Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Birthday cake

When I was little the big thing I always looked forward too on my birthday was the cake. Ok, presents were always good also, but the cake lasted and was always homemade and delish. It was also always a given that the person the birthday cake was for got the first, and last piece. If it wasn't a rule, then I at least followed it.

My birthday was this past Saturday and my husband came through with a Mrs. Goodman's cake. (I am still waiting for the year that he braves it and makes a cake from scratch with the kids for me.) Luckily he got a small one, because I ate a slice after my kids sang to me, then I ate a piece after they went to bed. The next day I ate three slices, yes three. I can't stay away from cake it just pulls me in. Besides, birthday cake tastes better than any cake, any day of the year.

Monday was Kadence's birthday. There was once slice of my cake left so I saved it for the next day and ate the cupcakes I got for Kadence's family celebration.

You might want to sit down for this next part.

Kadence had her 3rd year dr. appt. this morning so I took her and Jakob and the only thing on my mind on the way back was that last piece of birthday cake waiting for me in the fridge. I got home, went straight in the house, straight to the fridge, grabbed the cake box, a fork and opened the box.


There were two measly bites sitting on the ring the cake had been previously. They looked as if they were left there as an after thought. They were the ohh, I am too full, I can't finish bites. I couldn't believe my eyes. It was as if I opened a bag of chips and there was literally nothing but one tablespoon of crumbs left in the bag. Now who does that?

I opened the garage door and screamed out to everyone: "WHO ATE MY LAST PIECE OF CAKE?" The steam was pouring from my ears and my eyes were blazing red. If I had been recorded, one would believe me to be possessed. I see Rick look up and say that it was him...if looks could kill.

I can't believe it... of all people... my husband, my own husband ate my last piece of birthday cake.

There needs to be payback. I deserve some type of retribution of this heinous crime...

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