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A new adventure

Thanks to all who come here and read my posts. I love writing and this is my way of practicing the craft and making fun of my life all in one stroke.

I have begun a new adventure thought. As I edge closer to 40, I feel it is time to figure out what I want to do with my life. If you have ever tried to answer that question, I hope you agree with me that it is not an easy task to do. I feel it is especially hard since I live with a man who is doing what he loves and is really really good at it.

I am hoping that this next step leads me in the direction of finding out what I want to do, and I hope that you still follow me, post comments, and pass on my link.

So here it is:

My new website, and location of my blog. Please visit and roam around. I took all the things I love to do and combined it into one site. Interior design, cooking, writing about my family and getting my hands dirty in the garden. I also joined forces with my mother since she is such a…

Birthday cake

When I was little the big thing I always looked forward too on my birthday was the cake. Ok, presents were always good also, but the cake lasted and was always homemade and delish. It was also always a given that the person the birthday cake was for got the first, and last piece. If it wasn't a rule, then I at least followed it.

My birthday was this past Saturday and my husband came through with a Mrs. Goodman's cake. (I am still waiting for the year that he braves it and makes a cake from scratch with the kids for me.) Luckily he got a small one, because I ate a slice after my kids sang to me, then I ate a piece after they went to bed. The next day I ate three slices, yes three. I can't stay away from cake it just pulls me in. Besides, birthday cake tastes better than any cake, any day of the year.

Monday was Kadence's birthday. There was once slice of my cake left so I saved it for the next day and ate the cupcakes I got for Kadence's family celebration.

You migh…
I had to share this post from Facebook by my cousin Bailey. His words ring very true, and I stand by them. I feel as a society we need to move forward and not backward. Learning to accept everyone for who they are and not forcing everyone into what we feel they should be.

Bailey's post:

Just in case the Georgetown Times doesn't post my response...

Mr. Brock,
Your recent opinion article on the topic of same-sex marriages saddened me. Not only as a gay man, but as a forward thinking American citizen, I whole-heartedly disagree with you on your views. No matter what kind of intentions President Obama had for announcing his support of same sex marriage, he will be relieved one day when he finds his beliefs to be on the right side of history.
You say, “The biological premise of the joining of one man and one woman is propagation of the species.” If that’s true, why should elderly people be allowed to get married? Or heterosexual couples who can’t conceive children? Should they be …

who does the world revolve around?

Mornings can be very interesting.

This morning did not disappoint.

Jakob and Kadence wanted apple juice for breakfast instead of milk. Rick didn't want to give them apple juice because he felt that was just weird. He wouldn't drink apple juice for breakfast, so why should they. I laughed and told him that this isn't Rick's world and it doesn't revolve around him.

"what!?" Rick turns to Jakob and asks: "Jakob, does the world revolve around me?"
"No." was Jakobs reply.

So Rick decided to ask him who the world revolved around. I was minding my own business making my breakfast when I heard Jakob say "mommy."

Let me tell you, that is one smart little kid.

Lady, are you crazy?

I had a stroke of insanity today and took Kadence and Jakob with me to Easton so I could return a few items. We went to Macy's and the cashier gave them both a square of bubble wrap to pounce on while we did our exchange thing. We held hands and walked across Easton to the train exhibit so they could run back and forth, back and forth, back and forth to watch as much of the train as they could. We rushed into Barnes and Noble so they could both go to the bathroom, even though as soon as they walked in both said they didn't have to go. Yes, I was that woman sounding exasperated as she pleaded with her kids to "just try to go", yes I was the woman who it must have sounded like I was abusing my kids as they said "stop it mommy! Leave me alone mommy!" as I coaxed them into going to the bathroom because not 10 seconds ago they both grabbed themselves and shouted "I have to go!!"

We said goodbye to the train and as the both started moaning about how hun…

My dishwasher died.

A couple of weeks ago our dishwasher was a loud raucous annoyance. It didn't used to be, it was one of those "quiet" dishwashers. Well, we use it so much I think we kind of slowly started killing it. It got louder and louder as the years passed, till it was at the point it was a couple of weeks ago.

I am not kidding. It was so loud I would only run it when I was leaving the house. You couldn't even watch a movie because it would over power the movie.

Then one day, we noticed it was back in it's quiet mode. Dishes looked clean, and they were...for a week. Yesterday I opened the dishwasher to put the dishes away and noticed they weren't even close to clean. There was a big pile of detergent just sitting on the bottom of the washer. Doesn't the soap know that it needs to get up into the dishwasher to clean?

So this is my thought. Screw calling someone to fix it. We know that story, it costs just as much to fix it than to buy a new one. I say we buy two dishw…