Friday, December 30, 2011

It seemed innocent

Wow, Christmas is already passed and the decorations will need to be packed up soon. A perfect chance to talk about a gift that seemed innocent, but caused a big mess.

Christmas morning the wrapping was flying and it was hard to keep track of who was getting what, even with me passing out the gifts. In the end I sorted through everything so I could see what each child got from Santa and the grandparents.

Jakob got this cute Dino dig box. It had 4 sifters, 4 dust brushes and several skeletal dinosaurs. I thought how great, place them in the playground sand and he can dig them up in the summer. I thought of how many hours he will get lost playing with them.

He couldn't wait until summer.

The bag of ashes that was by the fireplace...
on the floor...
dinosaurs placed in there...
sifter sifting them out of the dirt...ashes...

on my carpet.

Monday, December 19, 2011

Chris T. Mas

This is our elf's name. He doesn't look like that horrid elf in a red one piece outfit with white starburst neckline though. Ours is much cuter. Curly blonde hair, stripped stockings, red coat with bells on his shoes.

I haven't moved him for 3 days now. I told my kids he must be depressed from not having snow. Can an elf get depressed? And should I tell my kids that we have to get him an anti-depressant? (I can see it now, the depressed elf on a shelf, comes with his own prescription drugs.)

Part of me can't wait until they are old enough to place him around the house themselves and turn it into a family tradition of finding him. I bet they would be really creative with what he gets into. I haven't been too creative this year, just the typical sprawled out on the counter because he overdosed on christmas cookies, crumbs surrounding him. There must be a pattern here, cookies, depression, prescriptions. Would it be wrong to put him with an empty beer bottle one morning? maybe place him on the floor by the toilet. Hmmm, I guess maybe that wouldn't be a good idea. (speaking of beer, you have to try the 12 dogs of christmas. Great brew)

Our poor Chris T. Mas will be in rehab by the time he goes back to the north pole this year. Does that make me naughty? Will I get a lump of coal for this?

Thursday, December 15, 2011

My three favorite all time Christmas movies

Wow, This season is just whizzing by. (what a great word, whizzing.) This season has been a little rough so I have been turning to the comfort of my bed, peppermint hot chocolate, or peppermint mocha's and holiday movies. I have just about had my fill of Hallmark movies (I have been a bit desperate, and november christmas is actually pretty good.) So I have turned to Netflix to send me my favorites.

Favorite number one:
A Christmas Story.
If you haven't seen this one, you are missing out on life. I love the movie, and now my oldest loves it. It is not Christmas until you see this movie.

Favorite number two:
The Santa Clause
Not sure what it is about it, but it pulls me in every time I watch it and I always feel good after watching it. It is a great curl up in bed movie.

Favorite number three:
Fred Claus
Don't knock it till you see it. It actually took me a bit to see it cause I was thinking it would be another stupid Christmas movie. I happened to catch it in July during a Christmas in July thing and instantly fell in love. The music is great, and the whole story line is wonderful. I especially love the ending when silent night starts playing. Don't want to give it away if you haven't seen it, and if you haven't seen it, see it, you won't be disappointed. A bit depressed last night and I watched this, It made the blues go away.

Check them out, and let me know what your favorites are, I am always looking to add to the list. (and by the way, anything with Sam Elliot in it is a favorite also...prancer)

Merry Christmas and happy movie watching.

Monday, November 28, 2011

The Ultimate Sandwich

I love this time of year because of only one thing. Well ok, that is a lie, there are many things I love about this time of year...that isn't what this post is about.

I had to write that in all caps because I hear it that way in my head with a little bit of an echo. So just imagine a deep, booming voice right now.

So, to my point. Are you sick of the turkey yet? the stuffing? any cranberry sauce left? Then we are good to go, and you are about to experience THE ULTIMATE SANDWICH.

Cranberry sauce, stuffing and turkey, sandwiched between two pieces of toasted bread. OH-YUM!!! Talk about heaven in your mouth. The whole time I was cooking Thanksgiving dinner, all I could think about was this sandwich.

The day after, as we were getting lunch ready (leftovers like everyone else in the world) my husband was looking at me like I was crazy. He wouldn't even try it, he is so not the adventurous type. He says it's the soggy bread in the stuffing. By the way, I don't have soggy bread in my stuffing. I have nice toasted bread that absorbs the butter, and flavor of the celery, onion and sausage. (Yes, I said sausage) and apples. YUMMY!!

You could possibly gain 2lbs just from eating it, a half a lb just from looking, but who cares? It is THANKSGIVING ON ONE SANDWICH!!!

The only thing that would make this better would be a slice of pumpkin pie.

Thursday, November 10, 2011

the color yellow

I LOVE the color yellow.

It is sunshine, happiness, bright, and fun.

For the past couple of weeks I have been updating my kitchen. Painting the cabinets and walls and re-doing the counter tops. The color scheme I picked is yellow, black and cream.

Today was the day I finally got to paint the walls with the "applesauce" color I picked.

YEE..OWZA. I have never put a color on my walls that made me doubt my sense of design and decision making in my home. This color is doing that to me.

I love yellow, but is it right for my walls? I am unsure. I need to place the second coat on and live with it. Beginning to think I should have picked a very light warm grey color instead.

Yellow is definitely Yellow...

Monday, November 7, 2011


So, I have a little challenge on my hands. My husband, about a month ago, mentioned to me a cycling challenge called the Gran Fondo. It is in New York and that was what perked my ears up and made me say: "hey, can I do it?"

That question brought on the look in my husbands eyes that has kept me thinking that I should go for it and just do it to prove to him and myself that I am strong enough to train, and do this challenge and do a good job at it.

There are a lot of "have never done's" in this race though.

have never done #1-Ridden 100 miles.
have never done #2-Ridden up a hill that takes longer than 2 minutes to crest

Those are two giant Have never done's.

But it is that look in my husbands eye, that gleam that even though what is coming out of his mouth is "you could do it" the gleam is mocking me saying there is no way you could do it.

Now, I am not stupid, I know there is no way that I could even measure up and beat or even be a challenge to Rick. He is fast, and he can climb. But that gleam, those inside words his eyes are telling me, makes me stubborn.

As each minute passes, I want to do this more and more. 100 miles. 8500 feet of climbing. The longest hill is 4 miles. Did I mention the hill climbs (4 of them) are timed? Yes, timed, which means race.

But damn if I am going to let someone, even if it is not words that come out of a mouth, tell me that I can not do this.

100 miles, 8500 ft of climbing...will a Mrs. Goodman's cake be waiting for me at the end? Cause I really want to do this now.

Sunday, November 6, 2011

I deserve cookies!

I have been rebuilding my website which has taken me into a new realm of css and html and xyz and flip. Basically my brain is applesauce right now.

But not so applesauce that I can't think that I deserve some cookies. The cookies will give me strength. If I drink a coke zero with them it will cancel out the calories that the cookies have in them. Yeah, that's the ticket.

Monday, October 17, 2011


This past weekend was the Cub Scouts Family Camp Out.
It was 20. Ok maybe not that cold, but cold is cold.

I decided to try the whole sleep in the tent thing with my family since the kids were sooooo excited about sleeping in a tent.

I placed Kadence into the car seat at 2 o'clock in the morning and drove home.

This is how I look at it:
Camping is like a pair of stiletto heels. If your going to wear them, make sure they are comfortable or buy inserts that make them so. Cause if they aren't you are going to kick them off.

Maybe that only makes sense to me...but it is perfect sense.

Friday, October 14, 2011

chick flicks-the feeling

I love chick flicks. Not just any chick flicks, but the ones about falling in love with someone for the first time. That first meeting, those feelings, the sweet things that are said. The first time you say I love you and the first time you are told.

When I met Rick some odd 17 years ago, I met him in a bike shop. Just walked in with my dad to buy a mountain bike and there he was. Funny, not that I was really looking, or looking at him in particular. I was hoping a best friend would finally see me, so glad he didn't, and I didn't realize that till I went in to return the helmet I got that was the wrong size. I bent down to look at the sizes, and there was Rick, helping me. That was the first time I saw him, and his smile, his green eyes.

(Funny thing is someone mentioned a couple weeks later that what is said should be watched, for I could end up being Rick's wife one day.)

That fist kiss. The thoughts in my mind wanting to scream out "Kiss me!" The heart fluttering as it happened and the electricity that ran through my body knowing that it was unlike any kiss I had ever had before in my life. As I was driving off, the smiling girlie scream of excitement I let out.

Those moments. The ones you remember so vividly in your mind like it was yesterday. Laying down in the back of a Ford F150 pick-up in the middle of a suburb in Gahanna, looking up at the stars. Talking about odds and ends when a question of future comes up, and he says "I see you in my future."

I love those chick flick movies because it brings back those memories. Not that they ever went away, but they just got put away for a little while. There are things that happen in my life that have me falling in love with Rick all over again, moments that we go through or when I see him go through things, become someone he never thought he could be. Those are times I fall in love again.

But it is never like the first time, there is just something special about the first time. My heart just swells when I think of all those first time moments.

...What I wouldn't give to go back and watch those moments over and over again, like it was my own chick flick movie.

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

What happened?

Back in June I turned 37.

Back in June my hair turned 37.

It flipped out, it doesn't like 37. Since we turned 37 it has been frizzy, unmanageable, and just plain pissed off. I look like I stuck my finger in a light socket.

Maybe I did. Early in the morning, sleep walking...That would explain a lot.

Saturday, October 1, 2011

Those cold, cold mornings

On cold mornings like this one, I love to spoil my kids. As bath and showers are being taken I place their bath towels in the dryer. There is nothing like a warm cozy bath towel after a shower or bath. I even go so far as putting their clothes in there. Socks, underwear, pants, shirt. It is an indulgence that I cannot deny my kids, and in the cases of being a wonderful wife, my husband.

This morning was no exception, I even treated myself to a warm bathrobe. Krischan first, which now consists of cracking the door ever so slightly squeezing my arm in the bathroom while looking the other way and dropping the towel on the floor. Kadence and Jakob next who get the royal treatment of being wrapped up and then put under the covers of mommy and daddy's bed while I get their clothes warmed up.

Little secret: putting them under the covers keeps the towel warm for much longer.

I was a little slow in getting Jakob's clothes this morning and when I heard him in his room getting clothes I called to him. I have never seen a boy run so fast as he ran to get into his warm clothes. Or maybe he was just that cold for leaving his towel behind.

In the dead of winter, I even go as far as putting their blankets in there before bed.

I apologize to their future spouses now for any inconvenience I am causing by doing this. But this is what comes of having the washer and dryer on the second floor with the bathroom and bedroom.

Sunday, September 18, 2011

Can you kill yourself by running?

Last weekend I ran a duathalon. It was a 2 mile run, 15 mile bike ride, and then a 5k run. Now I am not a runner, or at least I don't run very fast when it comes to distance. I was a sprinter, or am, or was in high school, does that make you a sprinter for the rest of your life?


I finished in 2 hours 1 minute. I finished 4th in my age group.
ok, so there were only 4 people in my age group, and I finished last out of everyone, but my goal wasn't to place, it was to finish. Now my friend Jo, she kicked my ass.

How much so? She finished 20 minutes before I did. Like I said, she kicked my ass.

Well, after killing myself with that race, I signed up for another. This one is a 3 mile run, 12 mile bike, and another 3 mile run. OUCH...

2 weeks to train means 2 weeks to get my body running faster. What am I thinking? I am thinking that by running, I am killing myself obviously.

Today I ran 2 miles. I am sore from yesterdays workout, but forced myself out there anyway. Dripping with sweat, legs screaming for mercy, I ask myself again:

What the hell am I thinking? Now I can't just say "I just want to finish." Now I have to say "I need to finish faster than 2 hours."

oh boy.

I need a Mrs. Goodman's cake at the finish line. That will make me run faster.

Thursday, September 15, 2011

Problems with clothes

Every night after I put my daughter to sleep, I get the boys ready and 1, then 2 everyone is in bed.

I take deep breaths and enjoy the quiet then go about doing what needs to get done.

After about an hour or two I go and check on the kids. Boys asleep, Girl...naked. So as she sleeps I put back on her diaper, and her pajamas.

Go back about an hour or two later. Boys doing fine, all covered up, Girl...naked, lights on. Again, I turn the light out and dress her. This can either happen once or several times. I don't know what it is, but she doesn't like clothes.

Sometimes during the day I look at her and have to ask her where all her clothes are.

I hope she outgrows this...and fast.

Monday, September 12, 2011

Michael D. Mullan

I have been thinking about this post for the past couple of days. I hope it makes as much sense on "paper" as it does in my head.

3 years ago this coming December Rick and I went to New York for the very first time in our lives. We did typical tourist things: Looking out from the empire state building, going to times square, checking out the HUGE christmas tree, Central Park. The one thing I mentioned that I wanted to do was the one thing that ended up being the best thing we did while we were there. We went down to ground zero.

By that time it looked like a large construction site, as we know now what was being built, between the new building and memorial. As we tried to get to a high point to see over the fence into the construction site, we happened upon a sign that said "9/11 museum" with an arrow pointing to our left.

We looked at each other and said "why not"

What we found was a tiny museum about events from that day and how the towers were built to how people were rebuilding after. A separate cost to the museum was a tour. We were told it would be a 2 hour tour, and we didn't hesitate to pay for the tour. The time the tour started gave us an hour to check out the museum and let me tell you, I have never felt so much silence in a museum. As people read everything and took in all the objects on display, it was overwhelming, heartbreaking, and yet made you proud of who we are as a country that we could stand up after something like that and rebuild.

Onto our tour.
It began with the two tour guides introducing themselves and having us introduce ourselves. It was a small group and I loved the fact that everyone in the group was from somewhere other than the United States. Rick and I were the only ones from the USA in the group. We walked around the corner and stood infront of a wall memorial to the firefighters that had died. (It is a beautiful piece of artwork so I recommend you see it) I noticed as our 1st guide was talking about the wall our second guide,a woman, had gone and kissed her hand then touched a name. I would later find out whose name she was kissing.

The guides of these tours are people who are volunteers and were directly related to the 9/11 attacks. Joe was a firefighter and had been on the ground that day directing ambulances and firetrucks where to park while saving lives. He was also buried by the first tower collapse, pulled from the rubble, put on a boat to go across the water to a jersey hospital and while on the boat, buried under rubble by the second tower collapse. A story he told us after the history of the towers. He was a great speaker and had a wonderful presence about him.

We heard the whole story of the twin towers. How they were born, why they were built the way they were, who scaled them, how they scaled them, and what happened while they were being scaled, how they looked inside, the 93' bombing (which Joe was at also) to the collapse and his own story. At this point the woman stepped in to tell her story. Her son was a firefighter who died that day in the marriott hotel when the towers collapsed.

Michael D. Mullan. She spoke without crying about his heroics, about when she found out he didn't make it, to why she does these tours. She does them because she doesn't want anyone to forget what happened that day. She feels it is important for her to do this and tell her story because we should never forget, and we need to make sure our children know what happened, and that they never forget. She also was a wonderful speaker and the pride she exuded when talking about her son, the other fire fighters and heroes that day was catching.

The tour lasted about 3 hours, beginning at the fire station that was across from the towers (no longer a working station) to the american express building where there is a monument for the 11 people that died in the towers that day from their company.

We thanked them both for their time, gave them hugs and talked to them individually. The woman gave us her son's memorial card and it has been hanging on our fridge since the day we got home. That way we would never forget. We see it every day, see his face, see his name and on the back say "we will never forget".

To this day, we both feel that that was the best thing we did while we were in New York. That day alone made the whole trip.

I wish I could say I remembered her name, I think it is theresa, but I can only remember her sons name. If I saw her again, I would hug her, and show her the bracelet I bought. I got it from: and it has Michael's name on it, that he was from NY, the date he died and VOT (Victim of Terror)

I wear the bracelet for her, for Michael, whom I have never met, but feel like I did from her stories, for all the people who died that day, and so that I can pass the stories onto my children.

Rick and I will go back to New York one day to see the new memorial. We will find Michaels name and we will go through the museum in it's permanent home, and if still offered, will pay to go on that tour again. Rick and I were not directly effected by the attack in the fact that we didn't know anyone in new york, washington, or PA. We experienced it on tv like millions of other people in our situation. But the one thing that day did was bring it to reality, or home as some people say. Both of us look at 9/11 differently now and I know that we both will never forget, our children will never forget, and the will know who Michael Mullan was.

Saturday, September 10, 2011


A horrific thing happened yesterday.
Chelsie was hit by a car and killed.

Our dogs become so much of our family that it is so difficult when they move on.
We "rescued" chelsie from her previous owner who kept her in a crate most of her life. Letting her out to go to the bathroom, then right back in. "She is just too hyper" was the excuse.

Once we adopted her the crate was thrown away and we gave her free roam of our house and yard. Now Chelsie had hunting dog in her so she loved going all over our 8.5 acres. She always came when she was called and was a good dog. Had some cuddle issues, but that is what will happen when a dog spends most of their life in a crate.

She never did come out of her funk after York died (our golden who passed a year and a half ago) so I know that she is up there with him chasing him and teasing him when he tries to chase her, knowing he can't run as fast as she can. I hope there are motorcycles up there that she can run after. Rick would ride his dirt bike in the yard and she would chase after him, cut through the yard to catch up to him when she fell behind...and she was fast.

When she would hear a motorcycle coming down the road she would run along our yard and come to a screaching halt when she got to where she would leave the yard. Trot back to where she was laying and do it again when another motorcycle came along.

We only had her for four years, but I would like to think that those four years made up for all the others she lived in that crate. That she died happy because she had a family that loved her and let her run and follow all those interesting scents.

We love you Chelsie. You will be missed dearly, but we know that you now can play eternally in fields, follow that scent all day, and be with York, Trude, Toby, Shadow, Phantom, and Beowulf.(How much loss can a human take?) I know that when it is my time you will be there to greet me and I will hug you, and watch you run everywhere freely.

Thursday, September 8, 2011

Fuck you and the black horse you ride on

564,800 people are expected to die from cancer this year, and about 1,228,600 new cancer cases are expected to be diagnosed. So says a cancer fact type website. You also get numbers like this: 1500 people die a day of cancer.

Fuck you cancer. Yes I am a little mad today that out of all the scientists in the world, no one as of yet has found a cure. In my opinion, someone is always "close" to a cure...

Hmmm, what is that saying? Close only counts in horseshoes and hand grenades.

This morning a friend of my husbands died of cancer, after being diagnosed a little over 4 months ago. He was such a vibrant man whom would join my husband at Brew's cafe in Granville, drink beers and talk. Rick loved talking to him and spending time with him. He was a cyclist who would come out to ride with Rick, or if he was out on his motorcycle would stop by to say hi. Every time I saw him he was smiling, even when he was weak from his battle with cancer, and always happy. Always caring for the other person. The world now has a hole in it that no one will ever come close to filling.

Daryl Berry, you leave a lasting impression that should be an example of how people should treat people. With kindness, love, and caring. I will miss your smile and Rick will miss everything about you.

Fuck you cancer, for all the people you have taken.
For all the things you take, but do not give.

For my cousin, Kevin Spiegel who died way too young. For my best friend Krysia's mother who was a blast to be around. For my other best friend, Hunny's niece who was a little princess. And even for my little girl Trude, our dog, whom waited for us all to get home from vacation, so we could all be with her before she moved on.

And that is what I have to say about that.

Wednesday, August 31, 2011

10 things I learned about gardening that I am sure I will forget by next year

as I happily tore my garden up yesterday with the tractor (because I am so over it this year) I thought of all the things I learned this year that I will carry onto next year. Ok, so I will forget them, no one is perfect.

1. Don't plant things people won't eat but you.
cantaloup. Every year I plant it and it has never grown delicious, but yet I still plant it. Even if it was delicious, I am the only one who eats it and I never eat it fast enough.

2. I am allergic to weeding.
I hate weeding and I just don't have the time to keep up with it. What I need to do is what my neighbor does and put down weed barrier.

3. Put more room in between rows.
I usually only put a foot, but then the plants start fighting and I have pumpkins on the other side of the garden from where I planted.

4. Cucumbers have sex and reproduce on their own. 1 plant = 500 cucumbers.
I should know this, but I always plant 5 and have cucumbers coming out of my ass. I now have a lifetime supply of pickles.

5. Vining plants need to be planted far apart from each other.
if you don't you only end up with a few items. I had one watermelon this year from 5 plants. I planted them way to close.

6. My red bell peppers never turn red. They rot before they get to that stage.
Either I don't know what I am doing (possible) or the store labels them wrong (this must be it)

7. Zucchini plants are huge.
I always forget this, hence they get planted way to close together an other things so I can't walk around them.

8. Watering is essential, but don't forget to turn off the sprinkler.
I flooded my garden several times this year.

9. Deer love my garden.
put up a damn fence and not just the posts.

10. Put the tomato cages around the plants when they are small.
this year I waited too long and it was a struggle to force the huge plant into the cages. I think this resulted in limb death and several tomatoes that grew on the ground for bugs to eat.

Monday, August 29, 2011

Days End

Another day is over and I think to myself: "What have I done today?"

What is it I have actually accomplished?

Given hugs and kisses to my children. Then yelled at them for splashing water out of the tub.

Enjoyed the sunlight on the front porch absorbing a good book while waiting for Krischan to get off the bus.

Made a mediocre dinner that will sit in the fridge and be forgot.

Gave my middle child some play-do to play with that I now can't find.

Cheered and jumped up and down when my daughter pooped on her own in her potty.

Worked in Quickbooks to fix the major foul up I caused.

Another day...and it is over.

Sunday, August 28, 2011

One thing that always amazes me

After my workout tonight, I walked right out the front door, into the night that was so beautiful it was breathtaking. There was enough of a breeze that it felt like little caresses all over my skin and I stood for awhile enjoying the coolness of the evening, looking up to see how stunning the night sky was. These are the moments that all thoughts of moving closer to the city vanish.

The stars shine bright, the air I breath in is fresh and cleansing. I turn my head up toward the sky and close my eyes. I hear Nirvana playing on someones radio off in the distance to the east, a couple of dogs barking to the north of me, and all around me crickets chirping enjoying the evening like I am.

This I think to myself, is perfect peace.

Thursday, August 4, 2011

When things go wrong

It is completely inevitable that when things are on a deadline, all hell breaks loose.

With work it happens when I have to present a design to a client the next day. My computer fritzes or my printer runs out of ink, or the network goes down.

Today doesn't deal with work, it deals with the kids. Of course, your thinking, what else would it involve.

Getting Krischan ready for camp has been to say the least, an experience. As I get ready to wash his white polo's I do a ditz thing and put in bleach and then for the fabric softner I place in the usual vinegar.(I do this to save money and no, your clothes won't smell like vinegar) When I usually do the whites I use regular fabric softner because I have heard vinegar and bleach don't mix.

Panic sets in, I try to pull out the tray to dump the vinegar and since there is a hole in the tray to deposit it into the washing machine, both bleach and vinegar mix and filter into the machine. Then I really panic as I hear them "fizzing"

Google: Vinegar and Bleach mixed together releases chlorine gas. GREAT! I am in the process of killing myself and my kids. I pull the clothes out, place them in a basket and place those on the porch, then I start the machine and hope for the best.

Imagination takes over as I see my washing machine explode in a fire ball shooting out of the roof of my house (which needs replace anyway.)

I feel my stomach start to hurt, my eyes start to burn, my skin starts to bubble. Then I hear screaming downstairs.

What now? Kadence and Jakob with expensive tile bars I bought to finish off the edge of our wall tile. I only needed 2 and a half pieces to finish the job and now I have 4 halves. All, broken.

Skin dripping off me as the gases get to me, I turn my head up to the ceiling and ask Why me? Why today? Then Krischan casually comes down to see if he can go play with Nick. "NO! do you want to go to camp?, we are still packing."

I understand that packing is not his priority, but If I pack everything for him, what is he going to learn? And I can't unpack for him or repack for him at camp anyway. Long pull of air in through my nose out through my mouth, repeat several times.

So here I am, skin still melting off of me. (Imagine Raiders of the Lost Ark) It is scary really. I would take a picture, but I am afraid I will ruin my phone.

All I can think is this: "It isn't even noon yet."

Wednesday, August 3, 2011

First movie experience

I remember the first movie I took Krischan to go see. "Finding Nemo". He lasted through a half hour of it. The first one he lasted through was "Shrek 2".

Jakob's first movie was "How to Train Your Dragon" Even now he loves that movie and could watch it over and over again.

Today I took Kadence to see her first movie. I was either brave, insane, or stupid. I will go with insane since I dealt with so much screaming today that I am pretty sure I will be deaf by nightfall.

To keep myself from running out of the house this morning screaming, I made the boys sit on their beds until it was time to leave for the dentist...One hour before we actually had to leave. It worked out perfect if I do say so myself, they made the wise decision to look at books together.

At the dentist office, Kadence threw a outrageous hissy when Jakob had the nerve to want to look at mommy's phone with her. She was so loud that the dentist actually came out and asked what was going on.

Me casually sitting on the other end of the couch reading about Katherine and Pippa's family secrets in Us Magazine, just shook my head and said she didn't feel like sharing today. He took Jakob back so that he could sit with Krischan and I could deal with little miss screaming hissy. FUN.

And yes, after all that, we took in some quick lunch and then a movie. I know, your thinking after all that screaming I actually wanted to take them to see a movie? All three, by myself?

Winnie the Pooh. 1 hour long and amazingly it was almost perfect. The only thing that would have made it actually perfect is if I got to watch all the movie.

Kadence preferred to watch the movie standing up, then sitting down, then on my lap, so I was more preoccupied with tending to her needs than the screen. Ready to dart out of the theater the moment her mouth opened to let out a high pitch scream. But we made it, and for her first experience, I am happy, insane, but happy.

Finally home I cut myself a rather large piece of brownie, ate it and licked the plate clean. I so deserved that. Now I am going to finish off the pan and lick that clean.

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

The Office...

Fifty things to throw away. I am at 7 items after completing my bedroom and bathroom. Bathroom wasn't that bad considering that it is all torn up.

I was anxious to dive into my office so I skipped ahead to that part. My space is such a mess I have been having problems buckling down and doing the work that I need to get done. It just isn't a place I have wanted to be in, which of course makes doing work a bit difficult.

I am into my second day of clearing out and I still haven't scratched the surface. There is layer upon layer of crap in here, and I am hoping I might find a hidden treasure of money even. Not likely, but wishful thinking is fun.

It has so overwhelmed me that I needed something sweet to quell the feeling of being buried alive by ones own junk.

Step in: Out of the Box

My choice: Low-fat salty-scotch brownies. Of course I am not a fan of butterscotch so I substituted caramel (Sorry Denise.) And my caramel isn't low fat so I kinda ruined the whole, low fat idea of it. Oh-well, I was being buried alive, what did you expect!!

Be prepared, I am about to get lude and inappropriate.

I follow her directions very carefully, wait the whole 30 minutes, amazingly, then cut into the first brownie, which is always the hardest, especially when frozen.

I take my first bite.

OR...GA...SM. I kid you not, I just shivered thinking about it.
And with every bite. I even cut myself a second piece and went upstairs, sat in my office chair and put on The Tudors Season 3.

With a husband who is so busy getting everyone's bikes ready for Pelotonia he is hardly around right now, I needed this. Who said you needed your man to have a good time, all the time.

Today I had another one. WAA..Wow. I was so eager to eat another that I about had a fight with getting the damn brownie out of the pan. There has to be a trick to get a frozen brownie out of a glass dish.

Screw getting the brownie out of the pan, I will just eat it in the pan, they are low fat right? Denise?

It is very difficult to go back to cleaning your office after having multiple orgasms provided by a simple brownie. And to think...I wasn't the one being eaten.

Monday, August 1, 2011

Time to cleanse the...just everything

At Barnes and Noble I went into the section to find some inspiring literature on home decorating, but instead picked up the book "Throw out Fifty Things" By Gail Blanke. At that moment I decided the book was for me.

Everything happens for a reason and everything presents itself at the time you need it most. Something I very strongly believe in. I just wish I knew why all my crazy moments are presenting themselves. Maybe this book is going to explain that to me.


The point of the book is that you are cleansing and getting rid of things not only in your home, but in your mind. Basically you are getting rid of all that heavy stuff that brings you down, whether it is mental or material. As I began reading I was wondering if I could just throw out my house and make that item number one. My house so brings me down right now.

And as a mother of three, my house gets very messy and very cluttered very fast. Which, in point, is my main problem with my home.

I read the first section and was ready to go. The bedroom closet. Wow. I thought it would be difficult to part with some of the clothes or shoes I had but it was so easy to say "haven't worn in a long time", " not my style anymore" and "Holy cow! what was I thinking?" I filled up one whole black trash bag with clothes to give away and haven't even made it to the dresser and night stand yet.

I already feel relieved and felt positive energy emanating from me as I looked in my now clutter free and clean, organized closet.

Items #1: clothes
Items #2: Shoes

Wow, I still have 48 more things to go. This will be an interesting journey.

Here is the website for you to check out if this makes your top ten list of things you need to do:

Friday, July 29, 2011

Tied to Technology

It is Friday and this day means that Jakob has zoo class in the morning. This Friday was a little bit different.

I misplaced my phone. Oh, the horror!!!

I knew I had grabbed it on the way out the door, but wasn't sure where I put it exactly after that. Coming back to the car after dropping Jakob off I thought maybe I had imagined that I picked up my phone.

How would someone get a hold of me? What would I do if I couldn't look at facebook? or Instagram, or e-mail. Again...with sarcasm...Oh, the horror!!!

As I was driving toward the mall to exchange some shirts I bought Krischan I began to wonder if there were any pay phones left in the world. Who would I call anyway and why?

What if I did have my phone with me and it fell out of my car at the zoo. EEKS.

Ok, I will make a trip to the apple store and do a "Find my Phone" But what do I do if I see that it is at the zoo, how would I call my mom there to see if someone turned it in? Would someone actually let me use their phone? Again, are there pay phones in this world anymore that work? In my experience, no. I found that out about a year ago when I was lost and needed a phone to call someone. I think I stopped at 5 pay phones, all accepted money...none worked. I succumbed to going in a store to ask if I could use their phone.

One step first. Find my Phone. For those who don't have an iPhone, it is an amazing and scary little tool. You can literally find your phone and wipe it or lock it depending if it was stolen or you just misplaced it like me. You can even text it: "Hey, jerk, you stole my phone, bring it back...or else."

I enter everything I needed too and it was locating...

There it is!! I see the mall parking lot and the exact space I parked my car in.


The funny thing is, without the phone I wondered how I was going to know what time it was. If I needed to call someone, would I know their number? What if my tire went flat, or something happened to my car?

The second funny thing is, I was out of college and in my first job before I ever got a cell phone. And the only reason I had it was for emergency purposes. So I know how to live without a cell phone, I enjoy living without one because time goes slower that way...after the panic of course.

How did we become so tied to our devices? There wasn't one person I passed at the mall that didn't have the phone out checking something. Sad...Amazing...Scary.

Project woman

I have recently been thinking about all the things that need finished around my house. Every project gets started, but it never really gets done. Whether it is putting quarter round around a room after it gets tiled, or putting up the woodwork around a door.

If my house was a bicycle, no project would go unfinished. (If you knew my husband, this would make sense.)

The past couple of days I have been going around and doing some finishing of my own. I hung back up the coat hangers on the new "coat and shoes" location, (wall still needs fixed on old location) Hung brand new curtain rods in boys room. They are monkeys and hung on the others, which resulted in them being ripped out of the walls. Hung three towel hooks in the bathroom so that they don't have to hang their towels on the ends of their beds anymore. Spackled area where towel rod was taken down, just need to paint over it now. Hung back up curtain tie backs that were ripped out of the wall this past winter by said monkeys in the living room. Staining quarter round and wood stripping thing that goes under the door so that bathroom project can officially be called complete once they are nailed/screwed in place.

Wow, energy zapped. And yes, of course new projects were started. (sort of) I am finally getting the cabinets in the kitchen that weren't painted ready to paint, and I have started staining the shelves in our pantry so that I don't have to use that ugly shelf liner anymore.

For those of you who don't know my home, check this out and you will get the gist:
The Perpetual Life of the Unfinished Project

Thursday, July 28, 2011


Thanks to my wonderful mother, my lawn is finally mowed!! No, she didn't mow it for me, she watched the kids so that I could mow it.

Mowed grass brings sanity to my life. I guess you could say that the state of my grass represents the state of my mind...When it is cut it is so clean and pretty. And of course I have control over whether my lawn gets mowed or not. The time to do it is another story.

Monday, July 25, 2011

Thinking lately

The past couple of days have had me thinking of so many things. Old friends that I don't see or talk to anymore, memories of summers. Some of them are sad thoughts: Parents who are dealing with the 1st anniversary of their 19 year old daughters death, and some are surreal: watching the storms roll in, imagination running wild. Dream thoughts, where would I be thoughts, what would I be thoughts.

Things are so busy that I feel like I can't even take a deep breath, certain days make me feel like I am suffocating. Working non-stop day in and day out whether it is for work or housework, because if you don't work, you don't get paid, and if you don't do the housework, it becomes an unbearable mess.

It is a weird feeling to live with someone and miss them at the same time. How can you miss someone you live with? People talk of taking a break, but how can you take a break when there is so much work to do? How can you take a break when you are running to catch up with something that is driving?

There are some times when I close my eyes and see an ocean, the waves crashing on the sand at my feet. The sun above, a drink in hand, and the one I love next to me, eyes closed, relaxing. Then I can take a deep breath and taste the salty air my imagination brings to me.

Thursday, July 21, 2011


As I have said before, gardening gives me peace. Although this time of year it is a bit hard for me to keep up with it. The weeds are growing in, and I only have so much time to get out there and pull them. But the vegetables are coming in beautifully.

Green Beans. Yum. I love them straight out of the garden.

Strawberries are on their second round. I don't know if this is normal, but I get a batch first thing in June and they start flowering again in July.

Brussel Sprouts are a bit of a disappointment. Not sure what I did wrong, but I just have these big huge leaves. On one of them I cut the leaves off to see if the sprouts would grow (I read that somewhere), that one has teeny tiny buds, so we will see what comes of that. (see all those horrid weeds?)

zucchini. Two c's, not two n's by the way.
Any good zucchini recipes out there. I have already made zucchini bread, give me more of a side dish recipe. Please.

Bell peppers. They are supposed to be red, not sure what happened here either.

My spaghetti squash is growing, the watermelon is flowering and so is the sweet pumpkin (a new addition to the garden)

Cucumbers!! Tons and tons of cucumbers. And I mean tons. So after eating a couple, I made pickles. Yummy, nummy, in my tummy pickles. So far I have 8 jars canned, 1 jar I did the "refrigeration" method with, and 1 jar was given away already. I still have 15 cucumbers on my counter that I need to do something with. My family will be eating pickles all winter...

*notice I used Instagram.

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Before and After

Last summer I decided to cut Jakob's hair short. I don't know what came over me, I just did it. Rick and I tend to relate Jakob's crazy hair with is personality so to have it be short was a bit of a shock.

I let it grow back out, curl back up and become as crazy as his personality again.

Well, I did it again. I must have been possessed. I only wanted to trim it, but ended up just about shaving it. I am pretty sure his crazy personality is still there though, you can check for yourself.



Monday, July 18, 2011

My new favorite App

I wanted to share my new favorite app on my phone. Of course everyone (that has an iphone) probably already has it and I am behind the eight ball on this, but let's just pretend that I am telling you something new and exciting that you have never heard of. Okay? Cool.

Instagram. I am in love. If you were a man, I would sleep with you.
You make my photos look so cool and exciting, and my favorite part: old.

It is so nostalgic to take a photo, place it in Instagram and play with the filters. It brings me to my childhood and when I sat down looking through photo album after photo album of my childhood.

Without Instagram

With Instagram

Without Instagram

With Instagram (I know I did poorly on the crop job)

You get the "picture"
Here is the fun I have been having.
(If you feel so inclined, you can follow me on Instagram. I am at Moonbeedesigns.)

This is Kadence trying out for the part in The Shinning.

Krischan, wanting me to stick my camera in someone elses face.

Jakob, he is just so darn cute!!!

After the game win, they so deserved it.

The next day, after a game loss. They played with such heart, but it just wasn't quite good enough.

Morning light peaking through my bedroom curtains.

Go Krischan!! I am the loud parent at the games, making up for all the parents that just sit there and watch. Those boys need to be pumped up and they love hearing people cheer for them. You see the smile on their faces when they make a great play, or hit the ball wonderfully to score a run and you are screaming their name saying: Great job!!! But to the other parents, I am probably just annoying. Oh-well. Life goes on.

Jakob. He is just so darn cute!!!

No, this isn't a instagram one. I just wanted to share because it was so freaking cool!

Instagram is like that new technique everyone learns and uses like crazy. Will it get old? Who knows. Will everyone still use it? Probably. Unfortunately it is just for those with an iphone, the only drawback. If you have one though, and you aren't in the loop like me, get it. And check out all the people you can follow. Personally I am enthralled with the NASA photos. Yes, even NASA uses Instagram! Shouldn't you? (I know, I know, I am the last person who has an iphone to get this app.)

I am in no way involved with instagram and this is 100% an unsolicited review of them.

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

The heat index of a ball field

As of lately, I have been spending way more time than I would like at ball fields. If you have never noticed, I will tell you now: There is no shade at ball fields, unless you are sitting in a dug out. There is also some sort of weather phenomenon that happens around ball fields that cause the temperature to be 20 degrees warmer.

Today for example. I was perfectly comfortable. My grey t-shirt, capri jeans and flip flops. I was even out playing with the kids and picking vegetables in my garden in these particular clothes.

Then...I get to the ball field. We are suddenly ants and someone is holding a magnifying glass above us and we are frying. Seriously. I didn't sweat all day, then at Krischan's baseball practice, I am sweating like I just rode 50 miles on my bike.

Even my lip is sweating. I hate that, there is nothing more creepy than someone who has a sweaty lip. I am now officially creepy.

My jeans were sticking to my thighs. My shirt was slowly becoming one with my sweat so as I tried to tug on it and let some type of air flow between it and my skin, I actually felt like my shirt had turned into some type of plastic that sticks to whatever you put it on. (You know what I am talking about.)

Why is there no shade at a ball field? Ball fields are their own little deserts, dust swirling, sun beating down, and delirium sets in when you are there.

Monday, July 11, 2011

The storm clouds that rolled in

Baseball season is over for some, but for the ones that made the All-Star teams, enter tournaments. Yes, this year Krischan made one of the all-star teams and I don't think my life has ever been so hectic and my house so messy.

OK, maybe my house has been this messy before.

This is how my schedule has been for the past two weeks: Get up in the morning, water flowers, get kids to whatever activities they are doing during the day, or run whatever errands I need to get done, get home, make lunch, clean up, then run out the door to practice, keep two little ones entertained for two hours on a ball field while practice is going on, go home, make dinner, eat, give baths, put them to bed, then sit down in office and work until 1 or 2 in the morning. This week is a bit worse because Krischan has zoo camp this week. I drove a total of 200 miles today, and there is no baseball on mondays.

In a more understandable explanation it goes like this: Practice on tues and thurs, batting cages on wed evening. Games: first game friday night, two games on sat and game on sunday. If you win, you play another game on sunday. (they didn't win) Sat and Sun games are played in the middle of the day during the hottest time. Just blink your eyes and you start to sweat. Baseball doesn't believe in shade trees.

In times like these, every once in awhile, something slows me down. Today it was the most beautiful storm clouds I have ever seen. I had come home after dropping Krischan off in the morning. Kadence and Jakob had eaten lunch and then we went out so they could play in the pool for a little bit. Jakob decided to take a big glob of mud for a swim so the pool got emptied and we went inside to cool off and dry off.

Then the wind picked up and the clouds moved in. They swirled and turned and as I was outside a part of me worried that something was going to come down and grab me out of the clouds. It made me wonder if there were death eaters wreaking havoc. (yes, I am a Harry Potter fan and can't wait to go see the last movie!)

The pictures I am posting have not been edited and are in there true iphone form. No filters were used or special apps. These are truly how the clouds looked.

This was taken directly above my head looking into the sky.

The clouds were being rolled and punched by the wind. The best description I can give is that it looked like dough being rolled and turned on itself, then punched down. These clouds were alive, and I was mesmerized.

Amazing aren't they? Well, then they smoothed out, it started to rain and I noticed that I needed to run down to the back 40 and stake the tent to the ground as it was rolling around back there. So I booked it, in bare feet and a skirt, to save the tent.

Thursday, July 7, 2011


Writers block is not fun.

So I will just write to tell you what Jakob said to Krischan one day this week.

We were in the van, and Jakob says: "Chun-chun?"
He waits for the reply, then as casually as anything says this:

"A bee flew up my butt and I farted it out."

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Moments that live forever

Saturday night after Kadence went to bed it was just Jakob and I sitting on the couch watching cartoons. (Well, he was watching cartoons, I was reading a book.) As the sun started going down, Jakob tells me he wants to go out and catch lightning bugs. This is something he has just been introduced too, and watching him and Krischan run around after lightning bugs brings back a flood of memories from my childhood.

So we go out the back door and he begins his search, but then gets distracted. Fireworks over the horizon. One here, one there, then a show starts. We meander around the side of the house and into the front yard for a better look. We sit down in the grass to enjoy the 3 backyard shows we can see and I am loving that it is just a Jakob and mommy moment. In between, I am sure, the people setting up more fireworks to set off, Jakob jumps up to catch lightning bugs. He has no luck, but tons of giggles and laughs are caught by me.

I am soaking it in. He is crawling in my lap and curling up, hugging me, kissing me, and telling me he loves me. In return I am of course giving the same love back, and for those extra giggles I give him kisses on his cheek that sound like farts. I don't care who you are, when you are around kids, farts are funny.

We then spiral into making farting noises and laughing hysterically. Sides hurting and warm with love, Jakob then curls up as small as he can and tells me he wants to go in. We walk around, go back into the house and curl up on the couch. Not knowing if he will ever remember that moment we just had, I file it away with a smile on my face.

Monday, June 27, 2011

Some alien abducted my children...But that's ok.

Wow, I am almost speachless today. I knew I had a million places to run to so I was rushing to get out the door this morning. Hoping not to run into any hungry/tiredness crabiness. Well, that didn't work. I left the house at 10:45.

Post Office: Stop number one.
Yes, I left my kids in the car while I ran in to mail some letters. Big Whoop. I was in there for a total of 2 minutes. The phone was left with Krischan in case he needed it and I didn't leave the car running. Besides, you might not know this but Krischan is a super black belt ninja. Very deadly child, don't mess with him.

Bank: Stop number two.
So easy, drive through cinch. But then Jakob says he is hungry.
oh no. But wait, ok, it is 11:45.

No problem. Super mom has a chipolte card for a free burrito. Chipolte is just down the road and Jakob says, as I am pulling out of the bank, "Go there. Chi•po•weigh."

Chipolte: Stop number three.
It is always intimidating and nerve wracking to take three kids out to eat. Especially by oneself. Kadence screams, Jakob doesn't know how to sit still, and Krischan just watches.

This is how it went: The heavens opened up and shone down on us because Kadence ate, Jakob ate, and Krischan ate. I know I fed them breakfast...maybe they are all in a growth spurt. Amazing! I actually got to eat my food...enjoy my food. There was a slight moment of panic when Jakob had to go to the restroom, but Krischan volunteered to take him and I think my jaw went slack and smacked the floor.
They were angels (said in my most southern girlish accent)

Then we left and I told them all how wonderful they were. (I am pretty sure at this point, shock set in for me.)

Wilson's: Stop number four.
All I needed to run in and get were tomato cages and edging. We all get out of the car and here comes the moment Kadence always freaks. When I have to place her in the seat of a cart.

But no, she gets in and sits down, even lets Jakob buckle her up.

These are not my kids.

Krischan helps me count out the tomato cages, Jakob holds them steady on the cart and we walk around casually. No rushing, no speed walking, no grab and runs. I think I actually strolled through the store. It is awesome by the way, it is down the road from this really, really large basket. (A basket that Krischan says would be cool for a giant. I agreed since there are tons of people in there, the giant would eat good.)

Picked out the edging, grabbed a new sprinkler and even stopped to stare at garden tools. The shock just gets deeper by this point.

I pay, we leave, Krischan offers to take the cart and put it away. HMMMM...
Kadence doesn't even pitch a fit when I strap her into her car seat. (She always goes stiff as a board and screams.)

Kroger: Stop five.
At this point I am so pushing my luck, it isn't funny. I had to wake Kadence up and it was now about 1:30. Nap time closing in.

Utter amazement. I was able to stroll through Kroger also. Kadence only screamed at the top of her lungs once. That was when I took my keys from her for the cashier to scan in. Then she was fine. Fine as pie. At this point I realize that aliens must have come down from outer space and replaced my children with these well behaved clones...

I am ok with that.

The lady in the next isle was the one dealing with screaming kicking kids. I gave her an "I so understand" look, but I think she took it as a "Woman, get control of your kids" look. Oh-well. My kids were being angels (again that southern accent)

Home we went.

Once home, I ran Kadence upstairs for her nap, and by the time I came down, Krischan had brought in the 4 bags of groceries for me.

AMAZING!! Thank you aliens!! who are these kids? They aren't mine.

Krischan and his friend Nick played the Wii and Jakob sat on the floor and watched. No arguing whatsoever.

Who are these kids?

All three of them thanked me for the good food at dinner, none of them pitched a fit when it was bath time, and Krischan even left the room to fart instead of farting next to me.

These can't be my kids...but I will take them. Even if tonight my real children are replaced, I have lived one day, when all three behaved like the well-mannered children I am trying to raise them to be.

Amazing. If they haven't been abducted...they must want something really, really big and expensive.

42 and a half hours

At 3:30 pm on Thursday, I got into my van and drove to a meeting I had scheduled.
What is so important about this? It began my 42 and a half hours sans kids.

The options of what I could do were bouncing around in my head. Rick had appointments till late so the first part of my time was all me...alone! I headed straight for the salon for a pedicure. It was so nice. I took a picture, but my toes are ugly and I didn't want to submit you to that kind of horror.

Then, after that...I went grocery shopping. Yes, you read shopping. You never appreciate the time in the store that you have. Mindless work of grabbing things off the shelf, checking coupons, thinking about an item before you place it in your cart. Actually looking at prices and deciding on the best buy. When you have to grocery shop with kids in tow, it is never peaceful, you never look at prices, it is actually a race to the end. That is why I wear my jogging pants and running shoes when I go. So I can get in, grab what I need and get the hell out before melt down.

My shopping trip lasted an hour and a half. Sheer peace.

Once all the groceries were put away (which amazingly took no time at all with no kids around) I sprawled out on the couch and watched the tube.

The next morning brought on another bout of options. A whole day for Rick and I to do whatever we wanted. We usually just get a night, most of the time it isn't even 12 hours. What to do!

Go for a bike ride.

The wind seemed a bit intimidating for me. But I was going to ride with my husband, wind or no wind. It also appeared that it might rain. No biggie, it isn't a bad thing to get caught in the rain when you are with your loved one.

I am waiting on Rick of course. He is late for everything. Not that we had a scheduled departure, but for once, I was ready before he was.

Beautiful country roads, but man were they hacked up. I had to keep my eye on the road in front of me closely or else I was going to hit a hole and go flying.

See that red truck in the distance? trust me, it is there. Roads were clearly empty and he gave us a foot of room when he passed us. Let me tell you, from a biker to you driving your car. I am allowed on the roads just as much as you are. And actually, I have to follow the same rules, which means I can't ride on the sidewalk (if there is one) and if I am drunk on a bike, I can get a DUI also. So be considerate, if you can't pass me, treat me like a slow moving vehicle. Don't pass until there are no cars and you can get completely in the other lane. Bikers don't like getting swiped and please don't honk either. Ok I am off my soap box.

This house was absolutely stunning. I should have stopped at the driveway to take more pictures. The other building on the property looked like a guest house (which you can't see in this picture) there was a beautiful Barn, everything was crisp and clean white. I wanted to get off my bike, go knock on their door and ask them if they would sell me their house.

and this is what it overlooked. I could wake up to this every morning.

Rick checking my computer. We were screaming down a hill and it kept jumping from 9.1mph to 24mph. I know for sure we were not going 9.1mph. He said my battery was dead because every time I took a picture the screen dimmed. What my phone camera had to do with my bike computer I have no idea, but hey, he is the bike expert. By the way, our max speed was 34 mph. Scared the shit out of me, but it was fun. The wind was coming at us strong from the side, pushing the wheels and making the bike lean. That ment if you lost control, you were going down, getting dragged along the pavement and end up with a massive amount of road rash.

This is an example of the holes on the road. They were everywhere. I told him we should have taken our mountain bikes out! (This really is just a picture of the side of the road, I didn't get a picture of the holes.)

my husband...

telling me to stop taking pictures and get going.

Yes, this is a road we rode on. I think he is a bit crazy, but it actually was a nice road to be on. No cars, no houses, just nothingness. Peace.

But it still made me nervous to ride on.

I decided to explore the countryside, take a little walk. Not really, but you don't need to know what I was really doing.

"See, that wasn't so bad now was it?" See the disapproving look on his face? I guess I might have complained about the gravel road the whole time we were on it, just a little bit.

FREEDOM!!! paved road again. Ahhh, nice and smooth.

We rode for about 2 hours and even though it was more of a stroll (for rick), it was so great to get out and ride with my husband. I miss riding with him.

Then we napped, went out to dinner, napped again and then watched a movie. Another thing you take for granted. I forgot how nice it was to take a nap whenever you wanted to. You can't nap with kids around unless you want your house burned down.

How did my 42 and a half hours end? I will show you...

Friday, June 24, 2011

A chant

It's Friday.
the kids are away for the day.

What do I do? Sleep, clean, read, garden...

I will start with a shower.
One that doesn't consist of little kids coming in the bathroom.
One that doesn't consist of hearing screaming and wondering who is killing who.
A long one, one that isn't rushed, one where I can stand and close my eyes and take in the quiet.

Wow. No kids for a whole day! what do I do?

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Food memories

I love food. I love cooking food. I love eating food. I have what you would call food memories. I remember what I ate on Rick and my first date. When I eat strawberries, I remember being a little girl, picking them off the plant at Doran's down the road. The owner of the farm always asked if he needed to weigh me on his really cool old fashioned scale, since I ate more strawberries than I put in the basket. When I eat hamburgers, I remember the cruise I went on with my parents and the juice from it running down my arm. You get the point.

Which brings me to another point. Another food memory that I remember so well, I thought it would be a great snack idea for my kids.

Veggie and fruit pizza.

When I was in high school, I cheered on the basketball cheer squad. (Yes, I was a cheerleader. I don't know why people find that hard to believe.) We had before each game what was called a spread. (get your mind out of the gutter.) Each cheerleader picked a game to host a dinner for (hence calling it a spread. Get it? A spread of food. Geesh.) There were all kinds of food ideas, the typical pizza, chicken, spaghetti, the list goes on. Out of the four years and all the spreads, only one stands out in my memory. A friends mom would make fruit and veggie pizzas. (Her mom was so cute and so nice, I always loved going to their house.) The pizza's were sooo good and sooo fresh. I always wanted to eat every last bite, and I am sure, took more than my share.

One day while I was thinking of some snack ideas, I began thinking of my high school years. I enjoyed high school, but I didn't, and still don't make friends very easy, (I have a hard time breaking the so called ice.) so I didn't have a lot of friends. Just because I cheered, doesn't mean I was popular. People probably thought I was weird, and spoke way too much before I actually thought about what I was saying. Maybe that is why I wasn't asked out by anyone during those four years. Ok, so I had a total of 3 guys ask me out, they weren't beating down my door to ask that is for sure.

Anyway, back on track...
I contacted that old friend and begged for the recipe. She wished me luck with it in hopes that my children enjoyed it. Well Beth, here are the results:

Veggie pizza came first. I remember her mother's looking so much more prettier than mine, and I probably should have cut the veggies smaller, but hey, it was my first time.

Krischan tasted, then tasted again. Then poked and prodded. "I don't like bell peppers, but I will eat the broccoli. I don't like the white stuff either."

Jakob loves vegetables, so he just ate the vegetables off of it. I even tried to tell him the crust was crescent rolls. The eyes got wide, but he didn't buy it after a taste.

Kadence, she just looked at it. Ran her finger in it, tasted it, then turned to me and said: "yuckie."

I think it was the veggie thing, plus in their mind, veggie and pizza should not be in the same sentence. Never fear, I will try it again with a few tweaks.

Next up: Fruit pizza...

Kadence likes how it looks.

That is a start...

Krischan took a bite and never turned back.

Jakob was skeptical.

But was soon won over.

Kadence, no problem. Anything with strawberries on it she loves.

So the verdict is this:
Fruit pizza a BIG winner.
Veggie pizza, not so much. You would think that kids who love brussel sprouts, would love veggie pizza. Oh-well, I will just have to see what I can do to it to make it more appealing to them.

Both are great snack ideas for after school or when friends come over.

MMM, YUM. Thanks Beth, and Beth's mom.