Monday, June 27, 2011

Some alien abducted my children...But that's ok.

Wow, I am almost speachless today. I knew I had a million places to run to so I was rushing to get out the door this morning. Hoping not to run into any hungry/tiredness crabiness. Well, that didn't work. I left the house at 10:45.

Post Office: Stop number one.
Yes, I left my kids in the car while I ran in to mail some letters. Big Whoop. I was in there for a total of 2 minutes. The phone was left with Krischan in case he needed it and I didn't leave the car running. Besides, you might not know this but Krischan is a super black belt ninja. Very deadly child, don't mess with him.

Bank: Stop number two.
So easy, drive through cinch. But then Jakob says he is hungry.
oh no. But wait, ok, it is 11:45.

No problem. Super mom has a chipolte card for a free burrito. Chipolte is just down the road and Jakob says, as I am pulling out of the bank, "Go there. Chi•po•weigh."

Chipolte: Stop number three.
It is always intimidating and nerve wracking to take three kids out to eat. Especially by oneself. Kadence screams, Jakob doesn't know how to sit still, and Krischan just watches.

This is how it went: The heavens opened up and shone down on us because Kadence ate, Jakob ate, and Krischan ate. I know I fed them breakfast...maybe they are all in a growth spurt. Amazing! I actually got to eat my food...enjoy my food. There was a slight moment of panic when Jakob had to go to the restroom, but Krischan volunteered to take him and I think my jaw went slack and smacked the floor.
They were angels (said in my most southern girlish accent)

Then we left and I told them all how wonderful they were. (I am pretty sure at this point, shock set in for me.)

Wilson's: Stop number four.
All I needed to run in and get were tomato cages and edging. We all get out of the car and here comes the moment Kadence always freaks. When I have to place her in the seat of a cart.

But no, she gets in and sits down, even lets Jakob buckle her up.

These are not my kids.

Krischan helps me count out the tomato cages, Jakob holds them steady on the cart and we walk around casually. No rushing, no speed walking, no grab and runs. I think I actually strolled through the store. It is awesome by the way, it is down the road from this really, really large basket. (A basket that Krischan says would be cool for a giant. I agreed since there are tons of people in there, the giant would eat good.)

Picked out the edging, grabbed a new sprinkler and even stopped to stare at garden tools. The shock just gets deeper by this point.

I pay, we leave, Krischan offers to take the cart and put it away. HMMMM...
Kadence doesn't even pitch a fit when I strap her into her car seat. (She always goes stiff as a board and screams.)

Kroger: Stop five.
At this point I am so pushing my luck, it isn't funny. I had to wake Kadence up and it was now about 1:30. Nap time closing in.

Utter amazement. I was able to stroll through Kroger also. Kadence only screamed at the top of her lungs once. That was when I took my keys from her for the cashier to scan in. Then she was fine. Fine as pie. At this point I realize that aliens must have come down from outer space and replaced my children with these well behaved clones...

I am ok with that.

The lady in the next isle was the one dealing with screaming kicking kids. I gave her an "I so understand" look, but I think she took it as a "Woman, get control of your kids" look. Oh-well. My kids were being angels (again that southern accent)

Home we went.

Once home, I ran Kadence upstairs for her nap, and by the time I came down, Krischan had brought in the 4 bags of groceries for me.

AMAZING!! Thank you aliens!! who are these kids? They aren't mine.

Krischan and his friend Nick played the Wii and Jakob sat on the floor and watched. No arguing whatsoever.

Who are these kids?

All three of them thanked me for the good food at dinner, none of them pitched a fit when it was bath time, and Krischan even left the room to fart instead of farting next to me.

These can't be my kids...but I will take them. Even if tonight my real children are replaced, I have lived one day, when all three behaved like the well-mannered children I am trying to raise them to be.

Amazing. If they haven't been abducted...they must want something really, really big and expensive.

42 and a half hours

At 3:30 pm on Thursday, I got into my van and drove to a meeting I had scheduled.
What is so important about this? It began my 42 and a half hours sans kids.

The options of what I could do were bouncing around in my head. Rick had appointments till late so the first part of my time was all me...alone! I headed straight for the salon for a pedicure. It was so nice. I took a picture, but my toes are ugly and I didn't want to submit you to that kind of horror.

Then, after that...I went grocery shopping. Yes, you read shopping. You never appreciate the time in the store that you have. Mindless work of grabbing things off the shelf, checking coupons, thinking about an item before you place it in your cart. Actually looking at prices and deciding on the best buy. When you have to grocery shop with kids in tow, it is never peaceful, you never look at prices, it is actually a race to the end. That is why I wear my jogging pants and running shoes when I go. So I can get in, grab what I need and get the hell out before melt down.

My shopping trip lasted an hour and a half. Sheer peace.

Once all the groceries were put away (which amazingly took no time at all with no kids around) I sprawled out on the couch and watched the tube.

The next morning brought on another bout of options. A whole day for Rick and I to do whatever we wanted. We usually just get a night, most of the time it isn't even 12 hours. What to do!

Go for a bike ride.

The wind seemed a bit intimidating for me. But I was going to ride with my husband, wind or no wind. It also appeared that it might rain. No biggie, it isn't a bad thing to get caught in the rain when you are with your loved one.

I am waiting on Rick of course. He is late for everything. Not that we had a scheduled departure, but for once, I was ready before he was.

Beautiful country roads, but man were they hacked up. I had to keep my eye on the road in front of me closely or else I was going to hit a hole and go flying.

See that red truck in the distance? trust me, it is there. Roads were clearly empty and he gave us a foot of room when he passed us. Let me tell you, from a biker to you driving your car. I am allowed on the roads just as much as you are. And actually, I have to follow the same rules, which means I can't ride on the sidewalk (if there is one) and if I am drunk on a bike, I can get a DUI also. So be considerate, if you can't pass me, treat me like a slow moving vehicle. Don't pass until there are no cars and you can get completely in the other lane. Bikers don't like getting swiped and please don't honk either. Ok I am off my soap box.

This house was absolutely stunning. I should have stopped at the driveway to take more pictures. The other building on the property looked like a guest house (which you can't see in this picture) there was a beautiful Barn, everything was crisp and clean white. I wanted to get off my bike, go knock on their door and ask them if they would sell me their house.

and this is what it overlooked. I could wake up to this every morning.

Rick checking my computer. We were screaming down a hill and it kept jumping from 9.1mph to 24mph. I know for sure we were not going 9.1mph. He said my battery was dead because every time I took a picture the screen dimmed. What my phone camera had to do with my bike computer I have no idea, but hey, he is the bike expert. By the way, our max speed was 34 mph. Scared the shit out of me, but it was fun. The wind was coming at us strong from the side, pushing the wheels and making the bike lean. That ment if you lost control, you were going down, getting dragged along the pavement and end up with a massive amount of road rash.

This is an example of the holes on the road. They were everywhere. I told him we should have taken our mountain bikes out! (This really is just a picture of the side of the road, I didn't get a picture of the holes.)

my husband...

telling me to stop taking pictures and get going.

Yes, this is a road we rode on. I think he is a bit crazy, but it actually was a nice road to be on. No cars, no houses, just nothingness. Peace.

But it still made me nervous to ride on.

I decided to explore the countryside, take a little walk. Not really, but you don't need to know what I was really doing.

"See, that wasn't so bad now was it?" See the disapproving look on his face? I guess I might have complained about the gravel road the whole time we were on it, just a little bit.

FREEDOM!!! paved road again. Ahhh, nice and smooth.

We rode for about 2 hours and even though it was more of a stroll (for rick), it was so great to get out and ride with my husband. I miss riding with him.

Then we napped, went out to dinner, napped again and then watched a movie. Another thing you take for granted. I forgot how nice it was to take a nap whenever you wanted to. You can't nap with kids around unless you want your house burned down.

How did my 42 and a half hours end? I will show you...

Friday, June 24, 2011

A chant

It's Friday.
the kids are away for the day.

What do I do? Sleep, clean, read, garden...

I will start with a shower.
One that doesn't consist of little kids coming in the bathroom.
One that doesn't consist of hearing screaming and wondering who is killing who.
A long one, one that isn't rushed, one where I can stand and close my eyes and take in the quiet.

Wow. No kids for a whole day! what do I do?

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Food memories

I love food. I love cooking food. I love eating food. I have what you would call food memories. I remember what I ate on Rick and my first date. When I eat strawberries, I remember being a little girl, picking them off the plant at Doran's down the road. The owner of the farm always asked if he needed to weigh me on his really cool old fashioned scale, since I ate more strawberries than I put in the basket. When I eat hamburgers, I remember the cruise I went on with my parents and the juice from it running down my arm. You get the point.

Which brings me to another point. Another food memory that I remember so well, I thought it would be a great snack idea for my kids.

Veggie and fruit pizza.

When I was in high school, I cheered on the basketball cheer squad. (Yes, I was a cheerleader. I don't know why people find that hard to believe.) We had before each game what was called a spread. (get your mind out of the gutter.) Each cheerleader picked a game to host a dinner for (hence calling it a spread. Get it? A spread of food. Geesh.) There were all kinds of food ideas, the typical pizza, chicken, spaghetti, the list goes on. Out of the four years and all the spreads, only one stands out in my memory. A friends mom would make fruit and veggie pizzas. (Her mom was so cute and so nice, I always loved going to their house.) The pizza's were sooo good and sooo fresh. I always wanted to eat every last bite, and I am sure, took more than my share.

One day while I was thinking of some snack ideas, I began thinking of my high school years. I enjoyed high school, but I didn't, and still don't make friends very easy, (I have a hard time breaking the so called ice.) so I didn't have a lot of friends. Just because I cheered, doesn't mean I was popular. People probably thought I was weird, and spoke way too much before I actually thought about what I was saying. Maybe that is why I wasn't asked out by anyone during those four years. Ok, so I had a total of 3 guys ask me out, they weren't beating down my door to ask that is for sure.

Anyway, back on track...
I contacted that old friend and begged for the recipe. She wished me luck with it in hopes that my children enjoyed it. Well Beth, here are the results:

Veggie pizza came first. I remember her mother's looking so much more prettier than mine, and I probably should have cut the veggies smaller, but hey, it was my first time.

Krischan tasted, then tasted again. Then poked and prodded. "I don't like bell peppers, but I will eat the broccoli. I don't like the white stuff either."

Jakob loves vegetables, so he just ate the vegetables off of it. I even tried to tell him the crust was crescent rolls. The eyes got wide, but he didn't buy it after a taste.

Kadence, she just looked at it. Ran her finger in it, tasted it, then turned to me and said: "yuckie."

I think it was the veggie thing, plus in their mind, veggie and pizza should not be in the same sentence. Never fear, I will try it again with a few tweaks.

Next up: Fruit pizza...

Kadence likes how it looks.

That is a start...

Krischan took a bite and never turned back.

Jakob was skeptical.

But was soon won over.

Kadence, no problem. Anything with strawberries on it she loves.

So the verdict is this:
Fruit pizza a BIG winner.
Veggie pizza, not so much. You would think that kids who love brussel sprouts, would love veggie pizza. Oh-well, I will just have to see what I can do to it to make it more appealing to them.

Both are great snack ideas for after school or when friends come over.

MMM, YUM. Thanks Beth, and Beth's mom.

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

I declare war!

After going out with Rick one night I was plagued the next morning with stormy thoughts and irksome realizations. (Not about Rick of course.) The next morning I wanted to clear my head so I jumped on the tractor and started mowing the front yard. It is a pretty mindless thing and usually allows me to think things through...

not this time...

my anger was just the front of my house.

All spring I have been concentrating on my garden and the back yard. That means that the front yard has suffered major neglect. The houses right side flower bed has no flowers, and the left side flower beds are full of Iris'. The flowers are gone on them and so there are dead shriveled petals on the ends of long green shoots. And weeds. Tons and tons of weeds. I need to take my anger out on something, and it is going to be those weeds, and those zombie iris'.

The gardening gloves came on, the shovel was gathered along with the wheel barrow and a "claw".

I then began hacking. The good thing about Iris' are that they don't die. The bad thing about Iris' are that they don't die. I like to compare them to zombies. They just keep going, no matter how much you chop them up, and they multiply faster than you can say "Don't eat my brains." Of course, my plants don't eat brains though, thank God.

I had to use all my might, they had started growing above and attaching themselves to my weed barrier. A weed barrier that had not been working, hence the pile of weeds on the ground.

I made sure to pick out the bulbs that got their leaves cut off. I can place these up front, by the road, and know that next year, they will multiply. Like zombies.

The ones I pulled up as a whole section got placed by our propane tank. I guess even though they are zombie plants, they do look better than tall weeds. The rest will get spread out in the flower garden and by a tree where our Trude and York memorial is.

I am still at war, but I won the first battle. Until they cry mercy I will trudge on.

Friday, June 17, 2011

a few things to make you think

As the week ends and I ask myself "What day is it today?" I realize how lucky I am that I find myself asking that. To loose time in this technology driven world is...wordless.

Here are some other items that make me wordless...

I made this wonderful iced coffee from the pioneer woman website ( Oh...YUM. I love that I found the recipe and I love that I don't have to pay $10.00 for an iced coffee anymore. (ok, I never really paid 10 bucks for one, but I am sure I would have somewhere in my life.) It is perfect for these summer days, and the drink has made me so happy...I am wordless.

Baby birds. So sweet, so little. So high up off the ground. Momma keeps them safe.

Having lunch by a waterfall. Talk about peace and making the world stop for a bit.

Two little ones dipping their feet in the cold water, giggling. Wordless...


And the last thing that some married women would never mention...or admit, but I will. The man, who isn't your husband, (and isn't married) but tells you your gorgeous. A man who when he sees you in a sun dress, makes it obvious that his eyes pop out looking at you. Then in the same stroke, tells your husband how beautiful his(meaning you) wife is, and that he (meaning your husband) married a spit fire.

Now, now, don't get me wrong. I love my husband to the ends of the earth, but that doesn't mean that I don't enjoy someone else telling me something that makes me feel good. Especially when it is someone you can joke back with without any uncomfortableness. And that is something that is wordless. (Yes Janet, you can tell him I mentioned him in my blog.)

Wordless. Take a minute and count your wordless moments. It might make you...wordless.

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

yes, that's me

I am that mom. The one with the loud noisy, screaming kids. The one that is always telling their kids to "come here!" or "stop!" or "sit!"

I am that mom that you look at and turn to whomever you are with and say "Why doesn't she control her kids?"

I am that mom, that blows the hair out of her eyes, takes a deep breath and picks up the screaming kid and holds on to them until they calm down. (And yes, that involves a lot of screaming.)

I am the mom that doesn't get to watch her child play baseball because she is dealing with her two other kids. They don't want to watch their brother play baseball.

I am the mom that just shrugs her shoulders and lets them run around in the grass like crazy insane children. Or let's them play in the dirt just because they like it.

I am the mom who goes up and down the isle at the grocery store with either a constantly yelling or crying child. One that climbs on and off the cart causing it to weave back and forth through the isle, and one that causes the other two to start screaming and crying.

I am the mom who has a child that runs to the car after the baseball game and looks like that peanuts character that always has a cloud of dust around them.

When you see the mom like me, even though your children are perfect and sit still through an entire baseball game without even a peep. Even though you can go to a grocery store without them even moving an inch. Even though you can trust your kids to play on the blanket with the toys you brought them. Please don't judge me.

When you see a mom like me, even though you can watch your other children play baseball, or soccer, or whatever sport it is.

Don't take pity on me...just ignore me and my screaming children. I won't apologize for them, or take them far away so you can't hear them. I won't leave my cart and take them home, and I won't keep them from playing in the dirt.

I know my kids are very free spirited. They will be wild and they will express themselves without a problem. But mainly remember this as you look at me and tsk your tongue.

I may get exhausted in dealing with my children. I may be deaf by the time I am 40. I may never see the home run my child hits during his game, and I may walk several miles in a grocery store because my cart doesn't stay on a straight path.

My children are my children, and I love that they are so expressive. (Although the screaming tantrum child does make my face turn bright red.) I can't wait to see how they change this world because they speak their mind. I can't wait to see what disease they cure because they explore everything. I can't wait to see how admired they will be because they don't hold back.

Monday, June 13, 2011

Perfect day for beer can chicken

What seems like a really long battle for sanity, the universe backs off and gives Rick and I a day of peace. The feeling lately has been that it is looking for our breaking point, wondering when we will actually break down and cry mercy.

The weather was perfect and the only downfall of the day was that Krischan was sick. Not too sick though to come outside and lay in the hammock while Jakob and Kadence played.

These are the type of days I know I have all day to make a most wonderous meal. And after being beaten down, there is nothing more deserving and wonderous than beer can chicken.

I had two small chickens to cook since we had to cancel plans to have friends over. Not a big deal, since the meat can be in just about anything throughout the week.

Now, to make beer can chicken you need 1.) a whole chicken, as mentioned above and 2.) a can of beer. This posses a problem for Rick and I as we don't drink beer that comes in a can. I know, call us beer snobs, you won't break my heart.

What I do is empty a pop can and then just pour beer into it. At Thanksgiving, we do our turkey this way and I buy a fosters oil can. Perfect.

So, make your rub. Mine is paprika, celery salt, garlic powder, onion powder and salt. Notice no pepper. I hate pepper.

Then either empty your beer can half way, or fill it half way. After you do that punch some holes in the can to allow for the beer to escape during cooking. Then sprinkle in about 2-3 tbsp of the rub.

With a paper towel, pat your chicken dry and place the chicken over the beer can.

Yup, just sit that chicken right on the can.

No, you don't need to buy anything extra for the chicken to stay upright. The coke can holds the chicken up fine. Notice the chicken on the right is a little tight on the can...that's ok, tight is good. ehem. (This photo reminds me of the friends episode where Joey put a turkey on his head.)

Then rub the chicken good with the rub. You can of course do this before you put it on the can to keep from accidentally tipping over. I do things backwards sometimes.

Then, what I do is place a nice stick of butter in the left over rub.

Oh, yum, look at that buttery goodness.

This is what you will baste the chicken with while it grills.

Speaking of the grill, you want to place the chicken in indirect heat. So with a gas grill, turn on the outside burners and put the chicken in the middle. Charcoal, push to the edges of the grill and have the chicken in the middle.

Depending on how large your chicken is will depend on how long it takes to cook. I use a cooking thermometer to help me out. These two took about an hour and a half. At thanksgiving, the turkey takes about 2-3 hours. Nope, you never move the chicken, just let it sit there and cook. When it is done, just remember, chicken right off the grill needs to rest, so let it and resist cutting into it right away.

After they rest a bit, you can pull the cans out. This is a two person job, one to hold the chicken, one to pull. I either use tongs or just hold the chicken in my oven mits. They wash, and it is better than a chicken on the floor.

oh...yum...this is the kind of chicken you eat while you carve it. Then before you know it, your husband is next to you picking tastes here and there.

The chicken falls right off the bone and no piece is left behind. My husband makes sure of that.

and he is happy.

Make it, you won't be disappointed. If you are, you are crazy, don't like food, or cooked it wrong.

Thanks to my brother for introducing this recipe to me about 8 years ago.

Saturday, June 11, 2011

Lemons into lemonade? who came up with that?

Have you ever driven 45 minutes to a movie theater to find out that the show you wanted to go see was sold out? And it was another 3 hours before the next one started? Yeah, it happened to me. I had all three kids with me and was excited, yet nervous about Kadence and her first movie. Krischan loved movies, Jakob could sit through one also, so I wasn't worried about those two. Kadence was the wild card in this scenario.

The universe obviously wanted me to drive 45 minutes, but was saving me a nerve wracking experience probably. ok, I can deal with that.

To make up for the disappointment, we got pizza and had a movie night at home. Didn't get to see the end though. A HUGE storm blew through knocking out our electric and left me dealing with three scared kids. I wrapped them all in my bed, told them they were safe, then the electric came back on. So I turned the tv back on and played a dvr'd history channel show. The storm was still going strong and they didn't want to budge.

The storm was right on top of us and even made my heart jump every time the lightning sparked and the thunder clapped. I felt like Poltergeist was going to happen and a tree was going to break through my window grabbing my children.

Comfy and cozy, I folded clothes while I watched them. 1 fell asleep and the other two fought it. The storm passed and I sent them all to their own beds.

I am still mad I drove in to see a sold out movie though...

Friday, June 10, 2011

They are out to get me.

Every once in awhile, when the kids go to bed I find that I actually have a couple moments to myself. I sit on the couch (a very rare thing I do) and watch a little tv (another very rare thing I do).

I settled in after cleaning the living room and started watching chefography. I love the chef they were bio'ing so I cozied into the cushions and pulled my feet up underneath me and took a deep breath.

Then, out of the corner of my eye I caught a glimplse of it. A big huge spider. It ran across the fireplace footing with lightning speed, jumped off onto the carpet and was making a dash for me. I jumped up off the couch, looked for a weapon and yelled "HOLY SHIT!!"

As soon as it saw me jump, it ran back for the fireplace and hid behind a stone. Panicked that my life was in danger, I ran into the kitchen for some spray I knew was in there. There was no way I was going to to kill it with a shoe, that would bring me too close. I needed something I could use that would keep me at a safe distance. Not that there was a safe distance, that thing could jump and move.

I darted back into the living room, removed the fireplace screen and looked into the hole that the spider had gone it. I saw it's ugly jointed muscle legs sticking out. It had hidden in a place it couldn't fit. I began to spray.

Scared to death I held my stance and moved with the spider as it came out of the hole running. I coated the spider in the spray as it tried to get away. It ran in circles, trying to find a better spot to hide in...or a chance to jump at me and bite my face off.

It finally just stopped and stayed there. Probably thinking I would think it was dead and stop. I didn't stop. I put a good 1 inch of spray on that sucker, then I stopped. Watched and waited...

I knew it wasn't dead, and the spider knew I knew. That's when it began to move again, taking it's front legs and wiping off its fangs and face so it could see me better. Shaking the foam off it's back, I had to act fast. I grabbed the shovel from the fireplace set and BAM!! Squashed it dead. Take that!!

I put the shovel back, went back to my cozy seat on the couch and went back to my show. Then Rick came home, I told him what happened. I do have a bit of foam to clean up off the fireplace, but what if the spider reincarnates itself and comes back for me?

I hate spiders.

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

A day...

I often say that I can't wait until I am 40. Why? Because my 30's need to go away, and I am due for a good decade. Now, don't get me wrong, Some pretty wonderful things happened in my 30's. Two great kids were, uhh,ok maybe only two wonderful things happened, but still, I am so ready for this decade to end.

Lately, here is a typical day:

Get up at 6:00am so that hopefully I can get a shower in before the kids wake up.
No luck, Kadence gets up and I sit her on the floor with a book while I shower. Every 2 seconds telling her to get her hands out of the toilet, quit eating the toothpaste, turn off the sink water, don't dunk Krischan's toothbrush in the toilet...

Very relaxing shower, I get out and get dressed. Jakob is up now asking for dad.
Me: Dad is at work in the shop
Jakob: But why?
Me: so he can make money and we can eat
Jakob: but I want me daddy (whining and crying ensues)
Me: but daddy is working, here let's get you dressed

Meanwhile, Kadence is getting into everything in my bathroom (remember, it is torn up) I go in to retrieve her and she has opened my box of tampons and pulled about ten of them out of their wrappings. Fun. Then I notice she ate some of my deoderant. Call number one to poison control. They continue to tell me she would have to eat the whole thing for it to have any effect on her. Just give her fluids to drink.

Breakfast time:
I get all three kids downstairs and I feel like a little french toast for the kids. Fresh berries (strawberries, blueberries and kiwi), powdered sugar.

Krischan doesn't like the blueberries or kiwi, Jakob doesn't eat the french toast, and Kadence eats it all. Chocolate milk for everyone, and Jakob is shaking his out of his sippie cup onto the floor. I clean that up and while I was doing that, Kadence got a hold of Krischans cup of chocolate milk and poured it on the floor.

Clean up on aisle 4...Good thing it is tile and not carpet.

Time to make Rick's breakfast, scrambled eggs, bacon, toast and fresh fruit.

Now my breakfast: an egg, some bacon and fresh fruit, but wait, Kadence and Jakobs plates are still on the table, let me get those, then I hear them upstairs.

I better go upstairs to see what they are getting into. By the time I make it downstairs, my breakfast is cold and I need to clean everything up. Krischan empties the dishwasher for me while I clean the table, which by the way looks like a food fight happened. All over the chairs, and the floor. I think instead of eating the food, my children smear it on the table, chairs and floor.

Kadence comes in and helps Krischan empty the dishwasher which ensues into him yelling at her to "Put it back!" or "Kadence, don't hit me with that!" or just a simple "KAAADEEENCE!!" emphasis mostly on the ence part of her name. This is the usual emptying dishwasher show, sometime Jakob is involved. But just imagine this happening for 10 minutes straight.

Meanwhile, Jakob has gotten into a bottle of vitamins. I thought those lids were childproof. CAll #2 to poison control. I wonder when social services is going to show up. Well, he would have had to eaten 20 for it to be bad for him. Good thing he didn't eat any, he was just listening to the noise they made in the bottle.

I do get them settled for some morning lessons. Math for Krischan, Shapes and color for Kadence, and site words for Jakob. Meanwhile checking my e-mail and working on getting an ad out to a pub for a client of mine.

Work issues add to my day. The pub requires a specific print driver for you to download and use but when I download it it tells me I need administrator access and to type in a registration code. Nothing is ever easy is it? The flash banner I need to submit is too large and I need to design a static banner since I can't get it even close to the required size. All the while trying to keep my kids busy on their work.

Lunch seems to go smoothly, same clean up, food fight mess. Empty another load from the dishwasher, fill it again, run it. I seriously need two dishwashers. Maybe then I wouldn't have a pile of dishes constantly on my counter, waiting their turn a ride in there. How pleasant my life would be with two dishwashers...I can see it now. Clean, clear counters, no more dish pile ups...ahhhh.

Finally the ads are out, now I need to run out to do some errands.
Shoes, where are shoes. Kadence loves to make a game of running around and when you catch her she kicks her feet so you can't get her shoes on. Beet red face, sweat pouring down my face, I finally manage to get her shoes on. Krischan, for the 3rd time is told to get his socks and shoes on, then I hear crying from the bathroom.

Jakob didn't make it to the potty and he is upset. He gets stripped, I send him upstairs while I clean the bathroom. Toilet, floor, then his clothes go upstairs and I get him dressed...again.

Come downstairs and Kadence has taken off her shoes and is eating ice out of the freezer. Krischan is still without shoes. After about an hour, all kids are in the van, ready to go. The best thing is, is that they fall asleep within 5 minutes of the drive. Ahhh, peace.

We get home, serve dinner. Same cleaning, emptying, screaming kids, spilled milk, thrown food pattern ensues. Jakob starts having a crying jag because he is so tired, Kadence needs a bath because she rolled in mud, and Krischan wants to know if he can watch tv.

Calm Jakob down, bath Kadence, "krischan, get read for bed."
Jakob wants me to lay with him, Krischan is jumping on his bed, and Kadence is singing in her room knocking on the door. Eventually they all climb into bed, and finally, now I can begin my day.

Yes, at 9 in the evening.

Freelance work, cleaning up the house, laundry, Quickbooks maintenance. Pulling my hair out because Quickbooks is a stupid program. Banging my head on the desk because I can't get a month to reconcile. Giving up for now, putting laundry away, emptying dishwasher, putting new load in for morning emptying routine.

Then, I look at the clock. In 4 hours this starts all over again. Time to go collapse into bed next to my snoring husband.

Silly as it sounds. My life is good, and I can deal with a little spilt milk. (Just as long as one day, it decides to slow down just a bit.)

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

I'll cry if I want to

Kadence turned 2 this past weekend and we celebrated with the grandparents. I had made sure to put her down for a nap so that she wouldn't be cranky come cake time.

I didn't factor in Jakob...

Who was so excited that it was her birthday, he wanted her to see the birthday cake and present she had to unwrap. So he woke her up

She is my daughter, I don't do well being woken up.

and neither does she.

she didn't want to sit in the chair.

so she layed on the floor.
Then dad tried to cheer her up and she screamed at him.

She eventually gave in and let dad give her a piggy back ride...
she was happy for a bit.

But then when the ride was over, Jakob insisted on putting his foot on her head.

I have to admit, it was kinda funny.(I guess that is why I kept shooting photos.)

while she opened presents, her brothers of course were right there entertaining her with her presents. We quickly moved on to the cake since she seemed to be coming out of her mope.

She has skepticism in her eyes and I assure her, it is the best cake around. I went to Mrs. Goodman's. You can't get a better cake than that.

She dips her finger, takes a small taste...

we have a winner! she approves of the cake and is happy the rest of the day. Ok, maybe not, but the cake did the trick for a little while