chance to do something with Krischan by himself...and I am sick.

The one weekend that my mother-in-law has all three for the day and I have the chance to do something with Rick...and I am sick.

Couldn't my sickness have made plans to visit another time? Like when I had to go to the dentist or something?

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

The perils of riding a bicycle with the wrong seat

I will warn everyone ahead of time. There is a ton of TMI in this and talk of girl parts and such. Don't read if you have no sense of humor and get offended by things.

Rick surprised me this morning by having his mother pick up Kadence so that we could ride on our new tandem. (well it isn't new, but that is another story)

It has been at least 8 years since we rode our last one that we had to sell.

We are good to go and walk down the end of the driveway. (I am a bit particular and refuse to ride on our gravel driveway.) We hop on the bike and Rick and I know immediately that the seats are all wrong. (I am not talking position, but comfort)

I are saying that there is no way a bicycle seat is comfortable to begin with. You are wrong, they can be completely comfortable. Make sure you have some good cycling shorts on and you are good to go. My queen bee bike for example, I could ride for hours if I chose and would be most happy at the end of the ride.

About 20 minutes into the ride I started to wonder how long my clitoris was going to be numb after this ride. I shifted my hips forward, I shifted them back. I shifted them here and there. Nothing helped.

On a tandem you have to communicate all of this by the way. I typically just say "shifting" and Rick knows to stop pedaling and let me stand, or shift, or whatever I need to do.

Rick finally asks me after the millionth time "That bad huh?"

My response: "I know you might think it feels good to put all that pressure on it, but it doesn't. Who knows when I will be able to feel anything down there again. I might not even know your down there ever ever again...This could be bad."

It might be months before I can have sex because of that damn seat. Pretty sure it has made my clitoris fuse with my bone.

It made me think that if I am numb and can't feel anything, it would probably make for good marathon sex...but what good is that if you can't feel anything?

Rick asked me if I needed to shift any later in the ride. At this point my thought, and answer was this:

"HELL NO! If I take any pressure off of my clit, then the blood will flow back in and the pain will commence and make it worse to sit back down on the seat causing even more pain till it goes numb again. It is better just to stick it out, work through it, and hope to God that I am not doing any kind of permanent damage to my ability to have an orgasm."

He wasn't faring any better, but for him, it was other things.

Finally 27 miles later, we get home. I tell him to let me off in the road, there is no way I am going to ride on the gravel...I might do further damage.

I get off the bike and have to stand there with knees bent before I can move as my girl parts realized that they were still alive. I slowly walk up the driveway, into the house, up the stairs and into the shower.

If I didn't have to pick Jakob up from the bus stop, I would have layed on my bed after the shower, spread eagle style just so everything could "go back to normal"

But I have to trudge on. Who made those stupid seats? Obviously not a human, or at least a human that had no girl parts. I can see it now, some man was designing the seat saying. "Uh,Duh, let's put the edge of the concave here, and uh, the place for the indent over here, uh..."

Stupid Bicycle seat designers. Make them sit on those seats...

Monday, March 19, 2012

Mornings with the husband

It is a well known fact that I am not a morning person. I grumble and groan and if woken up before I really want too, will take a nice size bite out of whomever's head dares to wake me. Even when said person is told by said person to make sure said person gets up.

Hence this morning. Yes I wanted to get up at 6:00 to catch up to my procrastinating ways. No I didn't. Yes I bit Rick's head off. Yes I dragged myself out of bed to sit in front of my computer. And Yes, to prove his love, he brought me up a cup of coffee.

How did I get so lucky? Bite someones head off and they still bring you a bit of love in a cup.

It is also a well known fact that Rick is a breakfast (and morning) person. No cereal for that man, he wants eggs, ham, toast, bacon, sausage, omelette with mashed potatoes inside, hash browns and a large glass of chocolate milk. Not necessarily all that food, but some mix of one or the other.

This morning was no different, ok it was. I went down to cook breakfast. Bacon eggs and toast.(don't ask me to do more, If it were up to me, cereal would be on the menu every day.) Bacon cooked, rick began cooking the eggs.

Everyone gets scrambled, but me. Sunny side up for me...Something should be sunny in the morning if it isn't me...

As he ruins my first egg, I mention that I do have Pam and it is great for the egg in the pan. This is the response I get:

"Doesn't that have Chloroform in it?"
Hmmm. What a novel idea. Non-stick cooking and put your kids out all at the same time. Especially useful for those extra over hyper kids while you are cooking dinner.

My wheels are turning...Ok, so that probably wouldn't be a "good parenting" choice. It would probably be frowned down upon to chloroform your kids so you could get some cooking done in peace and quiet. Another product idea down the drain...

Thursday, March 15, 2012

Musical Beds

I don't know why we have so many beds in our house. We don't use them, or I guess we do, it's just a song and dance throughout the night.

Krischan has a bed.
Jakob has a bed.
Kadence now has her "Big girl" bed. (sniff* she is growing up...)
and Rick and I have our bed.

Krischan sleeps in his own bed, now even through the night.

Kadence falls asleep in her bed and wakes up in mom and dad's bed.

Jakob either falls asleep in Krischan's bed, or like last night Kadence's bed.
Wakes up in the middle of the night and has dad come and lay with him in his bed.

Sometimes Kadence crawl's into our bed, then Jakob crawl's in, then Rick goes and lays in Jakob's bed because ours is so crowded.

Every once in a blue moon, Rick ends up sleeping with Krischan in his bed because "daddy, you never lay with me." says Krischan.

Last night I started out in my bed, went to lay in Kadence's bed because Jakob wanted to lay with daddy and Kadence was already in my bed. Then got woken up and kicked out by Rick and Jakob so they could lay together. Back into my bed I went with Kadence.

Only on those rare occasions do we wake up in the beds we went to sleep in. I say I am going to miss this when they get older and stay in their respective beds, but I am sure I probably won't...

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Weird things I do...or are they normal?

I found myself washing an egg shell yesterday morning after breakfast.

I walked around in a circle several times from my living room to foyer and back again, not really knowing what I was doing it for.

Put the nesquick powder in the fridge. (everyone does that)

Went out into the garage to get a coke and got in my car instead.

Looked at the wall in my bedroom and decided I was going to try a handstand push-up. I got the handstand accomplished, not the push-up.

Freaked out when I tried to wake up my computer thinking it had died when I realized that I had actually shut it down the night before.

Rubbed lotion on my legs wondering why it felt so weird. Till I actually looked at the bottle and saw I was rubbing body wash on them.

I still have the crayon wrappings from when we made easter egg crayons. In my mind I keep looking at them thinking: "I can do something with that paper, why throw it away?"

What an interesting life I lead huh? I always end up wondering...

What will I do today?

Monday, March 12, 2012

Husband vs Wife

My husband has a bit of a competitive streak in do I. (I have a friend who beat me by 20 minutes in the last two duathalons we did and I want to fix that.)

I never beat anything. He doesn't even let me win, or the kids for that matter. (ok, I think that is actually good, what are they learning if they win all the time?)

I joined a gym in the beginning of February and have been going 5 days a week. When it is your "me" time, it isn't hard to get there so often. When I started I could barely do 1 push-up, now I can do a lot more...

...which brings me to a conversation Rick and I had this morning.

It was about health and being around for a long time. I have been doing things to make sure I am becoming more healthy, taking vitamins, eating/cooking better, working out more. I was teasing him about the fact that I want to go places with him and ride our bikes when we are 70 and not push him around in a wheelchair instead.

So came the challenge...push-ups.

I told him I could do more than he could. He told me to go first...

"oh-no, I don't think so! because I will do so many and then you will make sure you do one more than me just to win." He is tricky like that. I said we had to do them together instead.

We get into our push-up stance and I start counting my own. I get to 13 (which is great considering I couldn't even do one a month ago.) I look at him and he is in plank position, then does 4. He pops onto his knees and says he did 16...Hmmm.

Whatever, he really just watched me do them and then when I looked at him he did 4 and said "16!" How can I be sure he really did 16? So I did 5 more and said I did 18.

Of course he said that didn't count because I took a break.

Looks like when Krischan comes home we will have to do this again and have a referee...

Thursday, March 8, 2012

Is it really my responsibility as a mom?

I love my son Jakob's hair. To say I love it is really an understatement. It is curly and wild, and matches his personality to a tee. I know when Kadence gets older, she is going to hate Jakob for that hair. (She has stick straight hair.)

Which brings me to my question. Is it really my responsibility as a mother to make sure it is all in place? What brings this question up is this picture.

As I was sitting across from him, I said to myself...
"Wow! Jakob's hair is insane! should I have brushed it before we left?"

And as I kept taking pictures, I realized that it has a mind of it's own, I swear it kept getting nuttier and nuttier.

Maybe it was the milkshake making it stand on end. Krischan's hair was in place, so was Kadence's. Jakob's just has a mind of it's own.

Should I start carrying a comb around with me? Maybe I should start using that glue hair gel that will keep it in it's place....Nah.

But really, is it my responsibility to make sure he doesn't look like this when we go out?

You might think it is because I am shirking my motherly duties, but I think he looks darn cute that way.

That is my story and I am sticking too it.

Wednesday, March 7, 2012

How I keep my sanity. (If I every had it)

By a happy mistake I scheduled two doctor appointments today. One with my dermatologist, and one with my masochistic Dentist (thankfully that was the last appt for my root canal and it was simply too put my cap on.)

So I bet you are wondering what the happy part is. It was the fact that there were 3 hours in between each appt...

Easton, here I come.

It was so nice, the weather was beautiful, it felt like spring, and because I was there at 9:30 nothing was open yet(except Barnes and Noble) and no one was there. It was like I had the whole place to myself!

Bookstore browsing for a whole half hour without a kid in tow, without a husband wondering when I was going to be done looking around, just me and the smell of brand new books. I could deal with this kind of thing lasting forever...

But alas, I do have other stores I need to go to.

Every once in awhile I can treat myself and Aveda was that place for me too do that in. Ahh, no kids to keep from touching things and no husband taking a deep breath when he sees the prices of what I pick out.

One more stop...Sur La Table. My most absolute favorite place to be if I can't be in a bookstore. It is one of those stores that if I could buy anything and everything in it, I would. The best part? I had a gift certificate! And no kids to tell "This is a NO TOUCH store." and no husband to say to me "Do we really need that?"

I can feel the insanity melting away and as I breath in the clean crisp air loving my life, I get a text...

"I now know why you are crazy." (my husband was home with the kids getting them ready for school)

Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Addiction leads to great things...

As I have said before I am behind the 8 ball most of the time. I knew of Pinterest, but wasn't doing anything about it. I don't need one more thing to keep me at my computer. Well, I finally gave in and requested an invite.

...Not sure why you need an invite, but oh-well...

HOLY SHIT!!! I am soooo addicted. I have to pry myself away, and the weird thing is, I did this anyway. I just dragged photos off into folders or printed out the images and pasted them into my sketchbook. (This is one of those why didn't I think of this things)

It not only makes me realize that I have no time for anything and that I have a severe case of ADHD. My brain is just going everywhere, from home ideas to cool design inspiration to fun things for the kids to do, to cooking, to travel destinations, to...overload!

I did make time to get the kids involved in a melting crayon activity I saw. We have the typical coffee can full of broken deranged looking crayons that makes me groan every time it hits the floor.

The craft also gave me a reason to buy an easter egg mold pan : )

Here is the website that the craft is listed at:

And here are my pictures from it with some helpful hints I found out along the way.

First thing. Unless you have older kids, just sit in front of your favorite movie and take the time to tear off all the wrappers from the crayons. I didn't think we were going to get to the melting cause my kids were frustrated with pulling the wrappers off. And Kadence eats the wrapper off, which is no good. Plus I hate picking up wet paper. Eww, yuck.

I was trying to be creative with the placement of the colors in the mold but don't do that, the best ones that came out were the happ-hazard crayon laying that my kids did.

They do melt fast so keeping an eye on them is a good idea, I think it took about 10 minutes total. They kids enjoyed watching them melt, seeing the colors swirl together as they shifted.

yes, this was a pj day.

Being careful when you pull the pan out is an understatement. Unless you want melted wax everywhere, seriously, take it slow when pulling them out.

They look so cool! but they don't look so glistening once they dry.

This was my favorite, although it didn't look like this once it dried. They only take 5-10 minutes to dry. Once they are dry take a knife or e-xacto to "pop" them out of the pan. Even though the pan is sprayed with non-stick spray, you still have to pop them out, but they come out clean. And they look absolutely amazing and cool and it was so fun to color with them!

Although Kadence did think they were something to eat and took a big bite out of one.

Another thing, why do you need kids to do this? no reason, just think how cool it would be to take notes with one of these crayons in a meeting. I would do it...

Friday, March 2, 2012

A great girly find

I have been meaning to go into a store in Newark for awhile now called the Old Crow. I finally got in there after my work out yesterday. It is a mostly country decoration store, but as I rounded a corner I found the most wonderous thing!

And it isn't just a cute girly hammer.

It is a multi-functional girly tool. Now I know these things have been around for a long time. My mom has one that I remember from when I was a kid, but this one has a cool design on it. It is also a screw-driver.

and a philips

and another screw driver.

and another ity, bity, screw driver.

The best part? as if I haven't shown you enough...

I can display it as art.

Thursday, March 1, 2012

Nummy Nummy Snack

So I have recently discovered Nutella. Ok, so I might be behind the 8-ball on this, but I am with most things anyway.

I had one of my cravings the other day. You know the ones, need something sweet or else I will strangle the next person that talks to me kinda craving.

Anyway, I had angel food cake, strawberries, and nutella on hand.

Thinly slice the angel food cake (two slices), like a slice of bread thickness.
Spread nutella on one or both pieces. Layer chopped, or sliced strawberries into the nutella. Then put together like a sandwich.

Now, butter a pan and grill the angel/nutella/strawberry sandwich.

Eeweey Gooey Goodness!!!!

Tuesday, February 28, 2012

The Oscars

Once upon a long, long time ago (23 years) there was a little girl who dreamed of becoming an actress. She loved pretending, acting, watching movies, and acting along with the movies she watched. She was in her school plays and belonged to a junior theater group.

To be in the movies, to be anyone and everyone you have ever wanted to be. To dive into a character and live that life for a little while, to become that person.

Dreams can get lost, or left behind, but can they ever be picked back up? Can you ever go back to them? Is that the reason I wander though life wondering what I want to do when I grow up...still?

I left those dreams behind because I let a couple of people effect me in a negative way. I was young and stupid and probably didn't tell anyone how I felt or why I left the idea of acting behind. Because I am sure if I said something, someone would have encouraged me to quit being stupid and worrying about how other people are, directing me back to my path.

Once a year I dwell on that dream more so than any other day of the year. As I get older I wonder if the dream should just die and be buried, or should I find a way to breath life back into that dream.

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

I have never been so aware of my butt

Joined a gym about 3 weeks ago. Have been going religiously, unlike church, but that is a different story.

I do pilates twice a week and this kill or be killed bootcamp class three times a week. Last night was an all body round and the only place I am sore are my shoulders and butt.

My butt is so sore that even when standing I feel the muscles working. I have never been so aware of how the muscles work in your rear end for every little move you make like I am today.

Although it does make me feel like I have a tight ass.

Monday, February 6, 2012

Root canals are sooooo fun.

Went in to get a root canal done today. Not a fun experience.

Not much to say about it other than I had an anxiety attack in the chair, heart was racing, body was was shaking and after I started crying, he decided to give me nitrous.

Who has anxiety attacks in the dentists chair?

I can't believe I actually started crying.

I hate getting dental work done. Always have, always will.

And to top it off, he wanted me to look in a mirror at my hollow tooth.

Oh God, and I have to go back in two weeks to get it finished. Why can't a root canal be done in one appointment?


Thursday, February 2, 2012

Clean oven means LOTS of smoke

To make our lives easier there are things that are convenient to us.

Don't want to cook dinner?
Go through a drive through, someone does the cooking for you.

Don't want to open a door, step on a pad and the door opens for you.

Don't want to go to the store and buy something, order it online and it will come to you.

Don't want to spend hours scrubbing clean your oven? Then use the oven clean setting.

Hmmmm. Shouldn't you be able to cancel that? Why you ask?

Have you ever cleaned your grill? The easy way? Turn it on high, all burners, and let it burn that shit off the grates, then once it is all burnt to a crisp you just have to take a brush and poof, it brushes off.

Yup, that is also what the oven cleaner does.

I had the bright idea of turning it on tonight, with the top stove grates in the oven cause they were awful dirty. Our fan thingy above the stove, doesn't work very well.

Our fire alarm is going off.

I have the front door wide open, a back window wide open, and a fan on high.

Our whole house smells and is smokey.

Why can't you cancel the damn oven clean mode?

Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Little boys, and how they pee

I have often laughed at my boys because they hold themselves, dance like crazy, and chant "I have to go, I have to go, I have to go." Then you hear them in the bathroom and their feet hit the floor faster and faster, then stop. Success as they make it to the bathroom, and don't pee themselves.

One thing I don't laugh at is when I have to go and before I go, I have to clean all the pee off of the toilet seat because they decided to not go in the toilet, but around it.


Well, today I think my littlest boy couldn't figure out which the toilet was. I notice the floor is awful wet, and the biggest puddle is under the wicker trashcan. Damn, if he didn't pee in the trashcan, just like fraternity boy who is so drunk he can't figure out if the trashcan is a toilet or not.

I decided it was because he was half asleep and let it slide over...until tonight when he did it again in the upstairs trashcan.

Everyday that I go into the bathroom and have to clean pee off the walls, floor and toilet, I think to myself "I can't wait till the master bathroom gets done and can have my own toilet that no one uses but me."

That will never happen, so I then think to myself "I can't wait till they are old enough to not do that, or at least have the sense to clean it up themselves."

I don't think that will ever happen either.

Thursday, January 26, 2012

And, where did this fear come from?

I have a few quirks. Ok, maybe more than a few, but I won't be talking about all of them today, just one in particular that I thought about this morning.

What falls into my quirk category is irrational fear.
Irrational meaning not logical or rational.

Emphasis on logical.

One (yes I am saying one) of my irrational fears is that I am going to drive away and one of my children had decided it would be cool to sit on my fender or on top of my car, me somehow not seeing them.

I know, the insane asylum is in my future, but we aren't talking about that right now.

Who would not know a child was hanging on to their car anyway?

What child would do that anyway?

I always picture a screaming crying child hanging on for dear life, eyes wide with fear, me completely oblivious that they are about to become road kill.

I think I got this fear from National Lampoons Vacation. No, I do not tie my children to my car, but that is the only logical (that might be an oxymoron in this post) reason I can think of.

As I was driving in this morning a car behind me flashed its brights. Instant thought, one of my kids is holding on to my car, oh wait, one is on the bus to school, the other is in school, the third is inside the car with me.

I have not pulled over to check as of yet, but I do have to talk myself down sometimes and tell myself it would be rediculus to call my husband and make sure all three were safe at home.

I wonder what it is like in an insane asylum.

And that is only one of my irrational fears....

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Sometimes under a rock would be a good place to live

Sometimes I look into my future, and see a very lonely woman, sitting by a window, watching the world go by.

I had a "human moment" today, and it seems that I have a lot of them. (Calling it a "human moment" makes me feel better, makes it sound like it happens to everyone.) When I get old enough and Senile enough, I will be put in a nursing home and forgotten about, and before then excuses will be made why family can't come over too see me, or why I can't come to visit them.

My children will be in therapy before they are 15.

I should just start drinking now.

I hate January.

When's spring.

I will feel better then.

Sunday, January 22, 2012

Feeling a bit Martha'ish

I DVR The Martha Stewart Show on the hallmark channel every day, and I watch it at night or on the weekend when I am folding clothes. This past week was beauty week. So many cool things that are just items you can buy in the grocery store or grow in your garden, and I have made a very Martha decision today.

I am going to start making my own beauty products. Com'on! How hard can it be?

So I started tonight. I made a hair mask.

Now, as I have mentioned earlier, as soon as I turned 37 my hair freaked out. I even have my first grey hair!! It sticks up and shouts out like a sore thumb, even though my husband denies being able to see it.

My hair dresser has helped me with my hair, hooked me up with products that repair my hair and products to put in my hair to help it. So in all, I have 5 products that I put in my hair almost every day!! 5, count it out 1, 2, 3, 4, 5. crazy!! (Jakob would count 1,2,3,4,9. so damn cute)

With all 5 products I can let my hair air dry, which for my hair is a miracle. Without them, it does not air dry well, basically it freaks out. Tonight, after rinsing out the hair mask, I did not put anything else in my hair and let it air dry. It looks AMAZING!!! I am a beauty product genius!!

1 banana mashed
1 tsp olive oil
1 tbsp honey
mix together and smear through hair. It smells soooo good! Even the spider that crawled out of the electical outlet in my bathroom thought so and was ready to jump in the bowl and cleanse itself. Too bad I killed it.

I got in the shower after feeling like I had just been in a food fight, and smelling divine, waited about 10 minutes before rinsing out. (I don't really need to tell you what I did in those 10 minutes, it isn't any of your business) No shampoo, no conditioner, no other products, just the food.

Watch out, I am now addicted after that one hair mask and will now see what else I can get in a food fight with. (Hmmm, I see a name, a logo and an entreprenuer idea brewing, but does the world really need another natural beauty product?)

Thursday, January 12, 2012

Kadence is a genius.

Now I can brag that I have two genius children. (The jury is still out on Jakob, right now he is just plain cute.)

I was going over colors with Kadence today. She was wearing a purple top and I asked her what color it was.

Her reply: "Red and blue"

Red and blue do make purple, so she was not wrong and chose to answer the question quick-witted. I am pretty sure she rolled her eyes at me and said "Duh mom" in her head.

Monday, January 9, 2012

Introducing: The Crime Scene Brownie

There are just some days, or several days, that you really feel like a crime scene...something. (If you have seen No Strings Attached you know what I am talking about.)

It took me a day to figure out what I needed. Oatmeal cream pie? no, not rich enough, red velvet cupcakes? Didn't want to have to scour Columbus for a really good one. Mrs. Goodman's cake? Didn't want to drive that far. Some dessert coffee and goodie from a coffee house? No, definitely not something that was pre-frozen, then thawed for (what a waste of some much wanted calorie intake).

Then I figured it out. Thank God I know the brownie queen, the global brownie ambassador, the one who makes brownie delectables from a box.

Thank God to her because I had a boxed brownie mix in my pantry. One that I had planned on making her peppermint bark brownies with. I made a batch for my neighbor and planned on treating myself to those Christmas eve. That never happened.

No...I didn't make one of her wonderous recipes. (sorry denise) I created my own.
1 box of brownie mix, swirled with my salty caramel sauce, baked and then topped with a white chocolate butter cream frosting.

(yes, the frosting is as thick as the brownie, got a problem with that?) Fucking insane!! After making them I ate a piece, and was kind enough to share with the family. My husband dared to take two pieces, I bit my sharp tongue (lucky for him).

I held out for the next morning after church. Cut myself a huge piece, made some coffee and sat in my rocking chair. Daring the kids to want the breakfast I was having.

If you aren't in a crime scene type of mood this would be way to rich for you. You wouldn't even get past the first bite.

Later that day Kadence broke a bowl, I broke a plate, Jakob threw a mother fit, Legos were thrown into my Christmas tree breaking a ornament from my childhood, and the house was a wreck after being gone for only 2 hours. (ok, maybe 3)

That deserves a huge slice to be cut and eaten, enjoyed, while mayhem continues behind me.

My husband dared eat another piece, told me we probably weren't going to be able to put our master bathroom back together unless we did it ourselves (and where would we find that time? it has been three freaking years). My daughter held her pee so long she ended up peeing all over my leg, the floor and herself. Told my son to go get two hand towels so I could clean up the floor...he brought me one washcloth, and while I quickly ran upstairs with her to wash her and myself, the rice began to burn on the stove.

Damn...since my husband helped himself to a piece, I was only left with one tiny, square inch brownie. If I make more...10 lbs will be added for sure...

Oh boy...I need a sunny beach, drink in one hand, crime scene brownie in the other and a good book to dive into.

My sanity is at risk...