Thursday, March 31, 2011

Hair can be so much fun.

Three kids, lots of hair, many opinions.

Krischan, my eight year old. Doesn't want to get his hair cut.
This is the look I get when it is mentioned:

Jakob loves getting his curly cute head of hair cut. He laughs and says "cut my hair."
Then he looks in the mirror and says "I look good."

Then Kadence, she is a girl, I haven't had her hair cut yet. I might have trimmed a few unruly strands here and there, but other than that, she just wakes up with beadhead.

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Finally!, but wait, it still isn't done.

So, it has been a wild ride. Notice I haven't been posting every day? ok, maybe not, really, I know I am not THAT important to your daily reading.

So I got the tile grouted in the kids bathroom. Looks great, but thought we were going to have to haul Jakob to the hospital. See, now I have to tell the story because I mentioned it. So...

I come out from grouting, go into my office and notice white glue on my carpet, a small pail filled with glue along with an empty glue bottle. An unwatched kid will get into anything. "JAKOB!!, GET UP HERE!" I soon after that scream, hear Rick with him and I bee-line downstairs. I find them both in the bathroom, Rick on his knees in front of him and looking in his mouth. I go around to see what he is looking at I see nothing but red flowing out of his mouth.

A little bit of a high screech comes out of my mouth and the question flows with it "Did you get a hold of my scissors?" It was the only thing I could think of since it was in the drawer with the glue. My voice and question of course sends Jakob off the edge and he starts crying (this might have come out a yell, and repeated several times, but not sure, I blame it on a bit of uncontrolled panic), so I pick him up, run him into the kitchen and plop him onto the counter. Rick and I start trying to find the source of all the blood. Then I start finding chunks in his mouth, I am thinking flesh, Krischan asks "is that part of his tooth?" I somehow in these situations shove my panic way down deep into a box and can calmly asses the situation.(After initial panic of course.) With all the blood I think to get him some water to swish with, but with the water, it seems to create more blood. I can feel Rick frantically walking around and then I hear:

"Jakob, did you eat this?"

"yeah." was his answer. I turn to see that Rick is holding a canister of red food coloring powder. Weight is lifted up, I look in his mouth again, now that the food coloring is starting to clear out, it is pink, and the chunks were from the cinnamon candy he was also eating. I would have taken pictures to show you, but who takes pictures of their kids mouth when it is bleeding profusely. "Honey, I know you are bleeding, but let me run to get my camera." wouldn't have been a very good parenting move.

Kids fine, So...back the grout.

Now put in the toilet.(after 16 hours of course)

Now it is time to dry fit the sink back in. Before it sat about an inch and a half away from the wall and woodwork went behind it. Why? we asked ourselves. Who knows, there were some odd things done to this house, there are no answers other than probably insanity? Mike Holmes would have a hay day with our house.

Great. As I take a closer look, I remember, the room isn't square, so the sink doesn't really fit well in the corner. Who built this house?

And we need to buy more pipe since we are moving the sink. See the wonderful cutting job they did? So neat and clean and precise. Can't you imagine this conversation?
Just cut here then punch through and rip the rest out. Do the same to the drywall, no one will see it until they open the door to the vanity...

Now do you understand why some projects just don't get finished? The frustration? the sighs, the "@#4!%!!!!'s". So...woodwork needs put back up, pipe for sink, then it is done. Oh, wait, I need to seal the grout also. Check back with me in a month, the project might be done by then...

Sunday, March 27, 2011

The bolt that can't be a full, true bolt

Wow! This weekend just went so fast my head is spinning! But unfortunately my fun is over and I am here today to tell of a tragic tale, a sad story, an unhappy ending...

The story is about a bolt, a short one, but sturdy, sitting in a bin at a store with many other bolts. The day came and that little bolt was picked up and purchased, taken to someones home to eventually hold together something big. So proud that bolt was, wondering of all the wonders it will behold in just a short drives time...Alas, the happiness would not last. For the bolt was made with not a hexagonal head, but a round one instead. Now it will sit there, for there is no way to place it where it was supposed to go, no tool that could tighten it as tight as it could hold. So sad, but true, now to lay somewhere sad and blue never to be what it thought it was truly meant to become.

Thursday, March 24, 2011

All in a day

I sit here at my desk in my red slippers, black yoga pants and white v-neck t-shirt. I have black chalkboard paint all over my hands and a black wall behind me that is just so black it is luscious.

I want to lick it.

Ok, not really, but it is the blackest black you have ever seen! And yes, this means a project is done. The box says that I have to wait 3 days before I can "condition" it or write on it. Why 3 days? I can hardly keep myself from marking it up right now. Will the chalkboard police come out of the wall and take it away if I draw on it right now, or will I ruin it? Does it take 3 days to cure? only takes 30 minutes to dry.

This is like holding a sucker out to a 2 year old and telling them they can't eat it until after dinner and it is first thing in the morning. I wonder if I will make it...would that 2 year old make it?

The perpetual life of the unfinished project

My husband and I have not learned the most important message of "finish one project before you begin another." I have mentioned before that our house was not built the best, or even to code. So when we take on a project, we actually end up doubling the normal time it would take because we are fixing everything that we noticed wrong that needs redone. I don't know why we can't finish a project, I do know that Rick and I are easily distracted, or torn from something we are working on quit frequently...they come in three's.

Let me take you on a little tour:

This is our pantry door. The door was replaced, but the trim hasn't made it back up around the door. It has been like this for about 3 years. (notice the holes in the wall? the huge one was from Krischan hanging on the coat hook that was there and ripping it out of the wall. The other holes are from me removing the other coat hooks in wanting to move them to another wall, which has not been done as of yet. I took them off the wall in January, of this year.)

This is the lone yellow boot that can't seem to find it's match. It sits here, underneath where I want to put the coat hooks. The boot has been missing it's match since the fall of 10' At least that is the last time I saw it.

Here is the ceiling above the pantry door that oooohhhh, in 2005 leaked so bad that I would literally have to put a bucket on the floor. It has finally made it to this stage, I think we do one thing every few years on this, which means next year it should be complete...Maybe.

here is the hall wall that I glued pages from a book to a couple years back. I still need to put a corner wood piece on the corner to keep the edges from being peeled off the wall.

the wall going into the living room gets beat up, so I spackled, sanded and primed it only to find out Rick had used the last of the matching paint color on the other wall the previous day. This was done at Thanksgiving last year.

And here is where the water from our broken washer leaked through the ceiling.
I can't remember when this happened, but it was pre-Jakob, which makes it roughly before the spring of 07'.

In the kitchen I was distracted this morning and haven't cleaned up the mess I made yet. Give me a break, it isn't even lunch time yet.

That mess isn't cleaned up yet because I realized I needed to empty and fill the dishwasher. I was then distracted, and the dishwasher wasn't emptied. What was it that distracted me...oh that's right, going around and taking pictures of unfinished projects.

Here are the stairs that I ripped the carpet off of in 03' I still have the 4 top steps to poly. (Notice the bucket of mud at the top.)

This is the mud that got put on the wall in our bedroom in the summer of 02'. The drywall isn't put together well so you can see the seams, which drives Rick nuts! Obviously not nuts enough to finish sanding so I can finally paint my bedroom.

Here is my paint experiment on my bedroom wall. I didn't like it so I stopped. That was back in 08'. But in all actuality, I can't really paint until the spackle is sanded down. (see previous picture)

This is our master bath. It got tore up because we saw that the pipes to the shower were held up by wire coat hangers. Yes, our house was built to code. The intent was to put it back together by the end of the year and have a brand-spanking new code correct bathroom. That was in July of 08'

Here is the kids bathroom floor. I need to grout it, hey, hey, don't get on me about this, it has only been torn apart for a month and I plan on grouting it tomorrow night so it can be put back together this weekend.

In my office, I promised myself I wouldn't start this project until I was done with the kids bathroom. Broken promise, I got excited. Wall is now sanded so that I can turn it into one big chalkboard for the kids. (This used to be Krischan's nursery.)

And turn around from that wall and you see my desk. The one that every week I tell myself that I am going to organize. That never happens by the way, I like to call it organized chaos.

Out the window you see our double-decker porch...Hey wait! I finished this project. Rick and I re-painted it this past summer with the help of my mom, only took us 2 days. See I finish some things...

Maybe this is why I don't finish projects. I primed the upstairs hallway so that I could paint it this winter. I never did get around to painting it because the writing that I covered up, came back magically. I am sure it walked right off that magic eraser and jumped back on the wall. Didn't have anything to do with Jakob and Kadence thinking it was a blank palate that needed some artwork...No that couldn't have been it.

Here are some windows that have no trim yet. But wait! this is actually a previous owners unfinished project. See, we even have projects that need done that aren't even ones we stared!

But look! I did finish cleaning up the breakfast mess and emptying the dishwasher. I told you I could finish projects...Now what was I doing before all this...That's right I was thinking of what color I could paint the laundry closet...

Tuesday, March 22, 2011


I was flipping through my new Martha Everyday Food magazine and got in the mood for some bruschetta. Feeling a little martha-ee, I quickly packed up the two little ones and ran to the store after Krischan got on the bus. What an awesome idea for a lunch item.

I first cut up some tomatoes. (Amazingly enough there were some good ones at the store.) Diced some basil and crushed some garlic, then mixed it all together.

I bought French Bread since I wanted it to be small, and really that is all I could see that didn't require you to bake it. You could use whatever bread you can find. I like to slice mine thin though, about a quarter of an inch in thickness. You could probably use whole wheat bread also, make a country version of brew-ski-tia.(wanted to sound like a country woman when I said that, did it work?)

So after I cut the bread, I put some olive oil in a pan and toasted it. You could simply brush the toast with the olive oil, but hey, olive oil is good so why not just pour it in the pan?

Then I put a little baby spring mix on the toast, and piled on the garlic, basil and tomato mix.

Final touch, a bit of mozzarella cheese. What is garlic, basil, and tomato without mozzarella? You could also drizzle some Balsamic vinegar on them before serving. Oh yum!! my mouth is just watering right now.

Being the wonderful wife that I am, I send a picture of my lunch to my husband. The response I get is one of jealousy, irritation, and longing for what I had. Along with the "I see how you are, I leave to deliver bikes and you cook up a gourmet lunch. All I get is warmed up Olive Garden, and it wasn't even what I ordered, it was yours."*

Maybe tomorrow I will make it again, it was so good I don't think I can resist. Although Martha wouldn't make the same thing two days in a row would she? She probably doesn't even cook the same thing twice!

*Never fear, I was a true wonderful wife and made him some so when he got home from his last appointment (which happened to be 10:30 pm) there was a plate on the counter with bruschetta on it, alongside a note that said I heart you. (the note wasn't very Martha-ee, she wouldn't be proud) He came upstairs looking like he was holding the most precious thing in the world and the largest smile on his face. He sat down next to me, said I was the best, and then said how he was going to eat them slow so that he could savor them properly.

Monday, March 21, 2011

February 12th 2009

Awhile ago on facebook(ok, so it was a few years ago) there were these questions going around in notes. Before facebook they were passed around in e-mail (Remember: fill this out, send it to 10 people and the person who sent it to you, if you don't you will die and untimely death...). And before e-mail the questions came to you written down on paper, folded up nicely from your best friend. (Yes, people actually wrote things on paper!)

So I got this one from a friend on facebook that I hadn't talked to since probably 1993, and this is how I responded to him:

Honestly I hate these things. But because this is the first time I have heard from you in a long time, why not. Maybe you'll talk to me now when I post on your wall.

No, but my dad was the one who named me.

This morning at a story on the Today show. I am pregnant, give me a break.

It's ok. Who cares about that anyway?

roast beef if I have to actually eat lunch meat.

Two boys, Krischan 6, and Jakob 14 months, and a little girl on the way.

I thought opposites attract. So if you met someone exactly like you, wouldn't that be annoying? There wouldn't be any good conversation because you would always agree with each other. Never do anything new because you would be the same. Also, think about all the things you hate about yourself... Need I say more?


yes... and your point?

Been there, done that. I would rather try skydiving.

Fruity pebbles. Call it the kid in me.

Depends how much of a hurry I am in and if my oldest son is watching.

Haagan Daz Dark Chocolate

What they are wearing. I know, so materialistic, but I am a woman what do you expect?

Pink is just a lighter shade of red. Duh. If you pick one, you pick the other.

I wish I was more outgoing so I could meet more people. I wish I was just a bit smarter. I wish I wasn't wasting my time filling this out.

My grandpa spiegel

and have them waste there time also, HELL NO.

Blue jeans and pink slippers.

The wind against the house.

something glittery and fun

Grass right after it has been cut, the ocean, christmas, my husband (even after he has worked on bikes all day)

Rick. I don't get too many calls from people. The answer would always be either my mom or Rick.

I remember him being a pretty cool guy. I am sure he still is.

Cycling. Not really a sports watcher though.

Redish brownish, blondish. Who knows, I started coloring it in college.


No. would it make a difference if I did? What kind of question is this?

A really great rare bone-in filet. mmmmm.

Again, depends on my mood.

Iron Man.

brown over, white under. Didn't I already answer a question like this?

Fall. I am a nonconformist.

sex. see above.



The Historian

An old clients advertisement. I can't seem to find my winnie the pooh or mickey mouse mouse pad.

41. WHAT DID YOU Watch on T.V Last Night
Good Eats.

Everyone says their kids laughter, which to me is an obvious answer. So let's try to be a bit more creative:

The sound of the rain on the roof when laying in bed at night. I also love the sound of the ocean waves crashing on the beach. The complete silence that surrounds you when walking in the woods. The sound of the snow under your feet after it has fallen.

What's your point?

Costa Rica. What an awesome adventure that was.

I can roll my tongue both ways. Not that exciting.

Riverside hospital in Columbus, Ohio

Don't plan on sending this to anyone else...

On my 20th birthday I walked into a bicycle shop to buy a mountain bike and there he was.

Friday, March 18, 2011

mommy daughter mope time

So today is Friday. It is the day I have to rush out the door with Kadence and Jakob so that Jakob can go to zoo class. (I live an hour away from the zoo and he has to be there by 9.) Well, this morning everyone was tired and didn't want to get up, we have been getting over being sick. I have 10 minutes to get out the door and Rick decides to make pancakes for Jakob. But...we make it anyway.

Jakob off to class, Krischan at school, and Mom and daughter together by ourselves. Let's go buy shoes. Which I did...for her. I can't buy shoes when someone is with me, kids or adults. Shopping for shoes is like picking out a good book, it takes time and you can't do it when you have a little one with you, or big one with you taking up any of your attention. Although, I do enjoy buying Kadence shoes, so it isn't too much of a big deal. Do I really need a new pair of shoes anyway?

Hah!(big bellowing laugh while I throw my head back) who am I kidding, of course I do, even if I bought a new pair everyday I would still need a new pair of shoes. Life isn't life without a new pair of shoes...

After that we head back to the zoo to enjoy some mommy daughter time seeing the animals, but my little girl decided to go crank.

so I gave her a cracker...

and she slouched.
So I took her to play on the polar bears...

and she whined.
So I took her to see the grizzly bear...

and she cried.
so we went to go see the otters...

and she sulked.
So we picked up Jakob and headed home...
and she cried, and cried and cried.

So we got home and she slept, and slept and slept.
Once she got up, she just sat in my lap, then got up and was fine.

oh, to be a little girl.

Thursday, March 17, 2011

Funny things kids say

So I am driving home with the kids and Krischan asks me "What does gyp seed mean?"
Specifically telling me it is two words "GYP SEED."

Hmmm I think to myself and wonder what type of new slang this is.

"Not really sure honey."

"Well, Laken said he prayed for a brother and got a sister instead so he was gyp seed."

I slowly walk through this statement in my head and the light blinks on.

"Ahh, you mean gypped. Laken got gypped because he wanted a brother and got a sister instead, not "gyp seed"."

How cute is that?

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

My evening with Bradley Cooper

Yes, you read that correct. I spent last night with Bradley Cooper. You know, the guy in Hangover. No...the good looking one. He is also in Limitless, a movie that is on my list of want to see's. I only have a list of want to see's, I never have a list of went and saw's.

Anyway, I wore this spectacular red halter top red sequin dress. He was in a most wonderful suit and looked fabulous. We attended an event which I am pretty sure was the oscars, but we sat at round tables for a dinner so maybe it was the Golden Globes. (Ok, so you figured it out, I was dreaming.) We walked into this room, his arm around my waist gently and leaded me to the table we would be sitting at. I sat down next to a really old man, no idea who he was, probably some director or something. I look to Bradley and say: "Let me get a picture of you Bradley." I pull out my camera, and see the look on his face so I casually turn to my right and say "And I am going to take a picture also." I still am not sure of the guys name and don't want to look foolish so hopefully I was nonchalant enough in my statement.

I pull out my iphone to take pictures and see that Bradley is going to take a picture of me. I give him my silliest of faces and he snaps the photo. Why a silly face? I don't know, maybe it is because I am so plain, there is no glamorous look I can give. The guy next to me, after taking his picture leans into me and starts asking me if I like my new phone. We enter into a short conversation about what I like and how it works.

Soon Bradley is grabbing my hand to pull me with him as his publicist angrily tells him that he didn't walk the carpet and meet the press. He wants me to come with him. Imagine, pictures of him and I together at this event! Ugh, I quickly worry about how ordinary I will look next to him. We pass Anne Hathaway on the way out and she gives me a hug and tells me how excited she is to see me there. She looks like Anne Hathaway, but she is really my best friend Hunny. (Sometimes my dreams are like that, it appears to be one person, but it is really another)

She is moving to NY and I am staying the week with Bradley to help her look for an apartment. Yes, your read that correctly also, I am staying with him. I am not sure if we were dating in the dream or not, he didn't really talk to me that much nor I to him, I was being so shy and quiet. Yes I was being shy and quiet, don't you know you are different in your dreams?

Somehow I am now walking in a hallway to Bradley's apartment. I walk into this glorious place with high ceilings and tall windows overlooking the city. He gives me one of his mesmerizing smiles and says to me "There you are, I have missed you."
I look down as I smile then walk into the bedroom and climb into bed and tell him what a wonderful night I had. As I turn to look at him I am hit in the head...

with a small 3 year old's foot. Time to come back to reality at 3:00 in the morning.

The leg goes up again and I notice just in time to block the foot at it comes down toward my face again. "Jakob, quit kicking me" then I roll over and try to recapture the dream, but it is no use. It is gone, only to be a memory that one day will be forgotten.

Why is it when Jakob climbs into my bed he curls up with his dad and then lays crossways so his feet are in my face or back?

As I am making breakfast for Krischan I am rolling over my dream in my head. Now long ago I had a dream of being an actress, winning an oscar, but shame on me, that dream died when I was a freshman in high school. I was in my first high school production and it was so fun. But opening night everyone turned crabby and snobby. Heaven for bid you say anything to them as they prepared for the production. Shame on me for letting that one experience destroy my dream. Oh-well. Maybe one day, there is still hope isn't there?

Back to the Bradley Cooper thing:
First thing though, even if I was an actress, Bradley is a year younger than me. Before I met Rick (who is 2 years older than I am) I dated guys that were at least 2 years older than I was. Plus the majority of them had dark hair.

Second, he is way out of my league. I am very plain, all of my girlfriends are better looking than me and I have always been a bit on the round voluptuos side. Hips, boobs, butt, all that in a size 12. (I am sure by Hollywood standards that is considered overweight, which would have made my dreams of being an actress hard to attain.) I am happy with my body so I wouldn't be easily swayed to loose weight just to be an actress. Yes I could probably loose 5 lbs and be a little bit more healthy, but couldn't everyone?

Third, if he was to ever show up at my door, my life would make him run screaming never to return. Just this morning making breakfast it was insane. Making pancakes, chocolate milk, filling the dishwasher, packing lunch, going over spelling words with Krischan, running upstairs to get Kadence, changing her diaper, making more pancakes, all the while screaming and yelling and stomping is going on. After Krischan ran out the door to catch the bus, literally, I leaned up against the counter to eat my Chobani yogurt and had to daydream taking myself to another place just to enjoy a moment to myself. Chaos ensuing around me. And this was just within a 40 minute time span.

Fourth, and it is so true, Bradley could never hold a candle to Rick. As all the chaos was going on Rick went upstairs, got the shower running and told me to go take one. (I haven't had the chance to take one in the past two days so I am sure it was so he didn't have to smell me anymore, but it was still a sweet sentiment.) He put my bathrobe in the dryer so it would be nice, warm and cozy after I got out of the shower, which is a very nice indulgence. (always make sure you can place your dryer next to the bathroom, there is nothing like a warm towel after a hot shower on a cold winter day). He is also giving me an hour this afternoon alone in my office so I can finish the grading that needs to get done today. (My kids don't let me go in the office and work, unless I want everything ruined, thrown around and wear ear plugs to drown out the yelling and screaming for my attention.)

So I guess I would say that I wouldn't trade my crazy chaotic life and am content to just dream about other things. I am not plain and ordinary in Rick's eyes and feel like the most beautiful woman in the world when he looks at me. I am more comfortable in my yoga pants and t-shirt than a red sequin dress, and suck at remembering names so I am very positive I would ruin any acting career on that fact alone.

If my life was any other way there wouldn't be Rick, and without Rick there wouldn't be Krischan, Jakob or Kadence.

There is no comparison...

photo credit of Bradley Cooper: Splash News Online

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Who is going to take care of me?

Still sick. Yes, sometimes it just hangs around and doesn't go away. At least I was able to sneak a few winks in while Kadence took a nap and before Krischan got home. Jakob laid next to me and watched a movie so I could rest. Wasn't the most restful sleep, but I had to take what I could get.

So why isn't anyone taking care of me? Making me chicken noodle soup, tucking me into bed, shutting my door so I can sleep better. Hmmph. I guess on some days that is what it means to be a mom. To suck it up and act like you are doing well so that your kids have a dinner made, books read to them, and someone to chase them around the house.

But today, I really don't want to suck it up. I want to whine and cry and crawl into bed. I want someone to take care of me...Anyone? Anyone?

Monday, March 14, 2011

How much did you bet?

Well, I didn't do too terrible today, but the morning I crossed the first two things off my list and a third is still hanging there. The taxes is my third and it is hanging there because my numbers don't match up...Figures. I hate numbers.

Bank, bingo, simple.

Grocery Store. I was the mom with the screaming kids. I have noticed when this happens that I get the smiles from the older women. (Ahh, I remember those times. Glad it isn't me.) and I get the dirty looks (Can't that woman control her kids?) and I get the OMG looks (I need to get out of here now, cause she isn't going anywhere fast)I am always the only one that has screaming, crying kids in the grocery store...Why is this?

So the library trip got postponed to another day. Have you ever been to the library with screaming kids? It isn't fun. You can't "Shhhh" a 3 year old.

The big question, did I get through half of my list? No, because it kept growing. So what didn't get crossed off today will go to another day and so on and so forth.

Although, I did build a mega train track today. That made up for not getting everything done...That I can deal with.

Sunday, March 13, 2011


So, another weekend is over, and my list for tomorrow is growing as the minutes pass.
How much you wanna bet I don't get through half of it...

Friday, March 11, 2011

That creepy cellar hole type entrance thing

When a mother wakes up and she is sick, she knows that she can't lay in bed all day and be sick. Actually even before I was a mother I knew I couldn't do this. Once I got married the laying in bed being sick was over. Now the man, he can lay on the couch all day and complain that he doesn't feel good, that he is dying and oh woe is me. But when I would call off work sick, my husband would look at me and say: "The laundry needs done: Since you aren't going to work." I know, he sounds so insensitive, but he hardly gets sick so he doesn't understand. Hence the reason he says he is dying when he gets just a little sniffle.

So anyway, Jakob and Kadence are both sick also, so Jakob doesn't get to go to zoo class today, and I get to hang out in my Yoga pants. With Kadence sick it gives me a chance to have a reason to put her down for a morning nap so I might be able to rest.


I go to load wood in the wood burner and see that I need to bring wood in from the cellar entrance. Now, most cellar entrances have stairs. Not ours, it is just a hole covered with a wooden slat type grid door. From outside we throw wood down there, then go into the basement, open the door to that hole and that is how we bring it into the basement. It is a creepy hole. Spiders, hang from the door above and on the walls, spider nest thingys are everywhere and the floor is a covering of bark from the logs we bring in, which I am sure is teaming with bugs and critters. The wood is at the back of this entrance. That means I have to go in there to get the wood. I take a deep breath and go in, spiders descend, defending their territory. I work as quickly as I can picking a log up, throwing it through the door into the basement, picking up a log, throwing it through the door into the basement. I soon feel a drip on my lower back where my sweater doesn't cover the top of my pants. Ahhh, a spider is on me and laying its eggs in my skin. I will soon have a big huge bulb that will burst and tons of tiny spiders will come out and eat me as their first meal...

I really hate spiders.

Chore done. Good thing is I now have a runny nose instead of a stuffy one. Bad news, I am now a host to a million baby spiders.

I told you it was creepy looking. This is it after I got all the wood out. (The spiders are hiding, they don't like their pictures taken)

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Those little indulgences

So, in life there are those indulgences that you enjoy (or wish for)
Here are a few of mine, which are actually types of Indulgences.

Diseased Indulgence:
Reading the Twilight series over and over and over again. Why? because I have no money to buy another book to read.

Then go to the library.
Let's see you take three kids to the library and tell them they have to stand there with you while you find a book. Good Luck with that one.

I like the book, I can't help it. The movies, nah, after seeing each one 10 times you realize how horrible the acting is. So at this point, I watch them to see Billy Burke. (another indulgence)

What is it that I like about them? I don't know, I think it is a disease and if anyone has a pill to cure it, let me know. I have always read vampire stories (yes there were good vampire stories around before Twilight and all the teen vamp stuff). The Vampire Lestat was the first one I ever read, I was attracted to the red cover with bad type design. I was in 6th grade and I couldn't put the book down...I have read that one so many times the book actually fell apart.

Like I said it is a disease.

Desired Indulgence:
I love it when I am driving down the road and see a Dodge Charger, yes the new ones. I am not a car person, but if that car was a man, I would sleep with him. It will not fit my family, but I don't care, I want it. (or a chrysler 300, which I actually got to drive in Philly. That bad boy is a TANK!) It is beautiful and sleek and has a taste of old fashioned car design in it. Desire.

Those who are out there reading my babble, what are your indulgences? Give me some good ones that make mine not seem so bad. (Especially that Twilight one.)

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

What a poo poo day...

Yesterday between Jakob, Kadence and I, our crank scale was pretty high. Today was Ricks turn. The odd thing about that is Rick never and I mean NEVER gets cranky. Granted he has a temper and every once in awhile blows up, but that is started by yelling like a gorilla and then walking out the door and shutting it so hard the house shakes. So he saves us from the real blow up...which is a good thing. Sometimes you just need to loose it away from people. I usually just walk out the garage door and scream as loud as I can. (Good thing us insane people live out n' the countree)

So when I get home from school Rick is just crank crank crank. I kick him out of the kitchen and send him to his room without lunch. Then the poo starts. Kadence first, which is natural, she is still in diapers. Lately she has been a poo factory, one after another after another and it is not pretty. (Not like mine, it is like roses you know.) Can't wait till this summer and potty training. Last one out of diapers, that deserves a party.

Then it is Jakobs turn. Right before we get ready to go outside I hear him whining in the bathroom. As the proper parent I go and look to see what I can help him with. UGH!! the wall, the floor, the toilet seat, his hands, his legs oh man...then he steps in it. Yes, I am talking about poo.

With as much strength as I can muster I pick him up and carefully take him upstairs. it isn't easy to do the man-hold (outstretched arms keeping child as far away from you as possible) with a 25 pound toddler. Into the tub for a good scrubbing. At the same time keeping Kadence from climbing in to the dirty water. This is a job where you don't fill the tub, just let the water run and produce a lot of suds.

Kid all clean, now time to tackle the bathroom. I have a special cleaner for that mess, it's called bleach and water. Children up with their cranky dad, whom seems to be not so cranky, while I scrub, scrub, and scrub til the bathroom is a gleam of clean. UGH...

Finally we get outside.

The perfect ending to a poo filled day? My Krischan doing a Martha. "Rice cups" he calls them. He dug out a hollow in his hot dog (yes, I wimped out and made hot dogs for dinner for the kids, big whoop. Sometimes I just make pancakes and call it a day) and placed some of his rice in it. Makes a mom so proud. Watch out Martha...

And the pooper became pooped...

Yes, he fell asleep at the table. AWWWW...

Monday, March 7, 2011

It is like a taste of summer

Friday and Saturday were rainy, Sunday came and there was snow on the ground. Spring, where are you?

This morning we woke up, jakob is sick so he is a number ten on the crank scale.
Kadence is sick and her crank scale is at 10 also. Good thing they both slept in and I was able to get Krischan ready for school and out the door first.

To top it off I have a sinus infection that is giving me a killer headache so my crank scale is up there also. What a match we three are this morning. So between the screaming and crying I decide to have a Martha moment and look for my favorite dessert that tastes like summer:

I love this app, it was only 99c and it is the Martha Everyday Food app. I know, shoe string budget and I have an iPhone. But I have this wonderful husband who can't help but get me the things I really want. Haven't gotten that new GMC Acadia though...Suze Orman would probably tell me to go crawl back in the womb and start over again because she would deny every part of my life that causes me to have to buy anything. (but I bought the app with Ricks gift card.)

So, back to the taste of summer. Amist the crying and tantrums I was able to whip up the crust, mmm, the cookie part of this confection.

In between making lunch and getting the two cranky kids fed I whipped up the lemon topping and bake it.

It says you need to let it cool then let it set in the fridge for 2 hours and up to 3 days. Who has that kind of time. If I bake something I want it now. Who was the crazy nut that came up with that recipe? I just let it cool enough to cut into it.

I was wisked away to a sunny day in the summer, breeze blowing, the smell of fresh cut grass clinging to the air.

Yum. Now I can go back to my cranky two sick kids and pray they take a nap.

Sunday, March 6, 2011

The naked cowboy

I so wanted to take a picture, but knew I couldn't.

After Jakob and Kadence took a bath, I put Jakob in my bed while I dried Kadence's hair and got her ready for bed. I had her laying on the floor in her room as I placed a diaper on her and picked out her pj's. During this process, I hear Jakob run into the room and declare that he is a cowboy.

I turn to look and he is standing there with his hat and cowboy boots on.
Nothing else...

Friday, March 4, 2011

School, blowouts and rain

It is a Friday and the day started out with a rush. Running out the door to get Jakob to his first zoo class on time. For him it was his first day in a "preschool" setting and this is the look he gave me after he hung up his coat.

This look says this:
"You aren't leaving me are you? You got me all excited about going to zoo class but failed to mention the fact that you were leaving me. What kind of mother are you, just dropping off and leaving your child. You should be ashamed of yourself."

But he survived, made a coffee filter butterfly, got to go out and see animals, and fell asleep 5 minutes after getting in the car. I even got a "Me wubbed ew cas"

After what seemed like forever, we made it home.
Want to know the difference between a girl and a boy? When a boy has a blowout in his diaper, he has items of his anatomy that keep it from pushing to the front, onto his belly. The girl does not, so it goes up the back, up the front and out the sides. So fun...note to self: don't give her so much grape juice.

In my pj's I will spend the rest of the day.
The rain is pounding down, and I think I just saw a mouse.
I have to finish up because Jakob wants to play.
By the way, how many people live in this house?

Thursday, March 3, 2011

exhaustion sets in

First off, where the hell did the week go? I don't remember any of it...
oh-wait, that is right, my oldest is a genius and I have a lot of mud in my back yard.

Thursdays feel like Fridays to me. I wearily walk in the door around 8 at night after having two classes back to back, so basically from 12:30 to 6:20 I am going and going. I know, I am such a wimp...can't handle it...I am old.

I showed my class today the 1988 tony award logo. None of them were born yet. NONE OF THEM. Why the 1988 one? I don't know, because it was in the book I was showing them about type and typesetting. DUH, don't ask stupid questions anymore.

Look at what keeps me going:

a sexy, wonderful, loving husband who puts up with my shit. And yes, I can dish out a lot of that. My heart swells just looking at him.

My first born who drives me nuts a lot, but he is a genius and I love him. Did I tell you he was a genius?

My wild middle child, who in under one minute can wreck an entire room, and in the moment after as the steam rolls out of my ears melts my heart by saying he loves me (I wub ew mommie). I know, stamp the word sucker on my forehead, but he knows and I know he knows and he knows I know he knows.

My baby girl, who dances with me in the mornings in the kitchen, hugs me unexpectedly, and is a mommies girl. And she loves shoes as much as I do.

I now feel refreshed, not really, where is my bed, I am going to go crash and sleep a dreamless sleep and wake up in the morning to stare at that line of sanity and insanity again.

Wonder if anyone is actually reading all this...