Monday, November 28, 2011

The Ultimate Sandwich

I love this time of year because of only one thing. Well ok, that is a lie, there are many things I love about this time of year...that isn't what this post is about.

I had to write that in all caps because I hear it that way in my head with a little bit of an echo. So just imagine a deep, booming voice right now.

So, to my point. Are you sick of the turkey yet? the stuffing? any cranberry sauce left? Then we are good to go, and you are about to experience THE ULTIMATE SANDWICH.

Cranberry sauce, stuffing and turkey, sandwiched between two pieces of toasted bread. OH-YUM!!! Talk about heaven in your mouth. The whole time I was cooking Thanksgiving dinner, all I could think about was this sandwich.

The day after, as we were getting lunch ready (leftovers like everyone else in the world) my husband was looking at me like I was crazy. He wouldn't even try it, he is so not the adventurous type. He says it's the soggy bread in the stuffing. By the way, I don't have soggy bread in my stuffing. I have nice toasted bread that absorbs the butter, and flavor of the celery, onion and sausage. (Yes, I said sausage) and apples. YUMMY!!

You could possibly gain 2lbs just from eating it, a half a lb just from looking, but who cares? It is THANKSGIVING ON ONE SANDWICH!!!

The only thing that would make this better would be a slice of pumpkin pie.

Thursday, November 10, 2011

the color yellow

I LOVE the color yellow.

It is sunshine, happiness, bright, and fun.

For the past couple of weeks I have been updating my kitchen. Painting the cabinets and walls and re-doing the counter tops. The color scheme I picked is yellow, black and cream.

Today was the day I finally got to paint the walls with the "applesauce" color I picked.

YEE..OWZA. I have never put a color on my walls that made me doubt my sense of design and decision making in my home. This color is doing that to me.

I love yellow, but is it right for my walls? I am unsure. I need to place the second coat on and live with it. Beginning to think I should have picked a very light warm grey color instead.

Yellow is definitely Yellow...

Monday, November 7, 2011


So, I have a little challenge on my hands. My husband, about a month ago, mentioned to me a cycling challenge called the Gran Fondo. It is in New York and that was what perked my ears up and made me say: "hey, can I do it?"

That question brought on the look in my husbands eyes that has kept me thinking that I should go for it and just do it to prove to him and myself that I am strong enough to train, and do this challenge and do a good job at it.

There are a lot of "have never done's" in this race though.

have never done #1-Ridden 100 miles.
have never done #2-Ridden up a hill that takes longer than 2 minutes to crest

Those are two giant Have never done's.

But it is that look in my husbands eye, that gleam that even though what is coming out of his mouth is "you could do it" the gleam is mocking me saying there is no way you could do it.

Now, I am not stupid, I know there is no way that I could even measure up and beat or even be a challenge to Rick. He is fast, and he can climb. But that gleam, those inside words his eyes are telling me, makes me stubborn.

As each minute passes, I want to do this more and more. 100 miles. 8500 feet of climbing. The longest hill is 4 miles. Did I mention the hill climbs (4 of them) are timed? Yes, timed, which means race.

But damn if I am going to let someone, even if it is not words that come out of a mouth, tell me that I can not do this.

100 miles, 8500 ft of climbing...will a Mrs. Goodman's cake be waiting for me at the end? Cause I really want to do this now.

Sunday, November 6, 2011

I deserve cookies!

I have been rebuilding my website which has taken me into a new realm of css and html and xyz and flip. Basically my brain is applesauce right now.

But not so applesauce that I can't think that I deserve some cookies. The cookies will give me strength. If I drink a coke zero with them it will cancel out the calories that the cookies have in them. Yeah, that's the ticket.