Saturday, May 19, 2012

I had to share this post from Facebook by my cousin Bailey. His words ring very true, and I stand by them. I feel as a society we need to move forward and not backward. Learning to accept everyone for who they are and not forcing everyone into what we feel they should be.

Bailey's post:

Just in case the Georgetown Times doesn't post my response...

Mr. Brock,
Your recent opinion article on the topic of same-sex marriages saddened me. Not only as a gay man, but as a forward thinking American citizen, I whole-heartedly disagree with you on your views. No matter what kind of intentions President Obama had for announcing his support of same sex marriage, he will be relieved one day when he finds his beliefs to be on the right side of history.
You say, “The biological premise of the joining of one man and one woman is propagation of the species.” If that’s true, why should elderly people be allowed to get married? Or heterosexual couples who can’t conceive children? Should they be banned from marriage and the rights that come with it because procreation will not be apart of their matrimony? I probably shouldn’t even venture into the topic of same-sex couples adopting; God forbid the millions of children in orphanages and foster homes find a loving and caring home.
Also just in case you are unaware, animals have no legal standing in the sense of marriage. They physically don’t have the capacity to sign a marriage contract. To me, your point insinuating that same-sex marriages will lead to other “kinky arrangements”, sounds like a cheap blow stemming from a societal fear to accept something that may appear to be “uncommon.”
And if you think gay couples will ruin the sanctity of marriage, what do you think about Britney Spears’ 55-hour marriage to Jason Allen Alexander or Newt Gingrich’s three marriages? Why aren’t you writing letters about Kim Kardashian’s display of ostentatious exploitation of the holy sanctity of marriage? These marriages certainly seem to be preserving the idea of a holy matrimony.
As a former college professor, I shouldn’t have to school you by making you aware that church and state are separate entities. Although marriage has religious connotations and practices, the word is one defined by our government. Marriage grants benefits that civil unions do not.
How exactly would legalizing same-sex marriage directly affect your own marriage? Where in Connecticut or Massachusetts, among other states, has same-sex marriage led to negative consequences? Maybe you think legalized same-sex marriage will increase the likeliness of making your children or grandchildren gay. Might it lead to the demise of your own marriage? I have a simple answer for you: No. Straight couples conceive gay babies. Regardless of whether or not same-sex marriage is legalized, gay children will still be born and will still want to be treated as equal citizens. Just imagine, as impossible as you may claim it would be, that someone in your family was gay- would you honestly want the government and society to be able to deny them happiness, and even more importantly societal acceptance?
I don’t think you have any idea the kind of torture it is to grow up in a society that doesn’t view you as legitimate. Hearing people claim that it is a phase or a disease that can be cured makes homosexuality appear toxic to a child. How many children committing suicide will it take to get people like you to realize it’s not a choice? This fundamental fight for marriage isn’t just about wanting equal rights. It’s teaching children to accept others and to bring our country to a new level of compassion and pride. If the Civil Rights Movement serves as any kind of example, it shows that decisions involving minorities should not be left up to the majority.
Also, I don’t “embrace” the gay lifestyle. I was born gay. It is just another one of my labels: white, southern, student, etc. Being gay doesn’t define me; it only classifies my sexual orientation. The sooner our society realizes and accepts this, the closer we will be to a land true to its words of “all men are created equal.”
You may find my response cynical, but I’m just trying to set you straight, no pun intended, on the issues I have with your article. Humans are fortunate enough to understand how to love, no one should be judged for how they direct that love.

Thursday, May 17, 2012

who does the world revolve around?

Mornings can be very interesting.

This morning did not disappoint.

Jakob and Kadence wanted apple juice for breakfast instead of milk. Rick didn't want to give them apple juice because he felt that was just weird. He wouldn't drink apple juice for breakfast, so why should they. I laughed and told him that this isn't Rick's world and it doesn't revolve around him.

"what!?" Rick turns to Jakob and asks: "Jakob, does the world revolve around me?"
"No." was Jakobs reply.

So Rick decided to ask him who the world revolved around. I was minding my own business making my breakfast when I heard Jakob say "mommy."

Let me tell you, that is one smart little kid.

Friday, May 4, 2012

Lady, are you crazy?

I had a stroke of insanity today and took Kadence and Jakob with me to Easton so I could return a few items. We went to Macy's and the cashier gave them both a square of bubble wrap to pounce on while we did our exchange thing. We held hands and walked across Easton to the train exhibit so they could run back and forth, back and forth, back and forth to watch as much of the train as they could. We rushed into Barnes and Noble so they could both go to the bathroom, even though as soon as they walked in both said they didn't have to go. Yes, I was that woman sounding exasperated as she pleaded with her kids to "just try to go", yes I was the woman who it must have sounded like I was abusing my kids as they said "stop it mommy! Leave me alone mommy!" as I coaxed them into going to the bathroom because not 10 seconds ago they both grabbed themselves and shouted "I have to go!!"

We said goodbye to the train and as the both started moaning about how hungry they were, my brain quickly assessed the parent to child ratio. I decided to risk it and took them to Max and Erma's. It was typical, they fed off of each other and my hair was standing on end by the time we left.

Obviously I needed more. I took them into the Aveda store, told them nicely that this was a "no touch store." I Grabbed what was needed as my kids were tackling each other and moving shelf tags around and made my way to the cash register. The very lovely aveda lady then asks if I would like to take part in the hand treatment she was about to give two customers.

I looked at the kids, I looked at her, and I imagined what the store would look like after I finished the treatment. One word: Disaster waiting to happen. (ok so it wasn't one word, but disaster needed help being described.)

Meanwhile, my kids are being unruly and I keep telling them to "get over here!" "Don't touch that!" "stop that!"

I point to the both of them and shake my head no. Then I politely say "If you want your store to remain looking like this, I best not." while what I really wanted to say was: "LADY! are you CRAZY! look at my hethens! imagine how they would be if I sat over there with my hands in a bowl of soapy water for 10 minutes!" That is NOT what I call relaxing.

I left the store with product in hand and her store still in tact. As we three walked hand in hand to the car I thought how spoiled I was when I just had Krischan. He would have sat there quietly while I did the hand treatment. How foolish I was to think he was so good because of my parenting skills. How foolish I was to look at other parents who had the crazy unruly children, and think "take control!"

Trying to take control of two free-spirited kids is like trying to coax a tornado on a different path than the one heading toward your home.

My dishwasher died.

A couple of weeks ago our dishwasher was a loud raucous annoyance. It didn't used to be, it was one of those "quiet" dishwashers. Well, we use it so much I think we kind of slowly started killing it. It got louder and louder as the years passed, till it was at the point it was a couple of weeks ago.

I am not kidding. It was so loud I would only run it when I was leaving the house. You couldn't even watch a movie because it would over power the movie.

Then one day, we noticed it was back in it's quiet mode. Dishes looked clean, and they were...for a week. Yesterday I opened the dishwasher to put the dishes away and noticed they weren't even close to clean. There was a big pile of detergent just sitting on the bottom of the washer. Doesn't the soap know that it needs to get up into the dishwasher to clean?

So this is my thought. Screw calling someone to fix it. We know that story, it costs just as much to fix it than to buy a new one. I say we buy two dishwashers. That way if one dies, I won't spend all day washing dishes that piled up while the dishwasher was supposedly cleaning another pile of dirty dishes.

I think I have perma raisin fingers now.

Yeah, I like that idea...two dishwashers. Why not?

Wednesday, May 2, 2012

What is that smell?!?

The windows are open, the weather is beautiful and the breeze is flowing.

I call this a spring cleaning day, plus I have to start putting away clothes
for a road trip so what better time to clean up.

That is when I opened up Kadence's closet and was slammed in the face with a smell that is absolutely repulsive.

Dead Animal.

shit. (no, not dead animal shit. Shit, I smell a dead animal.)

Now, I live in the country so it isn't unusual for a mouse to get into our house, or a bird in our attic. The thought of one in my daughters closet is very unsettling though.

I begin by emptying everything out. shaking blankets, horrified at the thought a dead animal will fall to my feet at any moment. After the closet is empty, nothing but the smell. It must be in the walls then. And for that...there is nothing to do but wait it out. UGH!

Of course I call rick up and he smells nothing. Why would he? he never smells the bad things I must be a man thing.


Nothing covers dead animal smell...I guess it is good that I can keep the windows open.