Monday, October 17, 2011


This past weekend was the Cub Scouts Family Camp Out.
It was 20. Ok maybe not that cold, but cold is cold.

I decided to try the whole sleep in the tent thing with my family since the kids were sooooo excited about sleeping in a tent.

I placed Kadence into the car seat at 2 o'clock in the morning and drove home.

This is how I look at it:
Camping is like a pair of stiletto heels. If your going to wear them, make sure they are comfortable or buy inserts that make them so. Cause if they aren't you are going to kick them off.

Maybe that only makes sense to me...but it is perfect sense.

Friday, October 14, 2011

chick flicks-the feeling

I love chick flicks. Not just any chick flicks, but the ones about falling in love with someone for the first time. That first meeting, those feelings, the sweet things that are said. The first time you say I love you and the first time you are told.

When I met Rick some odd 17 years ago, I met him in a bike shop. Just walked in with my dad to buy a mountain bike and there he was. Funny, not that I was really looking, or looking at him in particular. I was hoping a best friend would finally see me, so glad he didn't, and I didn't realize that till I went in to return the helmet I got that was the wrong size. I bent down to look at the sizes, and there was Rick, helping me. That was the first time I saw him, and his smile, his green eyes.

(Funny thing is someone mentioned a couple weeks later that what is said should be watched, for I could end up being Rick's wife one day.)

That fist kiss. The thoughts in my mind wanting to scream out "Kiss me!" The heart fluttering as it happened and the electricity that ran through my body knowing that it was unlike any kiss I had ever had before in my life. As I was driving off, the smiling girlie scream of excitement I let out.

Those moments. The ones you remember so vividly in your mind like it was yesterday. Laying down in the back of a Ford F150 pick-up in the middle of a suburb in Gahanna, looking up at the stars. Talking about odds and ends when a question of future comes up, and he says "I see you in my future."

I love those chick flick movies because it brings back those memories. Not that they ever went away, but they just got put away for a little while. There are things that happen in my life that have me falling in love with Rick all over again, moments that we go through or when I see him go through things, become someone he never thought he could be. Those are times I fall in love again.

But it is never like the first time, there is just something special about the first time. My heart just swells when I think of all those first time moments.

...What I wouldn't give to go back and watch those moments over and over again, like it was my own chick flick movie.

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

What happened?

Back in June I turned 37.

Back in June my hair turned 37.

It flipped out, it doesn't like 37. Since we turned 37 it has been frizzy, unmanageable, and just plain pissed off. I look like I stuck my finger in a light socket.

Maybe I did. Early in the morning, sleep walking...That would explain a lot.

Saturday, October 1, 2011

Those cold, cold mornings

On cold mornings like this one, I love to spoil my kids. As bath and showers are being taken I place their bath towels in the dryer. There is nothing like a warm cozy bath towel after a shower or bath. I even go so far as putting their clothes in there. Socks, underwear, pants, shirt. It is an indulgence that I cannot deny my kids, and in the cases of being a wonderful wife, my husband.

This morning was no exception, I even treated myself to a warm bathrobe. Krischan first, which now consists of cracking the door ever so slightly squeezing my arm in the bathroom while looking the other way and dropping the towel on the floor. Kadence and Jakob next who get the royal treatment of being wrapped up and then put under the covers of mommy and daddy's bed while I get their clothes warmed up.

Little secret: putting them under the covers keeps the towel warm for much longer.

I was a little slow in getting Jakob's clothes this morning and when I heard him in his room getting clothes I called to him. I have never seen a boy run so fast as he ran to get into his warm clothes. Or maybe he was just that cold for leaving his towel behind.

In the dead of winter, I even go as far as putting their blankets in there before bed.

I apologize to their future spouses now for any inconvenience I am causing by doing this. But this is what comes of having the washer and dryer on the second floor with the bathroom and bedroom.