Friday, April 29, 2011

over the pond...over the rainbow

I didn't exactly get up at 4 am to watch the wedding, but I was up at 6 am and turned it on. It was recording so I had the luxury of not paying close attention at this particular time in the morning.

When I was 7 Charles and Diana got married, and I remember watching it on tv. I remember dreaming of becoming a princess and how beautiful Diana was. She really was a beautiful person inside and out. (I do have to say, her being here on this earth still would have made today that much more perfect.) And yes, I am a girl so I did shed a tear for her and missed her while watching her son arrive at the Abbey.

(ok, so I caught a bit of it even though I knew I was going to watch it later anyway)

I loved the hats! I wish we wore hats here, why don't we? I guess that means I either need to go to London so I can wear a great hat, or go the Kentucky Derby. I would prefer London, but would settle for Kentucky...

The day has been hectic, and I have been running around everywhere, literally. The kids are going to bed and I have a ton of things still left to do. I see the cliff and I might just jump.

But I know that at the end of my evening, which will most likely be early in the morning, I will be able to sit back, hit the button on my DVR and watch a beautiful wedding of a little girl that becomes a princess.

I will be able to do this without the snide comments from my husband of why is it such a big deal, and why do they still have a king and queen, prince and princesses, yada, yada, yada...It will be so peaceful.

And finally, as I watch the wedding I will go from being a 37 year old woman, to a little 7 year old girl, that one day dreams of becoming a princess herself.

Thursday, April 28, 2011

Day Three-do I really want to do this?

Again, this post will have obnoxious and bodily descriptions that are not the most proper things to talk about. So beware.

I warned you.

Day three of this "body cleanse" has me seriously wondering why anyone in their right mind would want to submit themselves to this torture and exclusion of bodily toxicity. I never would have known how much crap I literally have in my body. Seriously, I have knocked off 5 pounds already. Ok, not knocked off, but I don't want to gross you out too much. (Let's just say I have flushed 5 pounds down the toilet.)

again, I warned you, you only have yourself to blame.

Maybe I should just camp out in the bathroom and live in there till this is all over. The bad thing is I am doing this to myself on purpose. It isn't like I ate something and have food poisoning, or something doesn't agree with my system that I did. I am drinking a liquid that flushes out your system and with all the stuff you eat day in and day out, I hate to tell you, it doesn't all come out people. It finds some kind of crevice and packs itself in. Feel bloated? What do you think that is?

Ever hear the saying "what died in you?" Yeah well think about it. All that fatty, sugary food that wants to cling to your system and make a home in your warm cozy intestines...

Okay, I just talked myself into continuing. Give me another round please, time to start cleanse day four...

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Who is that?

Have you ever woke up, looked in the mirror and wondered who that was looking back at you?

I have...this morning. Like every morning, I dragged myself out of bed, went into the bathroom, turned the lights on and went up to the mirror. It was not me.

The face was old and worn. Wrinkles that grew from the corners of her eyes and went down around her cheeks. Pores that seemed so large I could actually store things in them and dry frizzy hair that surrounded a face looking back at me.

Old. She looked very old.

That can't be me, I am only 36.

But it was me, which leaves me to wonder, how did this happen? How did time sneak up on me and take away my youth. Where did it go?

I feel young, like a kid still playing house...
Maybe that is all that matters.

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Day two

Well, here I am at the end of day two of my "body cleanse" or whatever you want to call it. Right now I think I will just call it uncomfortable. Hear my warning now dear reader. This post will involve bodily sounds and obnoxious words, something some people like to call "to much information"

Since I wrote yesterday before I actually drank anything I will start then. I take my first drink and wonder how in the world I am going to drink this for 7 days straight. it tastes like unsweetened prune juice. The only other time I ever forced myself to eat prunes was when I was pregnant and so constipated I thought I would explode. (In more ways than one.)

But I drank it anyway. Maybe a little too fast, but I wanted to be done with the 32 oz I needed to drink a day. I was eating my lunch when I was getting through the last of the drink, probably not the best lunch, but it was lunch. Warmed up steak from the other night, brussel sprouts and a piece of easter cake.

Oh-man was I full. Completely and utterly full, I could feel my stomach stretching to a new size. Once lunch was eaten I could feel it. My intestines rumbling and grumbling, bubbles and food moving through at a fast pace. I could actually hear it outside of my body as whatever it was made it through my intestines.

2 seconds later I was running to the bathroom. That was pretty much my afternoon, in about 15 minute intervals. I don't think I have ever gone to the bathroom that much in my life, but I guess if I was going to "cleanse" my body, this is what I was to expect?

I talked to my mom and she asked if I had been drinking enough water after I finished the cleanse drink. Hmmm, no not really. Duh...

Today I doubled my water, which in fact makes the drink taste way better. I have been able to drink it throughout the day rather than wanting to drink it fast and get it over with.

Of course all that water is making me so full that when I eat I get even more full which leads to indigestion!! Should I be eating cake while I am trying to "cleanse"?

Maybe I am missing the whole cleanse point. Why do we do this to ourselves? We are just going to go back to eating horrible and eat more than we need anyway.

Okay. I have survived day two with only a few bathroom trips, nothing even remotely close to yesterdays experience. Now, day three will be me trying to eat better.

Excuse me, I must use the restroom...

Monday, April 25, 2011

My poor darling baby boy

The other day was a rough one for Jakob. Not only was he dead tired from staying out so late the night before, but the universe was just doing everything it could to do harm to him.

It all began with the toe. His pinky toe. Dragged on the floor and into the coffee table leg which produced a little cut. He was fine, I was upstairs folding clothes and heard him cry, but once I called down to ask if everything was ok, both boys yelled up that they were. Jakob just stubbed his toe.

Not five minutes later did Jakob come into my bedroom and I eyed the blood on his little toe.

"Let mommy look at your toe Jakob." The hysterics started.

"Let mommy at least wash off the blood." The hysterics continued. Well, being a mom, there are sometimes you just have to do something you don't like doing. For me it was picking him up and running his toe under the water with him kicking and screaming. Once this was done I placed him on my bed and told him I would prop his foot up.

"Don't touch it!" Jakob was very adamant about this. I assured him that I was just propping his feet up.

Later I made a trip to the grocery store, when I got back I had heard of Jakob's run in with a closet door and a mangled finger. It was brought to me in a way that it sounded like his finger had been broken, but when I finally got a chance to see it, it was just smashed and cut. Worse than his toe that is for sure.

So back into mommy's bed for some more pampering and reassurance that I would not touch it, but only look at it. While he was asleep I was able to sneak a closer peak and boy, he was not going to be happy but it was going to have to be cleaned.

I planned my attack hoping that I would not damage my child for the rest of his life. A bath would help clean it, but once I got him into those warm towels I would be able to hold him down and make sure it was clean and apply a band-aid for the evening.

All went well, until I had him in his towels cleaning his finger. The screams and the cries broke my heart, but I had to remind myself that if I didn't do this his thumb would fall off from rot. Ok, not really, but it needed to be cleaned that is for sure.

I held him and whispered in his ear that it was ok, that I was helping it.

"NO TOU, NO TOU" (he doesn't pronounce the ch in touch.)I felt horrible, I wanted to melt into the floor.

It was over soon (which actually felt like 5 hours) and his thumb was all bandaged up for the evening. We sat on the floor together, me with my arms around him as he snuggled into my chest. I rocked him and asked him if he was ok now and how was his thumb.

This is the response I got:
"no mommy. me fweaking out!"

The words of Jakob, he makes is so clear.


Today I have started to detox. Gluttony has ruled my life since Thursday, and today seemed like a perfect enough day as any to start. As I mix the "solution" together with the water I wonder if I am going to be spending the next 7 days in the bathroom. If so, that will not be good, as to the fact that my children get into the most things when I have my private time.(as noted here)

I take my first drink and wonder how I am going to drink this for 7 days straight. It is for the greater good of my health I tell myself. To cleanse my body of all the crap I have been continuously putting in.

oh-boy, day 1 is going to be interesting...

My husband naturally thinks I am crazy. But he can't argue, his mom, my mom and myself are all doing this at the same time. He seems to be the odd man out.

Or should I call him the smart odd man out...

Saturday, April 23, 2011

Complete and total overindulgence

I have been asking Rick for the past couple of weeks to make sure that he can take Good Friday off. Krischan was out of school so we could take Jakob to zoo class as a family, then spend the day together. Finally, a nod of his head and I knew he was in...

Little did I know, so begins the day of total overindulgence.

Now to set it up a bit, Thursday for me is always hectic. I leave the house at 10:30 so I can get the two young ones to grandmas, pick up some lunch, then head off to class. By the time class ends I am starving, but can always wait till I get home to eat. Which is usually around 8:00, 8:30. I couldn't make it home, so I had a wendy's hamburger. Lunch was chipolte. A big bad double food day.

April is holding up to it's saying and it is raining as we wake up friday morning. Everyone ready, list of things we need to get done in my head (which is never good, I always forget something.)

Jakob is getting better, and he goes into zoo class, yells "mommy!" as I am walking away and when I turn, he is waving to me saying "BYE!!" So sweet, my baby boy is becoming so independent...

Krischan is in major need of some pants. Every single pair of pants have holes at the knees and being the parent I am, won't let him wear those pants to school. Item one on the list: buy pants.

We detour. Krispy Kreme.

A breakfast treat. Two donuts, why get just one? Kadence just ate the sprinkles on hers. (At least I didn't finish her donut though.)

We then go to the mall, get Krischan his shoes and pants then head off to get Jakob from the zoo and Krischan says he wants to go to BW3's for lunch. I grumble to myself thinking that this is the second day in a row I have eaten horrible. But Krischan wants to go there so I am ok with it.

I thought that once I had a daughter she would always want to sit with me and I wouldn't have to be by myself anymore. WRONG.

Yup, as soon as we all sit down, they crowd around dad. His lap must be the most comfortable seat in the world. So buffalo wings I eat, but at least don't get fries and get extra celery and carrots instead.

Item number two: Take the kids to Jeni's ice cream. Well, Jeni's didn't happen. Rick turned the wrong way out of BW3's and I take it that someone was trying to tell me something. Ahh, Jeni's will have to happen another day.

Item number three: Rick and I alone on a date!
Our first date stop is item number four: a book for each kids Easter basket. Rick tells me before we get into the store that he isn't going to spend $100 dollars on books for the kids. I say, of course not, that would be ridiculous.

As I run up to the kids section, I send Rick on a mission to find Ree Drummonds book "Black Heels to Tractor Wheels".

I decide to pick a book and educational game for each kid for their basket. I find rick in the magazines and we go to check out. I cringe as I hear the associate tell us the cost and Rick go into a bit of shock. I tell him it was his magazines that put us over and he asks me how much the book I wanted was.

I change the subject by quickly stating that the movie we picked out to watch starts in a couple minutes. We get there on time and do the typical popcorn and coke, another bang in my run of bad food.

After the movie we talk about dinner and the fact that we aren't hungry. Appetizers and a drink are decided upon. Simple, easy, a full meal we don't need.

The mistake was when we decided that we would go to the bar at Smith and Wollensky. Our demise happens as soon as we look at the menu and see the steaks.

We start off with a wedge salad, then go to dry aged T-bone for Rick and a bone-in Ribeye for myself. A side of lobster mac and cheese. MMM, decadence. Don't forget their awesome rolls with butter. Oh-wow, the steak actually melted in my mouth and the dark chocolate covered cherry martini might have just pushed it a little over the edge, but I was still hanging on.

Creme Brulee. Can you say Gluttony? Overkill? Over Indulge?

I completely felt like I was going to puke on the way back to the car. My stomach had been stretched to hold all that food, I was amazed that my pants still fit me.

I was going to have to workout for 8 hours straight to make up for the past two days. But I am ok with that. I had a great morning with my family and a great evening with my husband, and the dinner was just the top of a great night. You can never go wrong with indulging on a good steak and great dessert with the one you love.

Friday, April 22, 2011

The cutest picture...EVER!!

I have been looking through old photos this week. I remember as a kid I would spend hours sitting on the floor flipping through the photo albums looking at all the family photos. Even as an adult I would do that here, then when Krischan was 4, we went digital. Which means now, I sit at my computer and flip through old photos.

every once in awhile I still sit down and look through the photo albums. Precious pictures of when Krischan was a baby and Rick and my life before kids.

I came across this photo and it is one of my favorites of all three kids. Just two days after Kadence was born. The picture to me is peace, sweetness, and it always reminds me what is most important.

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Project woman

The morning had me dragging myself out of bed, half stumbling, and throwing a sweater on to go down and make breakfast. Wednesdays are good and bad. Good because Krischan gets on the bus at 9:40 instead of 8:40, bad because Krischan gets on the bus at 9:40 instead of 8:40. You get my point.

I took one look at the living room as we were waiting for the bus and I started grumbling immediately. Always a mess, toys on and so forth. That is when I made the decision. I would put on my project woman cape and start a project that entailed all of the toys removing themselves from the downstairs and relocating into the child's room of ownership.

I put together my Arbonne energy fizz drink for that extra boost I would need and went to work. First task: Gather all the toys.

This was about a 1/4 of the toys I gathered and took upstairs. I swear they reproduce, so for every toy I grabbed, about 2 went into a bag for adoption.
Finally, after many trips up the stairs and the cleaning of a very messy boys room, all the toys are now in their place where they belong. Kadence loves that her toys are in her room now. Her and Jakob played tea a lot today.

Then, Second task: I felt like I was on a roll so I tried attempt #856 of my ooey gooey brownie recipe. Ok, attempt 4, but 856 sounds so much better.

I need to cut the caramel in half and the marshmallow fluff works great. (Thanks Denise! She is the brownie woman, as soon as she gets her blog up I will let you know. You will be in brownie heaven.)

Third task: Hang up the mirrors my mother made for the kids. Mirrors are always good entertainment. It was fun to watch the two of them fight over who got to look at themselves. Although I did have to keep putting it back up on the wall...

Then at dinner, adventure hit. I may have burned the rice to a complete crisp, but the roasted brussel sprouts came out divine! So yummy. And yes, the kids do love them. I found the recipe in everyday food, martha of course.

I think this is the most I have ever completed in one day. Project woman strikes again! or should I say that I hope project woman comes back again...real soon...

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

The big hairy spider went for a ride

I walk out to my car today after class, get in, throw my stuff in the seat next to me and pick up the phone to call Rick so he knows I am on my way home. That is when it happens. I see a slight movement out of the corner of my eye, and there it sits, a large hairy spider, just staring at me.

Me, being the arachnophobe, starts freaking out, looking for anything I can use to smash it. This thing is huge!! I am screaming into the phone for help and sensing that I am going to be attacked at any second. I reach down for a book that is close at hand and the spider goes into a vent in my dash. I don't know how it fit, but it slid right in there and disappeared. I began slamming the book into the line he went into and that is when the book was ripped out of my hands and thrown to the back of the car.

The spider slowly came out from the vent, got into my purse and came out with paper and a pen. I think this spider must have escaped from a lab or something because it then proceeded to write me an note telling me that if I didn't drive, it would bite my head off. I sensed that from my experience in the creepy cellar opening of our basement, (click here to learn that story) he truly did not want to have to kill me.

I pulled out of the parking lot and started driving home. Keeping one eye on the road and one eye on the spider I began to wonder if he was just saving me for later and once I got him to where he wanted to go I would become a cocooned body. Host or food was the only question.(I had already been a host to a million tiny spiders, so what's new?)

Eventually he slid back into the vent and every once in awhile would poke his head out and stare at me as if to tell me to try something. I was rigid with fear as I drove home, thinking of the massive car wreck I would get into if he decided to come out and eat my face off.

As you can tell by this post, I made it home safely. The spider, who knows where it is at. Maybe the heat from my vent killed it and it is rotting in my car, or it crawled out and into the woods to create more giant spiders. I don't even want to think it is in my house, it could have possibly made it to all the little spiders in our cellar entrance. I can't count on Chelsie, she isn't a spider killer...I don't know why. And Rick thinks I am exaggerating the size of this spider, so he is no help.

Just so you could see for yourself, I scoured the internet today looking for a picture of this behemoth. And I found one. Take a gander and go ahead and tell me you wouldn't freak out if this was in your car either.

Monday, April 18, 2011

Bi-Polar Monday

There are just some Mondays that swing from top to bottom quickly. The bottom is the bottom and there is mud there that sucks you in. The top is happiness and joy that makes you smile to yourself and think "Can it get any better than this?"

To start the day I wanted an alarm that would gradually wake me up and not give me that startle. I hate starting my days with a startle, but what I picked didn't exactly work either. I chose the chirping birds on my phone, and I woke up to Rick telling me that he was sick of listening to the birds...for the past 45 minutes. Then we both made a mistake and layed there talking rather than getting up. You guessed it, by doing this Krischan missed the bus.

When Krischan misses the bus, we have about 20 minutes before we need to get in the car to take him, no big deal, but today speed time began. I process in my head that I need to go to the bank, Jakob is in his pj's, Kadence is dressed and I just need to get my shoes on and brush my teeth. We all have eaten. 20 minutes, we can do this.

So like you can imagine in a pit stop at a race, that is how we worked to get me out the door with all three kids. Rick dressed Jakob, Put shoes on Kadence, I got myself ready, filled out the bank slips, and Krischan went outside and avoided the chaos. We would win no race today, it took us 30 minutes. So Krischan was late to school.

Then came the high, a bit of time outside after running a few errands.

The only thing in my garden that comes back every year are the strawberries, so I tended to them. Kadence saw what I was doing and wanted to help.

She put on the pout.

So I let her help.(I was just pulling out the dead stuff and turning the dirt)

Then she threw down the gardening tool and went to go play.

So I finished the chore in peace, enjoying the fact that Jakob and her were playing while I got this done.

I know, they aren't nice clean rows, but believe me, let them grow and flower, and when they do, they will be one big strawberry patch.

After this I walked around the yard and looked at the buds on the trees, and admired my lilac bush that is just about to bloom.

I wish they bloomed all summer, but I will deal with just in the spring. When the breeze comes and I have the door and windows open, that beautiful scent fills my house.

And because nothing is perfect, I have plenty of dandy lions already.

At least they are yellow. I love yellow.

Then came lunch. I told Rick I would make him a grilled ham and cheese, but I only had shredded cheese. So I had to use that...

But it worked fine and that sandwich was completely inhaled by a hungry man.

He even gathered up all the crispy cheese that was in the pan.

Then, like the universe saw how good things were, it reared it's ugly head and put me in my place. Screaming kids, phone calls, over charged card, food on the floor, one little one shutting himself in a closet and having to listen to find him, Shoving food down and rushing off to baseball practice, and screaming extremely loud kids. I mentioned that last one twice because I needed to get my point across.

And now, I will go and collapse in my bed and reset my alarm so that I awake with a startle tomorrow morning.

Saturday, April 16, 2011

Straight into the fog*

* Sorry, but this won't be my usual post. Just a piece of writing I have been working on for a bit of time now. Let me know what you think.

There are some days that I stand and stare at the wall in front of me. Describing it as a wall is the only way I can make sense of it, because it isn't really a wall. On one side it is serene, lucid, understanding. Closer to the wall it becomes quiet, peaceful, pulling. I think these feelings are emanated so close to it because it wants you to come over, to run to the other side, past this wall. For those that head toward it so fast, they don't sense this and run straight in and are lost forever. Some move toward it slower but still steady, fooled they become by the peaceful feeling and the pull, that they don't pause, but walk through. They might come out for a bit here and there, but always go back for longer periods of time. Then there are those like me, that hang around or walk along the wall, sensing the change, stopping to stare at it and try to make sense of what they see and feel.

Imagine if you will a deep fog, such in the way that you can't see your hand in front of your face. That fog appears to be something you can touch, to feel, to run your hand along. Once you put your hand on it, it goes through. Shivers crawl up your arm as the cold hits and a slight ripple can be seen forming along the wall where your hand disappears. The next thing that happens is what keeps me out, the sense of loss, nothing, confusion. A piece of you goes in, and all the feelings the wall emanates go away, all except for the pull, that, becomes stronger. Someone, or something grabbing onto you trying to coax you in deeper.

The only way I can defeat this pull is to turn my head and focus on things in the distance, in the clearness of what is behind me. Then the pull becomes weaker and almost like a pair of lovers hands letting go of one another, the fog caresses my hand as it lets it drop. Then and only then am I able to walk along the wall again, moving slowly away, back into the lucid world.

The wall knows I will be back and bides it's time, the wall knows that one day I wont be able to turn my head away, and will finally walk all the way in. Walk into the nothingness, the depth of loneliness and torture of insanity.

Friday, April 15, 2011

They think it is music

Car rides are always interesting. If you have ever talked to me on the phone while I was driving you would know why.

Kadence, Jakob and Krischan feed off of each other, or "talk" to each other. (Okay, so Kadence will scream, then laugh and Jakob will yell at her to stop it.) Or Jakob will yell, then Kadence will yell. After a couple minutes of this, Krischan pipes in, almost crying that they are giving him a headache and he can't read. So then he is yelling at them at the top of his lungs for them to stop. Kadence and Jakob think he is playing with them so they try to yell louder than Krischan. And this goes on, usually most of the drive.

I just sit in the drivers seat ignoring it all. How? Earplugs. It is all about earplugs.*

*of course I really don't drive with earplugs, but I have learned to tune them out as to where I really don't hear them anymore. So in context, you could consider that talent earplugs.

Thursday, April 14, 2011

I feel betrayed.

Now, Rick and I had decided to stop at two kids. Two boys and we were perfectly happy. God thought otherwise, so then came Kadence.

There is only one problem. She is missing her sweet tooth, if I had not experienced the birth myself I would have thought she was another's child. Maybe there was a switch in the hospital...

Last week after dropping Jakob off at zoo class I thought it would be nice to take Kadence for a Krispy Kreme donut. (Nothing better than a nice warm donut on a cold rainy day). So I pick out a sour cream cake, and an original glazed, split both in half so that we could each have a taste of both. As I ate mine enjoying the sweet warm candied sugar as it danced on my taste buds, I slowly began to notice out of the corner of my eye that Kadence wasn't touching hers. I simply thought that maybe the bites were to big, so I broke off a little piece and handed it to her.

She tucked her chin to her chest, gave a little pout, turned her head away from me and said "no".

What?!? betrayal at it's deepest! I had always dreamed of having a daughter I could go and get pampered with, then end the day with some dessert at a quiet restaurant. Making brownies with her to cheer her up and talking it over at the table eating the whole pan together. Getting in the car for a quick jaunt to velvet for some ice cream on a hot day, girls only. It is like sand in my hand, flowing through my fingers. Dreams...gone...

This is how it looked after I finished my half of the donuts. I couldn't yum her into eating them. Not even a lick!! Not even a tiny taste.

She looks like me...

could she really not have a sweet tooth! oh the horror!!

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

It goes both ways...

Everyone leads you to believe that it is all about the woman. If she isn't happy, no one is happy. Things are done for her, and all that other crap. Sure it might go that way and I admit, to some extent it is that way in my household. (I am high maintenance, it goes without saying.)

But listen closely, I am here today to tell you that it runs both ways boys. We are just as miserable as you are when the shoe is on the other foot. Of course you have no taste in shoes so that would be one reason we are unhappy. (Interpretation: I wouldn't want to wear your shoes.)

For the past two or so days my husband has been doing nothing but stomping around, grumbling about time, cursing when he doesn't think anyone can hear him and crawling into bed late at night saying "Don't touch me." I know, so pathetic. But I do love him so and hate to see him stretched so thin. He really does do it to himself though. Just like all of us women do.

We try to do everything for everyone else but ourselves. Make sure our kids and husbands are happy and healthy, our home clean, clothes laundered, gardens looking beautiful (I have a black thumb so this is a little challenging for me.) and on top of that we work at trying to be employee of the year, century, whatever...And on those specific days we explode. We scream to the heavens and say we can't do this anymore! I need my me time! I need to go shopping, or sit in a corner undisturbed and read a book.

And it happens. Everyone shifts so that things can happen that bring sanity back and happiness reins once again.

Back to what I was saying, it runs both ways. I want to go scream at my husband and tell him that I rearranged schedules so that he can get done what he needs to, that I took a certain project off his plate to give him just a bit more time, and holy cow, go ride your bike for just an hour to vent some steam...PLEASE!!! You don't have to ride for 4 hours to get out, it can be a measly hour long, 1/2 hour long ride, just get out.

Or maybe....

it doesn't run both ways. There is the slight possibility that because we think we need to do all this for you, in turn we are making ourselves unhappy, which then makes you unhappy, and everyone else unhappy. Wow, talk about a circle, this whole situation seems like a black hole that is going to suck us in at any minute.

I have a headache now.

The husband and wife revolve around each other, their revolutions form a perfect circle. When it goes off balance it wobbles and it is each others love for the other that brings it back into that circle.

Monday, April 11, 2011

How many tables do you really need?

Today, I lost it. Possibly in more ways that one, but I will only admit to one. Every spring we have ants that find their way into our dining room. I will not admit that the fact that my children can't keep food on the table, or that they love to step on it once it hits the ground, has nothing to do with the ants interest in my house. (Only because that is probably the main reason, no matter how many times I sweep after every meal. Carpet just holds that much more for some reason.)

After serving dinner today I bend down to pick up a piece of food I find as I am walking to the table. I then notice that it wasn't a brown piece of food, but a piece of food covered in ants. I scream, and at the same time let go of the food which sends it flying onto the tile floor in the kitchen. Quickly I scramble, grabbing a paper towel to end the life of 10 little ants that just wanted a bit of food. I huff as I grab the cleaner and instead of eating, start scrubbing down the table, for the 20th time today. See, every time I see an ant, I go clean crazy. I sweep, sanitize, sweep again, then sanitize again. Thinking that will end my ant visits this time.

I settle in to eat, then, what happens next is what makes me loose it. I see an ant strolling across the table whistling a quiet tune looking for a crumb, just a small bit of food.

I begin moving the table (it is in two sections so I can do this without disturbing my children while they eat.) then the chairs. I sweep, then scrub that section of the table along with the chairs not occupied. After the kids finish eating I do the same to the other part of the table and the rest of the chairs.

Then I start moving furniture. I decide to move the kitchen table to the other side of the kitchen so that it is over tile instead of carpet. As I start moving things I realize how many tables and desks, I actually have. What am I going to do with all these, I have no room for them and what exactly is their purpose?

The Kitchen Table: it's purpose is family time and a place to eat. I can deal with that, it stays. Here it is in the new location with Kadence enjoying some Girl Scout thin mints.

The Door Table: This table came about when I found the base for only $5.00. Who could pass that up? Didn't know what I was going to do with it until I got home and saw an extra door just hanging out in our garage. So a table was born. It will eventually be my new desk with a glass top so it can't go anywhere. Right now its purpose is just to hold things and look really, really cool.

The Side Table: It's purpose? to be an heirloom. I got it from my Grandma Spiegel when she moved and it is a beautiful table. It isn't going anywhere until I am a Grandma and my grandchildren take it into their home.

The First Kitchen Table: This was our first table. My mom found it at a flea market, and my dad stripped it and got it ready for Rick and I when we moved in together. It was a tiny table, but was a great table. Suffered some minor injuries when a drunk friend decided to sit on it, but other than that, was a good table. I don't know if I can get rid of it, but right now it just is a place to put pictures.

Onto some desks:
My Childhood Desk: I had this as a kid and eventually will move it into Kadence's room. Right now it is just a show piece. Something I just can't get rid of.

The Roll Top Desk: Another piece from my grandparents. I remember it as a kid and I love that it is in my house now. Won't be going anywhere.

There is also a table down in the basement we inherited when we moved into the house that I insisted we keep. Now I am insisting we get it out and burn it. Then of course we have a kids table upstairs that has many purposes. I have to keep it away from the window or Jakob throws his toys out it though. Our office desks that take up one whole room obviously have a purpose. My art table has sort of a purpose, when it is clean...

I would say I have a ratio of 1 piece of furniture you sit on to about 5 tables or desks. That is crazy!! That is it, I need a bigger house...HONEY! We need to add on...

Sunday, April 10, 2011

savin' a penny

As a family, our tightest time concerning money is the winter. For me, the end of the year slows down because everyone has blown through their budget. For Rick it is because not many people go cycling in the winter months. January comes around and it starts picking up, but for my work in January, I won't see the pay for it til february, or march. (I know, the woes of working from home.)

So In January I was looking for ways to save a few pennies and came across a recipe for homemade laundry detergent. The recipes of course are everywhere and they are all the same. So I did some price comparisons and after making the stuff checked out my laundry. Here is what I have:

Recipe for powder. (There is a liquid recipe, but it looked too complicated to make and knowing my kids, I would find them sitting in the 5 gallon bucket you need to make it in, with laundry detergent all over the floor):
1 bar ivory soap
1/2 cup Borax
1 cup washing soda (not baking soda, it has to be washing soda. I say this because everyone else does. Obviously some people have tried it with baking soda.)

If you buy a box of powder, I used Tide, that was the 40 load size, it ran about 5 dollars. The cost of the ingredients together is 11.22, and broken down is only 1.27 a batch and 1 batch is 40 loads if you only use 1 tbsp. (wow, what a long sentence) My family has pretty dirty clothes so I use 2 tbsp a load but still, for 40 loads I am still only paying 2.54. I am no genius when it comes to math, but that is savings and that savings ads up. Especially when you are a family that goes through as much wash as I do. I also switched to using vinegar for fabric softner. I actually thought I would smell like vinegar, but no, you don't. I do use fabric softner for our whites though. Bleach and vinegar are not friends. Don't try it, I am sure it will explode something.

So, on to making the concoction. I let Jakob help me because he loves helping mommy. Krischan is at that age where he doesn't want to help me anymore unless I pay him.

Start with 1 bar of ivory soap and cut it up. It literally cuts like butter.

I let Jakob put the soap in the food processor.

I measure out the washing soda and borax myself, place in the processor and put the lid on before I let Jakob mix it. It doesn't bother Jakob to much once he realizes he gets to push the button to mix everything up. As you can tell by the look on his face.

Kind of ends up looking like parmesean cheese huh? Don't eat it though, I am sure it wouldn't taste like that or do to your insides the good things cheese does.

I sacrificed one of my tuperware containers to house the mix in and wrote on top what it was and how much to use. This way when other people do the laundry, they know how much to use. Bwaaa!!!! that was so funny! Like anyone in this house other than me does the laundry!! HAAAAA! Let me tell you, if I didn't do laundry, everyone would be walking around in smelly, unclean clothes. He, He...that was a good one. "if other people were to do laundry." oh man, I now have tears coming down my face.

So in summary:
No one in my house does laundry except for me.
You will not smell like a perfume factory anymore.
Your clothes will still get clean.
You will save some pennies.

Thursday, April 7, 2011

Shopping Therapy

I absolutely love it when I can go shopping by myself...for myself. Yes, I was able to run off to those shopping places that sell adult clothes...completely and utterly alone. Although I have been finding it hard to buy clothes for myself. I most definitely cannot buy closes in the "young adult" section because I would look like an adult trying to look like her teenage daughter...and I don't even have a teenager.

I don't like going into certain stores "adult" sections cause then the clothes are frumpy and have no shape. Just because I am older doesn't mean I need to hide my curves. I do like that I have them.

I slowly walked around, went into a few of my favorite was so nice to stroll. I can't remember the last time I strolled, I am always in a hurry it seems. And that is such a strange word...stroll. Now it sounds even weirder because I am saying it so much.

When I was a young one I would go into express and limited. Then I stopped. None of the clothes would fit me, the larges were really smalls and it was like they became a cheap clothing store instead of a classy one. Well, today I ventured in because the window displays caught my eye. Ahh, the glory!! Express and Limited have found their old selves again!! I was in heaven and actually tried clothes on that fit! And they looked good!! I guess it goes to show everything old is new again.

Clothes, bought.
A pair of shoes, bought.
Serenity, achieved.
Sanity...thanks for the visit.

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

The best invention EVER!!

As you know, back when I went through all of my unfinished projects list, one of them was turning my office wall into a chalkboard. And if you have kept up you will know that I finished this project.(all in a day)

It has turned out that this has by far been the best thing I have ever done for my kids. Ok, maybe not the best thing, but pretty darn close to it.

Rick has been using it to get Krischan to learn long division. (Yes, it is advanced, but remember he is a genius.)

Jakob has shown his blossoming artistic talent. This is a self portrait.

And here is a great one of suckers. I am going to have to make a print of this somehow...I wonder if he copywrites his stuff.

Kadence loves that she can finally draw on the walls without getting in trouble. Although she still does turn her body and tries to draw on the file cabinet, and the door, ok, also the floor...But chalk wipes up.

Those of you who know me, know I am lying through my teeth and that I didn't do this wall for my kids. Besides, it is in my office...But look at what I can do. I can embelish things and when I don't like it anymore, I can just erase it.

Don't ever forget. It is always all about me.
(OK, maybe not really, but it would be a much better, more peaceful world if it was.)

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Everyone has their own quirks (yes, even you)

Today was lunch with 3 dear friends celebrating one fabulous woman's birthday. There is always a bit of time catching up since we can't get together as often as we would like, then the conversation inevitably turns to odd non-lunch topic things. Today the topic turned to "Bodily Quirks". No not the rumbling in the gut trying to hold onto a fart quirk, or swallowing back a belch so you don't breath it into someones face, but true "I have no idea what is going on" quirk.

I will politely go first.

My thighs itch when I run or speed walk. Yup. And no it isn't the fabric, because even when wearing shorts this happens. I could be doing this naked and it would still happen (scary as it might seem seeing me run naked.) Personally I think it is the fat being jostled up and down pulling against the layer of skin. Although wouldn't that mean that my butt cheeks would itch also? My boobs, not so much, I tighten them down pretty good when running. So there is my quirk. Doesn't happen when I cycle, possibly because there is no jostling involved?

Quirk #2. (For privacy reasons I will keep calling her Quirk #2)
This particular friend when working out sweats more on one side of her body than the other. So as she runs, sweat flings off her one elbow with every step and the other elbow not so much. I wonder if she completely didn't sweat on one side how weird that would be. It would be like that half man half woman person. Only with sweat... Maybe not.

Quirk #3 (Same as above for privacy reasons, just #3
When she eats chocolate, she sweats under her eyes. Just there, just lightly. How odd. Wouldn't keep me from eating chocolate, doesn't keep her from eating chocolate. I wonder if the amount of chocolate she eats would depend on how much she would sweat. Could it appear she was crying? Crying by chocolate.

Quirk #4 (Ditto)
This one involves an apple and sweating, but only on the inside of her right elbow. She does this for entertainment at parties. I wonder if she ever thought of joining the circus? Come see the amazing sweating inner elbow woman! nevermind...Doesnt' have a good ring to it.

If you really think about it, don't we all have quirks? Or are we just really truly 4 unique amazing women?

Monday, April 4, 2011

What I love about Sundays

When I was a little girl, I thought Sunday was called Sunday because it never failed that the sun came out and shined on that day. It could have rained all week, but on sunday it was sunny. I am sure it didn't work that way really, but as a kid I remember it being that way. Coming home after church with a dozen donuts(chocolate frosted cream filled were my favorites) which again I am sure it wasn't every sunday, but it seemed that way. The sun coming in through all the windows eating a donut, now that is happiness.

As an adult, I still love the Sundays I wake up and see the sun peaking through the curtains. I walk around the house and open them all up to let the rays warm the house up and get ready for a nice Sunday breakfast.

This Sunday was french toast with strawberries. mmm, yum. One of Krischan's favorites.

Odds are that I can bet Jakob, as much as he says he wants french toast, will only really eat his sausage, and maybe his strawberries.

Kadence, just like Krischan will eat every last bite.

Rick and I went with eggs, and toast since we ran out of bread. I can deal with that, but as you can see, Rick never gets to eat in peace. He loves it though.

And after breakfast before mouths get wiped and everything really gets cleaned up we all hang out at the table and enjoy the sunshine warming us up through the windows. Kadence explains to me about a hairstyle she is thinking of.

Krischan looks through his book of science projects picking out what he wants to build. He picked a catapult to build that he and his dad put together in the afternoon.

Jakob finds the left over granola and starts munching on that, making a mess and attracting Kadence.

Eventually toys migrate to the table and grabbing ensues.

Then eventually pouting happens. (see mommy daughter mope time for more images like this of Kadence)

The best thing? Even Rick hangs out at the table to relax and enjoy a bit of hard to achieve family time.