Friday, July 29, 2011

Tied to Technology

It is Friday and this day means that Jakob has zoo class in the morning. This Friday was a little bit different.

I misplaced my phone. Oh, the horror!!!

I knew I had grabbed it on the way out the door, but wasn't sure where I put it exactly after that. Coming back to the car after dropping Jakob off I thought maybe I had imagined that I picked up my phone.

How would someone get a hold of me? What would I do if I couldn't look at facebook? or Instagram, or e-mail. Again...with sarcasm...Oh, the horror!!!

As I was driving toward the mall to exchange some shirts I bought Krischan I began to wonder if there were any pay phones left in the world. Who would I call anyway and why?

What if I did have my phone with me and it fell out of my car at the zoo. EEKS.

Ok, I will make a trip to the apple store and do a "Find my Phone" But what do I do if I see that it is at the zoo, how would I call my mom there to see if someone turned it in? Would someone actually let me use their phone? Again, are there pay phones in this world anymore that work? In my experience, no. I found that out about a year ago when I was lost and needed a phone to call someone. I think I stopped at 5 pay phones, all accepted money...none worked. I succumbed to going in a store to ask if I could use their phone.

One step first. Find my Phone. For those who don't have an iPhone, it is an amazing and scary little tool. You can literally find your phone and wipe it or lock it depending if it was stolen or you just misplaced it like me. You can even text it: "Hey, jerk, you stole my phone, bring it back...or else."

I enter everything I needed too and it was locating...

There it is!! I see the mall parking lot and the exact space I parked my car in.


The funny thing is, without the phone I wondered how I was going to know what time it was. If I needed to call someone, would I know their number? What if my tire went flat, or something happened to my car?

The second funny thing is, I was out of college and in my first job before I ever got a cell phone. And the only reason I had it was for emergency purposes. So I know how to live without a cell phone, I enjoy living without one because time goes slower that way...after the panic of course.

How did we become so tied to our devices? There wasn't one person I passed at the mall that didn't have the phone out checking something. Sad...Amazing...Scary.

Project woman

I have recently been thinking about all the things that need finished around my house. Every project gets started, but it never really gets done. Whether it is putting quarter round around a room after it gets tiled, or putting up the woodwork around a door.

If my house was a bicycle, no project would go unfinished. (If you knew my husband, this would make sense.)

The past couple of days I have been going around and doing some finishing of my own. I hung back up the coat hangers on the new "coat and shoes" location, (wall still needs fixed on old location) Hung brand new curtain rods in boys room. They are monkeys and hung on the others, which resulted in them being ripped out of the walls. Hung three towel hooks in the bathroom so that they don't have to hang their towels on the ends of their beds anymore. Spackled area where towel rod was taken down, just need to paint over it now. Hung back up curtain tie backs that were ripped out of the wall this past winter by said monkeys in the living room. Staining quarter round and wood stripping thing that goes under the door so that bathroom project can officially be called complete once they are nailed/screwed in place.

Wow, energy zapped. And yes, of course new projects were started. (sort of) I am finally getting the cabinets in the kitchen that weren't painted ready to paint, and I have started staining the shelves in our pantry so that I don't have to use that ugly shelf liner anymore.

For those of you who don't know my home, check this out and you will get the gist:
The Perpetual Life of the Unfinished Project

Thursday, July 28, 2011


Thanks to my wonderful mother, my lawn is finally mowed!! No, she didn't mow it for me, she watched the kids so that I could mow it.

Mowed grass brings sanity to my life. I guess you could say that the state of my grass represents the state of my mind...When it is cut it is so clean and pretty. And of course I have control over whether my lawn gets mowed or not. The time to do it is another story.

Monday, July 25, 2011

Thinking lately

The past couple of days have had me thinking of so many things. Old friends that I don't see or talk to anymore, memories of summers. Some of them are sad thoughts: Parents who are dealing with the 1st anniversary of their 19 year old daughters death, and some are surreal: watching the storms roll in, imagination running wild. Dream thoughts, where would I be thoughts, what would I be thoughts.

Things are so busy that I feel like I can't even take a deep breath, certain days make me feel like I am suffocating. Working non-stop day in and day out whether it is for work or housework, because if you don't work, you don't get paid, and if you don't do the housework, it becomes an unbearable mess.

It is a weird feeling to live with someone and miss them at the same time. How can you miss someone you live with? People talk of taking a break, but how can you take a break when there is so much work to do? How can you take a break when you are running to catch up with something that is driving?

There are some times when I close my eyes and see an ocean, the waves crashing on the sand at my feet. The sun above, a drink in hand, and the one I love next to me, eyes closed, relaxing. Then I can take a deep breath and taste the salty air my imagination brings to me.

Thursday, July 21, 2011


As I have said before, gardening gives me peace. Although this time of year it is a bit hard for me to keep up with it. The weeds are growing in, and I only have so much time to get out there and pull them. But the vegetables are coming in beautifully.

Green Beans. Yum. I love them straight out of the garden.

Strawberries are on their second round. I don't know if this is normal, but I get a batch first thing in June and they start flowering again in July.

Brussel Sprouts are a bit of a disappointment. Not sure what I did wrong, but I just have these big huge leaves. On one of them I cut the leaves off to see if the sprouts would grow (I read that somewhere), that one has teeny tiny buds, so we will see what comes of that. (see all those horrid weeds?)

zucchini. Two c's, not two n's by the way.
Any good zucchini recipes out there. I have already made zucchini bread, give me more of a side dish recipe. Please.

Bell peppers. They are supposed to be red, not sure what happened here either.

My spaghetti squash is growing, the watermelon is flowering and so is the sweet pumpkin (a new addition to the garden)

Cucumbers!! Tons and tons of cucumbers. And I mean tons. So after eating a couple, I made pickles. Yummy, nummy, in my tummy pickles. So far I have 8 jars canned, 1 jar I did the "refrigeration" method with, and 1 jar was given away already. I still have 15 cucumbers on my counter that I need to do something with. My family will be eating pickles all winter...

*notice I used Instagram.

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Before and After

Last summer I decided to cut Jakob's hair short. I don't know what came over me, I just did it. Rick and I tend to relate Jakob's crazy hair with is personality so to have it be short was a bit of a shock.

I let it grow back out, curl back up and become as crazy as his personality again.

Well, I did it again. I must have been possessed. I only wanted to trim it, but ended up just about shaving it. I am pretty sure his crazy personality is still there though, you can check for yourself.



Monday, July 18, 2011

My new favorite App

I wanted to share my new favorite app on my phone. Of course everyone (that has an iphone) probably already has it and I am behind the eight ball on this, but let's just pretend that I am telling you something new and exciting that you have never heard of. Okay? Cool.

Instagram. I am in love. If you were a man, I would sleep with you.
You make my photos look so cool and exciting, and my favorite part: old.

It is so nostalgic to take a photo, place it in Instagram and play with the filters. It brings me to my childhood and when I sat down looking through photo album after photo album of my childhood.

Without Instagram

With Instagram

Without Instagram

With Instagram (I know I did poorly on the crop job)

You get the "picture"
Here is the fun I have been having.
(If you feel so inclined, you can follow me on Instagram. I am at Moonbeedesigns.)

This is Kadence trying out for the part in The Shinning.

Krischan, wanting me to stick my camera in someone elses face.

Jakob, he is just so darn cute!!!

After the game win, they so deserved it.

The next day, after a game loss. They played with such heart, but it just wasn't quite good enough.

Morning light peaking through my bedroom curtains.

Go Krischan!! I am the loud parent at the games, making up for all the parents that just sit there and watch. Those boys need to be pumped up and they love hearing people cheer for them. You see the smile on their faces when they make a great play, or hit the ball wonderfully to score a run and you are screaming their name saying: Great job!!! But to the other parents, I am probably just annoying. Oh-well. Life goes on.

Jakob. He is just so darn cute!!!

No, this isn't a instagram one. I just wanted to share because it was so freaking cool!

Instagram is like that new technique everyone learns and uses like crazy. Will it get old? Who knows. Will everyone still use it? Probably. Unfortunately it is just for those with an iphone, the only drawback. If you have one though, and you aren't in the loop like me, get it. And check out all the people you can follow. Personally I am enthralled with the NASA photos. Yes, even NASA uses Instagram! Shouldn't you? (I know, I know, I am the last person who has an iphone to get this app.)

I am in no way involved with instagram and this is 100% an unsolicited review of them.

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

The heat index of a ball field

As of lately, I have been spending way more time than I would like at ball fields. If you have never noticed, I will tell you now: There is no shade at ball fields, unless you are sitting in a dug out. There is also some sort of weather phenomenon that happens around ball fields that cause the temperature to be 20 degrees warmer.

Today for example. I was perfectly comfortable. My grey t-shirt, capri jeans and flip flops. I was even out playing with the kids and picking vegetables in my garden in these particular clothes.

Then...I get to the ball field. We are suddenly ants and someone is holding a magnifying glass above us and we are frying. Seriously. I didn't sweat all day, then at Krischan's baseball practice, I am sweating like I just rode 50 miles on my bike.

Even my lip is sweating. I hate that, there is nothing more creepy than someone who has a sweaty lip. I am now officially creepy.

My jeans were sticking to my thighs. My shirt was slowly becoming one with my sweat so as I tried to tug on it and let some type of air flow between it and my skin, I actually felt like my shirt had turned into some type of plastic that sticks to whatever you put it on. (You know what I am talking about.)

Why is there no shade at a ball field? Ball fields are their own little deserts, dust swirling, sun beating down, and delirium sets in when you are there.

Monday, July 11, 2011

The storm clouds that rolled in

Baseball season is over for some, but for the ones that made the All-Star teams, enter tournaments. Yes, this year Krischan made one of the all-star teams and I don't think my life has ever been so hectic and my house so messy.

OK, maybe my house has been this messy before.

This is how my schedule has been for the past two weeks: Get up in the morning, water flowers, get kids to whatever activities they are doing during the day, or run whatever errands I need to get done, get home, make lunch, clean up, then run out the door to practice, keep two little ones entertained for two hours on a ball field while practice is going on, go home, make dinner, eat, give baths, put them to bed, then sit down in office and work until 1 or 2 in the morning. This week is a bit worse because Krischan has zoo camp this week. I drove a total of 200 miles today, and there is no baseball on mondays.

In a more understandable explanation it goes like this: Practice on tues and thurs, batting cages on wed evening. Games: first game friday night, two games on sat and game on sunday. If you win, you play another game on sunday. (they didn't win) Sat and Sun games are played in the middle of the day during the hottest time. Just blink your eyes and you start to sweat. Baseball doesn't believe in shade trees.

In times like these, every once in awhile, something slows me down. Today it was the most beautiful storm clouds I have ever seen. I had come home after dropping Krischan off in the morning. Kadence and Jakob had eaten lunch and then we went out so they could play in the pool for a little bit. Jakob decided to take a big glob of mud for a swim so the pool got emptied and we went inside to cool off and dry off.

Then the wind picked up and the clouds moved in. They swirled and turned and as I was outside a part of me worried that something was going to come down and grab me out of the clouds. It made me wonder if there were death eaters wreaking havoc. (yes, I am a Harry Potter fan and can't wait to go see the last movie!)

The pictures I am posting have not been edited and are in there true iphone form. No filters were used or special apps. These are truly how the clouds looked.

This was taken directly above my head looking into the sky.

The clouds were being rolled and punched by the wind. The best description I can give is that it looked like dough being rolled and turned on itself, then punched down. These clouds were alive, and I was mesmerized.

Amazing aren't they? Well, then they smoothed out, it started to rain and I noticed that I needed to run down to the back 40 and stake the tent to the ground as it was rolling around back there. So I booked it, in bare feet and a skirt, to save the tent.

Thursday, July 7, 2011


Writers block is not fun.

So I will just write to tell you what Jakob said to Krischan one day this week.

We were in the van, and Jakob says: "Chun-chun?"
He waits for the reply, then as casually as anything says this:

"A bee flew up my butt and I farted it out."

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Moments that live forever

Saturday night after Kadence went to bed it was just Jakob and I sitting on the couch watching cartoons. (Well, he was watching cartoons, I was reading a book.) As the sun started going down, Jakob tells me he wants to go out and catch lightning bugs. This is something he has just been introduced too, and watching him and Krischan run around after lightning bugs brings back a flood of memories from my childhood.

So we go out the back door and he begins his search, but then gets distracted. Fireworks over the horizon. One here, one there, then a show starts. We meander around the side of the house and into the front yard for a better look. We sit down in the grass to enjoy the 3 backyard shows we can see and I am loving that it is just a Jakob and mommy moment. In between, I am sure, the people setting up more fireworks to set off, Jakob jumps up to catch lightning bugs. He has no luck, but tons of giggles and laughs are caught by me.

I am soaking it in. He is crawling in my lap and curling up, hugging me, kissing me, and telling me he loves me. In return I am of course giving the same love back, and for those extra giggles I give him kisses on his cheek that sound like farts. I don't care who you are, when you are around kids, farts are funny.

We then spiral into making farting noises and laughing hysterically. Sides hurting and warm with love, Jakob then curls up as small as he can and tells me he wants to go in. We walk around, go back into the house and curl up on the couch. Not knowing if he will ever remember that moment we just had, I file it away with a smile on my face.